13 day's post op Tummy tuck question

  • I had a tuck done on the 2nd of Oct, dr said I could start wearing "girdle type" panties during the day & my binder at has to be wore every night. Problem is I went to the store yesterday to buy these "girdle panties" and OMG! I had no idea what one to buy? Spanx / firm control top /extra firm tummy control panties? Anywho I left the store with 2 new bra's & no panties. I'm just a little confused here HELP...
  • Congrats on having the Tummy Tuck done!

    I wish that I could help more, but I went from wearing a strong compression garmet to having clearance to jut wear regular clothing. BUT, from a couple of plastic surgery sites I was on, I see that people that wear compression type clothing after they come out of their garment typically wear Spanx.