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StephanieM 10-30-2009 03:39 PM

I have that little pocket of fat on my upper stomach below my boobs too, does anyone know what price range it would be to get that liposuctioned? it's like a second set of boobs under mine, but way smaller.

I don't know if I'll need surgery when I'm done losing weight, I'm only 22 and I don't know if 40-55 pounds will be a big enough difference to give me loose skin. I already know I'd like a breast lift due to the fact I'm a D cup, but I don't want it until after I have kids. I know my boobs won't stay up forever.

lemondrplvr 01-26-2010 03:17 PM

I've been thinking about this a lot as of late. I've lost just less than 20lbs. I'm 24 years old and already have about one or two pinches worth of excess skin on my belly, one pinch on my thighs and like three on my boobs. Am I too old to have my skin tighten? My goal is to lose close to 100 lbs! I can't afford surgery, but I hope I won't need it!! Help, I'm scared!

Lvgothkitty 02-09-2010 04:15 PM

Wow, this information is so great. I would love to get some skin tightened. A few years ago I really screwed up, I was depressed and felt really desperate one day, and went to this one place that was supposed to dissolve fat in areas thru injections. I snuck out didn't tell my husband or anyway, and did it it was 1000. I my god, it was so horrible, I think I was just at a really low point, but I had about 30 injections up and down my arms on each side and a little on my tummy. After they let me drive home, and once the pain actually kicked in, later I started running fevers and my whole back and sides bruised up, I could even sit up. My husband was so pissed, I felt like the biggest loser, I had frozen meat packets in bed with me, because I needed something to numb myself. Anyway I called complained got half my money back, the treatment didn't work and I have uneven skin hanging from where the injections were. I really want surgery but am scared, and I feel like I was so vain, and that's what caused my stupidity. Because what I did was very stupid, if you ever here of these injections to tighten or lose fat, please don't do it, its such a scam and its a horrible procedure.


ParadiseFalls 03-22-2010 01:08 AM

About the "younger=more elastic" part, how young is that? I'm 21 and need to lose about 130 pounds. I've been above 200 since 2008 and at the 250-300 range for about a year and a half.

I know everyone is different and it's probably dumb to ask, but I'm desperate. Do you think there's any way my skin will look normal when I'm done?

nelie 03-22-2010 11:43 AM

21 is pretty young :) the only real way to tell is to lose the weight.

ParadiseFalls 03-22-2010 12:40 PM

Yea, I know you're right. :)

StephanieM 08-04-2010 12:24 PM

I didn't want to start a new thread since we have a sticky about loose skin, and I was wondering about body scrubs.

I've been looking into it for the past few days, and I'm reading good things about body scrubs. But I'm not sure how accurate the information I'm reading is.

I keep seeing it said that if you use a body scrub on your loose skin, that it exfoliates away the loose skin causing the new firmer skin underneath to show up sooner?

But this wouldn't give you better chances of firmer skin it seems like, just that it would 'appear' sooner?

I hope that makes sense. I've seen that posted on a couple sites but I'm not sure how valid it is. I'm wondering if anyone has any input on this information :)

And personal experiences are as well welcome!

nancymae 08-21-2010 03:39 AM

I lost 100 pound once before when I was in my late 20's (I kept if off for 15 years, but THAT'S another story!)

Anyway I went from ~240 to about 135lbs and my skin shrank right along with the rest of me. I'v had three more kids since then and my tummy is pretty much a mush ball. The rest of me, while not as firm as 30 years ago, seems to be doing OK tone wise.

Someone suggested that it's due to hormones. I had my last baby at 47 (Yes, I was OUT OF MY MIND!) was having regular periods until a few months ago and I am on natural HRT currently. I am hoping this is at least partly true but does anyone actually know?

puneri 07-24-2011 10:50 PM

I am sixty yeras old and was 180lbs. Now i am 168lbs. I do not see major difference till now.but, i plan to be 132lbs. Do you think i will start looking haggered?

MsThickMiddle 07-26-2011 01:01 PM

I'm worried about this too. I have a bit of weight to lose. If I want to get back to my original pre preg wieght which is barely over 100 lbs I will have to lose almost 70 lbs! I think I was too thin before I ever had children. I think my weight between babies 2 and 3 was the most flattering on me. I'm 5'5" and small framed but I do have natural curves that I like and hubby enjoys. lol. So, My target weight is between 140-150lbs. So, thats about 35-45 pounds to lose. And most of that is somehow in my middle region, hence the name MsThickMiddle! I am horrified at what my stomach will look like after I lose this weight and have not lost it because of this. But I want to look nice in my clothes and not have to buy new ones because I had babies. So begins my weight lose journey and I'm nearing my first 10 lb mini goal. I'm not the veinest person around and my hubby says he could care less what my body looks like. But, I wouldn't say no to cosmetic surgery to fix what needs afixin'. lol Praying for the best preparing for the worst!

joyfulloser 07-26-2011 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by puneri (Post 3953529)
I am sixty yeras old and was 180lbs. Now i am 168lbs. I do not see major difference till now.but, i plan to be 132lbs. Do you think i will start looking haggered?

Gosh NO!:lol: Now if you had 100+ lbs to lose, you might see some premature aging with the weight loss. BTW, I'm 44 yrs old and just lost 62 lbs. over the course of 9 months. I have no loose skin whatsoever and took about 10 yrs off my age!:D

Chances are the weight loss will take age OFF you, not put it ON.;) In any event, you'll be healthier and hopefully live longer. That's what I'm going for (at this point). Nobody wants to be a beautiful corpse. It's about LIFE and LIVING it with enjoyment. Have fun!:carrot:

puneri 07-31-2011 01:54 PM

Thank you joy!
But i feel some lumps in my tummy skin. I hope they will go off as i drop pounds.

Sunnydays 07-31-2011 08:06 PM

How much weight loss is considered "alot"? Like how much does it take to make your skin look like that? Would 35lbs do it?

teronna 09-07-2011 09:48 PM

I don't know. I lost 45 this time and have the bags around the hips, bum & thighs. (And stomach and arms, I guess, but it bothers me less.)

In my case though, I spent ages 15 to 25 circling between 130 and 150 lbs, and ages 25 to 35 between 150 and 200. Now at 35, I'm at around 130 lbs. I've smoked forever and should/will stop.

But I think I'm particularly unlucky... My mother told me that I was born with empty pockets of skin around my thighs waiting to be filled.

I'm already practically skeletal on the top half and cushy on the bottom. Can't see anything but surgery working :/ (can't afford it!)

clivehamilton7 09-14-2011 11:25 PM

Skin is very elastic. That's why when we gain weight, of course, the skin will follow what's inside the body. The reason why inner body fats is not a good thing.

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