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  • Quote: Need some words of advise. I want to try to nicely tell my neighbor to leave me alone without causing hard feelings. Any suggestions?
    If you get any good suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them, too. I am sort of a private person, as in, I am friendly and outgoing when I am with friends, at work, etc. but when I am HOME, I want to be HOME and be left alone. I like to sit out on the patio and watch the kids play...I like to work in the yard, spend time with the family, surf eBay, read, exercise...and just be HOME. I don't like to hang out with all of my neighbors, or have people-even family-just dropping by all of the time and leaving whenever they want to.

    Well, this past year has been okay-all of our neighbors say hi when you take the trash to the curb, or when you see them coming or going-but other than that, we leave each other alone. New neighbors just started moving in on Friday. The mother has already been in our yard twice...and her DEMON of a 3 year old girl is in our yard all of the time. She just runs on over, doesn't ask if she can play-and just gets on the swing set, or into the bubbles, etc. with my kids. I am walking the fine line of being friendly and polite to the new neighbors, and telling them to bug off.

    I told DH I hope this doesn't become a habit...oh, and on the landscaping front-I planted a tree this weekend-a Cleveland Flowering Pear (a certain smaller kind of Bradford Pear tree). For those who don't garden-they are the smaller, pretty accent trees that have white flowers in the spring, and turn red-orange in the fall. Pretty in two seasons. I also redefined the bed around the tree out front, and made the new one for the new tree...and put fresh mulch around them both. They look really nice-especially since the rest of the neighbors have not remulched or defined their bedlines yet this season.

    On the neighbor front...I am thinking that I might combine my landscaping AND neighbor issues into one solution: I could plant large shrubs all the way along our property line-maybe something thorny.
  • Aphil ~ We could be twins. I have a very social job so when I get home the last thing I want to do is talk to someone. Plus, I always have my own agenda and if someone is their I can flush that down the toilet. Sounds like you have a very similar problem. No, no one really had many suggestions except my DH and boss. They both said to just tell her I have to exercise my horses and will be unable to walk. I don't care if she comes over while I am doing my flowers, thats fine but my agenda this summer is to ride my horse two days and drive my pony two. I am not going to let her stand in the way this year. I am also going to just tell her when I am ready to go in that I have to shower and get ready for bed. Just straight up honesty is what I will use. Oh and when DH calls I am going to say excuse me I have to go inside to talk to DH instead of having her sit and listen to my conversation. DH is even more personal than I am and if she won't leave he will tell me he will talk to me later.

    Funny on the shrubs but that won't stop a kid. The only way to stop a 3 year old is a wall and it doesn't sound like you want a privacy fence.

    The tree sounds beautiful and I may have to consider one. I love flowering trees.
  • Quote: Nice to be back on 3Chicks!!
    KC, I remember you!!! Hi!! I let myself slip from stringent eating/exercise, and am s-l-o-w-l-y trying to get back to where I was.

    I have been mostly posting on another thread, "Chicks on Motorcycles" but occasionally come here to say hi ti Aphil and other earlier Old Fashioned-ers.
  • Hi Holly!!!

    Please come on over to the new thread for April!! Stop in more often-you are missed!!!

  • Hi Aphil! Is it now called "Calorie Counters Chat"?

    oh, and what a gorgeous photo of you in your profile!! did you make that costume?
  • Yes-that is the new thread! Thank you-yes, I made the costume in my profile photo. I was pregnant with Saber in it, 3 months believe it or not-it might explain the glow...that, and the fact that I was sweating from performing.

    I was pregnant in my avatar photo as well.