Weight Loss And Skin FAQs

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  • Another great thread. I am one of those people who has excess skin after my weight loss. I've intentionally waited this long in order to see what my skin was going to do. I recently saw a plastic surgeon who said my skin is in great condition and he said I need a tummy tuck, lipo on my back flanks, and a breast lift and augmentation. Unfortunately my wallet says "HA!HA! You want how much!" LOL!! I am hoping to get at least the tummy tuck. I see another PS next week to see if I can have it covered by my insurance. I'm not holding my breath. I have met others who are lucky and their skin bounces back great. Too bad we aren't all so fortunate. *sigh* I've gone from a size 26 to a size 12 but I'm in a size 12 to accomodate all the skin on my abdomen. I can't wait to see what size I will be. At this weight in highschool I was a size 8. It would be nice to be a single digit again.
  • I had wrongly thought that I didn't have much extra skin. However, my DH had the video camera out the other night and I was shocked at the loose skin in areas that I couldn't really see very well. I knew my arms were flappy and breasts unusually saggy. Now I see that I have extra skin on my back, hips, tummy and thighs. I have lost 87 lbs. and am 46 yrs. old, so this should not be such a surprise. But it is. I am going to save money first for a breast lift because this bothers me the worst. Next, I want my upper thighs and hips done. I don't think any PS would do a tummy tuck due to multiple hernia repairs with mesh. I could consult and find out. Does anyone Know?
  • For those in the know......... can the swelling caused by ps fluctuate a bit day by day or week by week? Because it seems as if I "gained" 3lbs overnight. I know that in the end the swelling all settles down and goes away (though I know it takes a full 6mos to a year to do that) but I just was wondering if it is normal to have "good" and "bad" swelling days.
    Any takers?
  • The swelling comes and goes with activity, diet, humidity.... Some of my worst swelling was at about a year and a half. I'm over two years from surgery and still feel that my abs swell when I do cardio or eat salty food.

  • I'm just curious. How did you all finance PS? Can you make payments or are home equity/401k's the best way to go? I know that I will have TONS of loose skin on my chest, arms, abs, and upper thighs. I'm just thinking that I ought to prepare myself for the financial aspects.
  • Surgery
    After losing the weight (80 pounds and maintaining it for two years), I began to look into a tummy tuck. I found a good doctor, a lady doctor. I paid for half the cost and my dad (who was so proud of my weight loss, covered the rest--I am so blessed). But my doctor does do payment plan. I think most plastic surgerons have a payment plan.

    So check around and see, it is no more than buying a car on credit. But you look so much better in your jeans LOL LOL

    By the way, I had a full lower body lift done--the cost was $9600 and worth every penny.

  • I don't want to sound silly.. but HOW does loose skin feel? I think I can imagine it, but then I wonder if I actually can. And how much loose skin is loose skin? A wrinkle, a whole wad that sags or hangs? I know it varies.. but what is typically loose skin, how much of it at the least?

    I'm just thinking.. I'm in my early 20s, and this isn't my primal concern about loose skin, but I just wonder what it's like in terms of physical intimacy? Especially with a new partner. A serious relationship partner not just some fling, but new partner nonetheless... I can just imagine feeling so incredibly self-conscious.
  • How does it feel??? Like normal skin, only more of it without any fat or muscle to fill it out. Usually you can pinch an inch of pure skin off a part of your body, for some it is much more.
  • For those who have had the extra skin taken from legs and arms.

    I was wondering how the scars have healed anyone who I have seen(on tv not in real life) have this done has had infections and really bad scaring so I am a little timmid about these procedures
  • Thanks Meg

    Well it will be a few years away but it was something I was always wondering. I have lost weight the old fashion way <cals in vs cals out> also calorie counting lately. I will be saking those questions but it always nice to have an idea before hand. Seing all the problems were scaring myself away from it and I know once I am done losing it will probably be a an optiom that I will be doing. If I could aford right now I would go for a consult to see how close I was to getting it done.
  • I do not know any I would have to go to my doc I think. Thanks for the advice
  • another question how close to"goal"weight were you when you had sugery?
  • I have a question for those who have had tummy tucks...how is your mobility in your abdominal area?
    I don't know if any of you took gymnastics or remember when kids did "backbends" when they were little? Is there enough mobility left to do that after a tummy tuck? How is your sense of feeling, and control in your abdominals?
    I have extra skin in my belly area, from having three huge babies, and the gaining/losing weight after each of them. I would love to have a tummy tuck after I reach goal this time-since there are no more babies-but I am afraid of it damaging my career.
    Any thoughts?
  • Complete mobility Aphil! I like streching by doing yoga backbend type poses and it took a few mos (maybe 3) before I could start doing them again but everything is totally fine......in fact maybe better as your ab muscles are brought (sewn) together after the seperation that happens during weight gain and/or pregnancy.
  • Good to know, thank you. That is what I was really worried about-because I have to maintain very firm control of my ab muscles, and have lots of flexibility in that area.