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Default anyone else feel like 1 bad meal/day will ruin everything?

This morning we didn't have anything in the house, so my breakfast was coffee with lite soymilk. My morning snack was a huge salad with meat, dried fruit, nuts....very yummy. But only 575 calories.

Went to Curves, worked out HARD and came home. Mike want to get Mexican. I told myself that I could do it since my calories were so low, and I'd get fajitas, hold the sourcream and guacamole (or just have a little bit). I ended up eating about 1100 calories worth of food. I felt so aweful, physically and emotionally.

Now I feel like just want to go work out again. I feel like the several pounds (5 maybe?) I've lost are all put back on from this one meal. Is that possible? Does anyone else feel like that?

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I'm the exact same way. That's how my binges trigger. If I eat one meal that is high in calories or out of my normal eating, my mind tells me that I screwed up the day so I should whatever I want. You just can't beat yourself over one meal. Unless the meal was 18500 calories, which it wasn't, you didn't gain 5 pounds. It's probably the sodium that's making you feel that way. Just give it couple of days, drink some water, and it'll pass through.
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Carrie, that is one of the things that "no matter what" calorie counting has actually done for me. It used to be that if I had a bad day/meal/weekend I wouldnt try to figure out how many calories it was. Now I write it down and it really brings perspective that it is just one meal.

Which reminds me, gotta go write down my "I'm sick so I dont give a crud bingeathon" now.
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No, not at all, if you don't let it. Just put it behind you and get right back on track.You probably won't even see a change in your weight if you stop it right now.
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Doing it.
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That's really not too horrible though. Your total for the day was 1675 (not including the coffee) so that's not bad at all! Maybe you could go for a light walk if it will make you feel better?
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I didn't feel like I had ruined the whole day, so I should eat whatever I want. (Though I have felt like that many, many times. It seems to coincide with the "I'll start tomorrow"s and the "get it out of your system"s!) I was just worried that this one meal would ruin it all, when I've been working SO hard at getting my head right and eating well.

I hated plugging all that stuff into fitday. It was like I was reliving the entire meal. I was EXHAUSTED all afternoon, could hardly keep my eyes open. I think that it was the bad food. The fajitas weren't that bad, but the chips and refried beans were. The worst was that I kept eating even though I wasn't hungry anymore. I had just been SO hungry when we went....

Ennay, I know what you mean about not writing down the bad stuff - I've been tracking stuff on and off for a couple years now. I would only log when I had been doing well, or grossly underestimate on purpose. But I've been writing it down no matter how much I regret it. And it's working - my willpower and self-control have grown enormously in the past week. So proud of that!

I'm going to stay off the scale for the next couple days, and keep the awful feeling I had from overeating bad food in my head. I have never in my life felt like that before, and that was nice.

Thanks for the support - it would have been so easy to top that bad meal off with ice cream, but I knew I would be accountable to myself, my family, fitday and, of course, all of you!
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Hi Everybody!
This is my first post, Carrie I know EXACTLY how you feel. You just have to take it one meal at a time. Sometimes one bite at a time...cut yourself a little slack...fajitas and refried beans...I LOVE MEXICAN food. When you are around comfort food...hunger has verly little to do with it...the meal is done...don't feel bad about it just move forward. Those meals that you feel are 'off the wagon'...enjoy them...don't beat yourself, just move to the next .
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Hey Carrie,

Looks like you got hijacked by a Mexican dinner! Well, as someone pointed out, it's over 1600 cals, but that is still not too bad. What may happen is that your weight loss may stall for a bit--that's what happens to me sometimes if I have a high calorie day. But as long as you keep close to your goal in the next few days, things will turn out right again.

Good idea to stay away from the scale--but do keep tracking your calories faithfully. It's the best way to KNOW what you're eating and make adjustments.

Hang in there!

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