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Humber 01-22-2014 06:16 PM

Making the decision to pursue plastic surgery...how?
I have a very tough decision ahead of me and I'm not sure how to proceed with it.

I have lost about 105-110lbs (depending on the day.) I have also, however, had 2 pregnancies (both babies were over 9lbs each,) 2 C-sections, breastfeeding both children for over 14 months each and a breast reduction (in my late teens.)

All of those things combined have resulted in no breasts (sad, empty sacks of NOTHING...no tissue, no fat, nothing!) and a jiggly, bulging, round belly that no amount of weight loss or exercise has helped.

I am now wearing push up bras (which, having had a previous breast reduction is a complete mind f*ck) and I NEVER leave my bathroom without putting on my shapewear (lovingly referred to as my 'sucker-inner.')

I'm currently unemployed, but was hoping to start back at work as soon as possible. BUT, I have an opportunity to go in for a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation (exactly what I wanted) at the end of March.

I have two children (7 & 5) and a husband to consider. I wouldn't be able to start back to work until May-ish, so it would mean that financially we would be 'tight' for awhile and I'm not guaranteed a job right away. But, the procedure itself wouldn't put any additional burden on us financially.

So...I'm just wondering, do I go ahead and plan for a surgery? Or do I put it off for a potentially better time (is there ever going to be a better time?)

It means having to rely heavily on family during my recovery to help with the house and my kids...but they are more than willing.

I'm just scared...while I always hoped I could have this done, I didn't think it would ACTUALLY happen. Now that it could be reality, I'm starting to get cold feet. I just don't know what to do.

So...how do I make this decision that affects me and my body, but really affects the whole family too.

Radiojane 01-22-2014 06:55 PM

It sounds to me like you've got a good support system, and that you've given a lot of yourself to being a wife and mother. If you put it off, you may never do it.

I say just jump :)

CherryPie99 01-22-2014 07:21 PM

I can only speak for myself - I have no children and an incredibly supportive husband.

Having my excess skin removed was LIFE CHANGING for me. Since I lost over 225 pounds, my skin LITERALLY hung down to almost my knees. It made things so difficult - I don't even think I realized how terrible it was until I was without it.

I hate my tiny saggy boobs and my wrinkly thighs - but those are cosmetic, not FUNCTIONAL problems, so for me, I won't take on that cost - at least not now.

But the stomach? Yeah, that interfered in my daily living.

My recovery was really easy - I could do MOST things for myself - like make a meal and use the bathroom - only a few days after surgery. So apart from the first few days, there wasn't a huge burden on my husband. I also had sick leave so I got paid the 3 weeks I was out.

This has to be a very difficult decision for you - I wish you luck!


Humber 01-22-2014 08:33 PM

@CherryPie99 - I actually read your blog (started anyways) the other night. I went through all your pictures (is that creepy...sorry if it sounds that way.) I'm THRILLED that you have messaged me, having been through it yourself.

My skin is not THAT bad, definitely not as bad as yours. But I definitely have the overhang (like when I bend at the waist) and I have two horrible 'Fat Pocket' (what the surgeon termed it)...one at my belly button and one I term my Pooch (at my C-section scar.) They are really noticeable and continue to make me look like the Marshmallow man (think rolls!)

My breasts, I absolutely could live with them the way they are...I wouldn't go in JUST for them. BUT, if I'm going in to have one procedure, I figure I may as well get both done (thankfully, both procedures will be covered financially.) And my thighs are still quite large and while I have some loose, saggy skin, I can live with them (and when my weight fluctuates, my thighs are the first place it goes.)

So for me, this is mostly cosmetic...I could live with my body the way it is, but I'm quite self-conscious and this just feels like the final step in my transformation.

And this opportunity has presented itself...but I'm still hesitating (and having been through a breast reduction and 2 C-sections, I have an idea what to expect from surgery.)

I'm THRILLED to hear that recovery really is only 2-3 weeks. That's what the surgeon said, but I was hesitant to believe her. That makes a huge difference in factoring in my decision.

Because I'm not working, taking a leave of absence isn't a concern (making it an ideal time) BUT...it will delay me finding a new job. As long as I know withing a week to two weeks I can get back to the job hunt (even just at my computer) that makes me feel more confident in going through with it.

My other hesitation is I'm nervous...not so much about the surgery, that's a breeze compared to my reaction to Anaesthetic. I HATE, HATE, HATE waking up from a General Anaesthetic. I get so sick and vomit, it's AWFUL. The thought of going through that again, ugh!

But thanks for the kind words everyone. I think to pass this opportunity up at this time may be a HUGE mistake for me. I just have to get all the pieces in place and figure it out.

