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Rikioi 10-14-2011 09:19 PM

A part of me is scared of this. At my heaviest on an emotional downward spiral I weighed 315, then I went to 290. I've been this weight for a decade+. Till recently I've done one thing give up soft drinks, and I'm in the 270s after a few months of just that. I know if I focus on this I will just end up worrying about it and seeing it as an excuse for not losing weight. When I reach my goal of 140s, I'll just be happy and realize that's why god created corsets.

k8yk 10-24-2011 11:55 AM

I just read over this thread and I just want to say, there is one other option. This isn't to say anything negative about anyone who chooses to have surgery, I just want to throw in my point of view about my body.

I don't have a perfect body after losing 125 pounds, much weight lifting, much yoga, much cardio, clean eating, almost vegan, etc. I am sure that my thighs, butt, and stomach are probably comparable to some of yours which you have described as "horrifying" "disgusting" and "unacceptable". I am sure that there are parts of me that any plastic surgeon would say "need" surgery.

But I do not agree. Maybe because I've always been overweight, I never expected to look perfect when I lost weight. And I didn't really lose weight because of how I looked, I did it more for my health and overall well-being.

For me this weight loss journey was a lot more about learning to separate my self-worth from my appearance. I've been pretty successful at that and I feel happy with my perfectly flawed body. I am so much more than what I look like. If any one has a problem with my flabby arms or my cellulitey thighs, pardon my french but they can go f%&$ themselves.

I don't wear booty shorts or bikinis, but I don't think my life really suffers greatly from this. I'm pretty modest anyway and I'm in my 30s, so I don't really feel the need to flaunt myself like that even if I did have a "perfect" body, I don't think I would want to.

I guess I just wanted to say, it's OKAY to accept yourself with flaws. I almost feel like sometimes people are trying to make me feel like I'm not okay the way I am by talking about themselves in these disparaging ways (disgusting, gross, etc.) I would never have my body cut open and sewed back together unless it was a life-threatening illness. I would not risk my life for vanity. That's just me.

Again, I'm not saying anything negative about those of you who have opted to have surgery. I just wanted to offer another point of view that seemed to be missing from this thread.

dana32 11-23-2011 05:08 PM

Great thread!!!
it is very useful and now i know what i should do when i lost weight.

my question is: if i had my tummy done, can i get pregnant after the surgery??
and how much time i need after surgery to start thinking of get pregnant??

I always thought of that question, hope to find answer here

celticrae19 07-14-2012 12:01 PM

Well I am about half way through my weight loss. My arms are kinda of flabby at this point. I am mostly worried about how my stomach is going to look after I lose this. I had about 90 lbs to lose from the start. I am doing it over the course of about a year. I carry a lot of fat in my midsection. I am worried that my skin is going to be really loose around my stomach. I really don't want surgery. Is there any thing I can do to prevent this? How bad do you think my skin will sag? I am still quite young.

jg0508 07-29-2012 12:29 AM

This stresses me out, and almost makes it seem pointless to lose the weight. I know that sounds stupid, but I can't afford cosmetic surgery. I'm over 300lbs, and I am so worried after I lose the weight I will be a big blob of skin, and I will be just as insecure as I am now or possibly more. Sure, I am going to continue this journey for health reason, but at 22 years old and being overweight my entire life this is a legitimate concern.

I'm hoping this helps me, I'm young, barely have any stretch marks (good elasticity.) and my moms side has amazing elasticity. My only stress is since I've had this weight for so long, I will look like a droopy mess and I won't be able to fix it. I don't want to feel gross around my Fiance.

Tinnykins 03-15-2013 04:54 PM

Wow, I thought that excess skin was a very uncommon unfortunate occurence
I'm kind of frightened now.

I am only 19 and trying to lose 45 lbs
do you think excess skin will be a problem for me???

My weight has been a yoyo effect all throughout high school but only the past two years have I remained overweight at this state.

thewalrus0 11-15-2013 04:31 PM

The way I see it is...even if I end up with lots of loose skin I'm still going to be fitter, healthier and happier. I might not be the best naked but I will feel better in clothes.

I never wear bikinis or shorts anyways, I'm too cold all the time!

And, I can't afford surgery now and probably won't be able to for a long time but if it became a problem I would start saving and make it a priority. If I didn't think it were ever going to be a possibility in my lifetime then I would just accept myself.

If you lost your leg in a car accident you would continue loving yourself, because it's something you couldn't control. Loose skin is something you can't control.

If people make you feel bad about it then they're not really worthwhile friends. Most of us here have been lucky enough to be born with all our limbs and without any 'disfiguring' diseases. Besides that, what society says is acceptable is ridiculous. Even some people who've been average sized their whole lives end up with loose skin after pregnancy or they get stretch marks just from growing.

And a lot of us have been overweight since childhood, which you can't really blame us for. I was overweight in elementary school. My skin has probably been doomed since then, but I would still much rather be smaller for health and happiness than worried about looking like anyone besides me.

FatCatSlim 11-19-2013 08:31 PM

MEG: Your extensive post was so brilliant! Thank you for telling us all we need to know. And big X to you x

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