Easter Challenge!!!

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  • Ok, after slacking on the V-Day challenge, I really need to get back on board and stop eating cruddy and being lazy.

    To reinspire myself, I'm using Easter Sunday as a new challenge date. Anyone want to join me?

    I'll set my goal at 10 lbs again and keep my fingers crossed!
  • I'll join you! I neglected my scale for over a month and finally got on it the other day. I wasn't too thrilled about the numbers, although it was lower than I had expected it to be.

    My goal is 15 pounds (maybe more). Good Luck!
  • Can I join? Since Easter is 7 weeks away, I would like to lose 7-14 lbs. I am going to try to cap my calories a 1500 max everyday and do turbojam 4 days a week.
  • Count me in! I want to drop 7 lbs for the "Easter Challenge" so I am sticking an average of 1200 calories per day. I've been in a plateu for quite some time, so I am going to really stick to this challenge and get it done! Good luck to all you ladies!
  • I'll go for 7lbs too!
  • I'm up for the challenge....let's see April 8th.....6 pounds will be my goal.

    That will put me at 136 (where I was at Thanksgiving!).
  • 7 lbs. I will use whatever my weight is tomorrow morning as my starting since this morning was whacked out.
  • We can do it! 7 lbs lighter by EASTER!
    Alright, Ladies! Lucky number 7 lbs! That should put me at 138... (even though I weigh 150 lbs today, I am going to subtract the 7 lbs from my lowest weight of the week which is 145 lbs) I'm retaining water... What will your GOAL WEIGHT be for Easter for the rest of you?

    Spring is coming! Let's really do this Easter challenge... and do it right!

    EASTER GOAL = lose 7 lbs
    EASTER GOAL WEIGHT = 138 lbs

    Let's REALLY REALLY REALLY work hard to make this happen. It's not impossible. It's 1 lb per week - we can do it! Imagine how motivating it will feel to check back at Easter and be able to share our success stories of dropping those 7 lbs. Let's do it! Ladies that are doing the 7-lb loss goal -- let's check back in daily on this thread, ok?



    EASTER GOAL = lose 7 lbs
    EASTER GOAL WEIGHT = 138 lbs

  • I don't usually post in calorie counters but theres no better time to start. First I will introduce myself. I am a 28 year old SAHM of 4 (3 girls ages 9(10 in April), 8(9 in April), 2 1/2 and `1 boy ,he will be 4 March 5. I have been activly trying to lose weight for 1 year now.

    So I guess will go for 5 pounds by my girls b-days (both on easter weekend)
  • I'll join in too. I only ended up losing 3 lbs. on the Valentine challenge.

    Going for 10 lbs.

    today I weigh 191.5 goal is 181.5

    We can and WILL DO THIS.......Phyllis
  • Well I weighed myself today (without sweatshirt and sleep pants) an my weight is not as high as I thought so I am changing my goal

    starting 139 want to get to 135 I know that is only 4 pounds but this was my first goal before I reavaluate my goal.
  • I just got back from shopping and they have the cutest clothes out now for the Spring......could I join in with you all? I am going to shoot for 10 pounds---and at the snails pace I am losing that is a reach....but I saw this adorable sleeveless pink dress (with a belt ) that I would love to be able to wear Easter Sunday. You all are a constant source of inspiration for me. Good luck EVERYONE...and let the games begin!!!!

    EASTER GOAL = lose 10 lbs
    EASTER GOAL WEIGHT = 161 lbs
  • I'm in for 10lbs...I am so excited today I finally broke into the 170's and my sz 12P levis fit PERFECTLY!!! I've been wearing pants 2 sizes too big for the past month!! Today 178 BY Easter I'm hoping for 166...thats pretty close to what I was before I quit smoking!!
  • I am happy to report that I am well on my way toward meeting my Easter goal!!! Yesterday I moved my ticker from 142 to 140 and this morning, the scale was 140.5 (I knew 2 pounds was too much to hope for!). Anyway, that loss makes me so much more confident!
  • Great Motivation! KEEP IT UP!

    This is excellent -- we can do it! Let's make sure we are extra dilligent in recording our foods and that we stay under our allowed number of calories so we can ensure success as much as possible. I know, for myself, that if I can achieve this goal I will feel so very motivated and inspired that it will probably spill over to other aspects of my life as well!

    7 lbs in 7 weeks - I will do my very best! Good luck to all of the ladies who are joining me in this challenge - WE CAN DO IT! Let's make sure to check back in daily if possible to support eachother and ensure we are not falling off track or getting un-motivated.

    Thanks to everyone! Good luck!!!