Valkyrie1 01-22-2014 09:10 PM

Hi. I'm not sure how much advice I can offer you, but I can definitely sympathize. I have weird rolls and pooches because of multiple abdominal surgeries. I don't even know if a plastic surgeon could fix my stomach.

I am so happy for you! You are very lucky to have it covered financially.

I had a breast lift done after losing 55 lbs. I am happy with the results. all though I do have one thick scar. The rest of the scars have mostly faded away.

I think if a doctor told me he cod fix my stomach, and it was covered financially, I would do it. I would be scared, but I would do it.

By the way, can you share with me how you managed to get it covered financially? I got insurance to pay for my breast lift, but I don't know how to get them or anyone, to pay for my plastic surgery on my stomach. I really would like the shelf of fat that stops at my biggest horizontal scar to be gone. Pm me if you don't want to post it here.

Good luck!

Humber 01-22-2014 09:37 PM

@Valkyrie1 - First, congrats on losing the weight. Having a breast lift would be my preferred method to fix my breasts, sadly, after having my previous reduction, they removed most of the tissue. I was left with fat and after losing weight, I'm left with NOTHING. There's nothing to be able to lift, hence the augmentation with implants.

As for having it covered...I was perhaps a little mis-leading, in that I haven't had it covered financial through the government or my health insurance. We have another source for the finances that wouldn't be available for anything BUT this surgery (as in, I couldn't use it to keep us afloat while out of work, etc.) It is strictly available for this reconstructive surgery.

I'm currently looking into programs though, that could potentially cover a portion of the surgery, but it will be a long process to get approval, so it may not be feasible. I'm also in Ontario, Canada, so our health care system is A LOT different than yours. In Ontario, I believe there is a precedent for people who have had an over 100lb weight loss, but again, it's a long and tedious approval process from what I've heard.

As for scars...after having 2 C-sections and a previous Breast Reduction, I have more scars covering my body than I care to share. For both procedures (Augmentation and Abdominoplasty) they would use the existing scars as a guide (implants would go through one of the scars I already have and the Tummy Tuck incision would be exactly where my c-section scar is, it would just extend by a few inches on either side. ) So not much different for me. But thanks for your post.

margaretperron 02-05-2014 11:15 AM

I have been so obsessed with looking at boobs! It's on my mind constantly. I'm still having a hard time deciding how many cc's will be right for me. I'm pretty sure I want 425 cc's now but just want to make sure it's not too much. I'm 44 yrs old 3 kids all breastfeed. 5'4" between 123-125lbs with a very muscular build so I have wide shoulders and a wide chest. I'm currently a 36 b and would love to be a small d.

Vex 02-05-2014 11:56 AM

I guess my question is, the money that is paying for the surgery, would it also be available if there were complications? For example, if something happened and you needed to spend a week in the hospital, how would that be paid for?

Humber 02-09-2014 06:03 PM

@vex - I'm in Canada and if there were complications from surgery, that something medically went wrong, that would actually be covered under my provincial health care and my private insurance (which we have good coverage for.) And I'm absolutely certain that if more money was required, it would be available....I would not be left high and dry.

I have gone ahead and booked the surgery at the urging of my family and with their full support.

Now I just need to determine what size I want to be (for my augmentation) as I don't want to go too big.

WannaB2cute 02-09-2014 10:30 PM

I would love to be kept updated on this.

alaskanlaughter 02-10-2014 12:16 AM

i'm glad you went ahead and scheduled the surgery....you would regret not taking this opportunity if you passed it by :)

Humber 02-12-2014 10:17 PM

@wannaB2cute - I have my surgery booked and actually just had my surgery date moved up by 4 days. It's good and bad, in that I get it done sooner...but the timeline I had before (scheduled first thing on a Friday morning) worked perfectly with my Husband's works schedule and my kids school schedule (in that they would both have some time off during my critical first few days of recovery.) So we are having to re-jig things a bit, rely on family a bit more for help, but it will all work itself out.

My pre-op appointment is February 26th (the day before we leave for a week in Mexico) where we will go over EVERYTHING. They will do measurements, pictures, order implants and post-surgical material (bra and girdle) and anything else that needs to be discussed.

I'm SUPER excited (especially after hearing Underwaters story.) But I don't really have a lot of time to dwell on it, as we are leaving for Mexico on February 28th until March 7th. We get home from Mexico and the kids are on March Break for that week, they start back to school on March 17th and my Surgery is March 18th...so no much time to worry or plan. But again, everything will work itself out...I have faith.

WannaB2cute 02-12-2014 11:11 PM

Wow that is quick. I have had 8 months so far (2more to go) to save and stress about every little detail. Are you having surgery in the states?

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