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Default Quinoa Hot Cereal 2 ways

The Microwave Method (Great on a weekday)
1 cup Cooked Quinoa
1/8 cup Milk or Water
1t vanilla or to taste
Splenda/sweetener to taste
Ginger Nutmeg Cinamon
(Optional) 1/2 scoop Vanilla Protein if using water)
Nuke 1 Min
*if using protein Powder stirl in after its cooked and cooled for 1 min

Stove top Method (good for more than 1 serving)
2 cups Cooked Quinoa
1/4 1/2 cup Milk
1-2T Vanilla
Spices above

Here's what I did
I defrosted the Quinoa
Put the 2 cups cooked quinoa isn a saucepan first
added the spices till it became fragrant Stirring so it wouldn't burn
added the Milk vanilla and about 1/4 ish cup splenda
Stirred till it was thick and creamy (2 min)
Topped it with about 1/2 cup of milk per serving

Would be awesome with some Plumped Craisins

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