Do Stretch Marks Look Remotely Better After You've Lost Weight

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  • For those who have lost weight, did you notice (even the slightest) improvement in stretch marks after you lost weight?
  • They fade in time. Mine were HORRIBLE angry and red and wide. They're still there but you can't tell unless you get close. It'll be ok!
  • I have a lot on my back (wtf? seriously?) from when I gained a lot of weight in high school. There were always red, deep and quite easy to see.

    I noticed recently that they've faded a lot. They're still there, but they're not red anymore (they're white). I've got an olive complexion so you can see them regardless but they've faded a lot. I'm assuming if I were paler skinned they would be even more difficult to see, but I'm not complaining

    I had stretch marks on my arms too. Those have faded a LOT. You pretty much need to shove your face in my arms to see them at this point.
  • My stretch marks now look like 'wrinkles' I guess I would describe it as getting smaller When I got a tan , I could notice it more, the marks itself didn't tan, but the skin did, but I agree with them too, you can't really see them unless you get real close!
  • I was just noticing this morning looking in the mirror that I can barely see them. Feels good. I was kind of wondering if they are more noticeable after tanning. I was thinking about tanning this summer.
  • It has nothing to do with weight loss but everything to do with time. They fade after time and will go from a deep red/purple color to a white shiny color on most people.

    I was just noticing this morning looking in the mirror that I can barely see them. Feels good. I was kind of wondering if they are more noticeable after tanning. I was thinking about tanning this summer.
    Yes, tanning makes them more noticeable unfortunately. They will stay white and as your skin gets darker, they will stand out more.
  • Mine went from an angry red and purple to a silvery white. It seems like I've gotten more losing weight than I had when I was big though.

    I've started dry body brushing in the last few months and that seems to have really helped a TON! You can still see the shimmer of them in certain light but they aren't even close to as noticeable as they were before I started brushing.
  • i had the same question..i have really bad ones
  • I have stretchmarks everywhere, except for my stomach, ironically. I do have one, long thick one on my belly from my 2nd pregnancy, bu tthat's it. My thighs are covered, every square inch. I have some on my breast and even my calves! So weird.

    Mine were from pregnancy and subsequent weight gain. It has been 4 years since my last baby and my stretchmarks are so much better! I was crazy-worried that losing weight would make my skin wrinkle up from so many startchmarks, but it really hasn't. Now, if I purposly grab my skin and squich it, yes, you can see how "wrinkly" it is. But just standing up, etc, they have really bounced back.

    The color is basically non-existent and only in the right light, can you catch the glimmer of the silvery scars. I thought I would never fell better about them, but honestly, now that I am at my goal weight, almost nothing can bring me down! They are there forever, but I'd rather have them than being large again.
  • Its been a looooong time since mine were red. But they are still there. Its not hard to see them, even tho they are white.
    Worst thing you do is to look at yourself when you are standing infront of a mirror, and the sun is shining at you. :S
    If you get tan they wont look that good either..
  • Mine got a lot better! They are kinda silvery now, plus I moisturize a lot and over time some of them are hardly even noticeable... They look like very faint scars
  • Mine are looking worse while the rest of me looks better. Should clarify, the ones on my thighs and calves are fine. The ones on my under arms and stomach are getting more and more wrinkly as the skin and fat around them shrink up. What is left, is the enormous amount of scar tissue (the silvery scar) which can't shrink up. I got hundreds of stretch marks during pregnancy and that skin is just a mess of loose skin and wrinkly stretch marks. My fantasy of wearing a 2 piece is disappearing as I watch my stomach look worse and worse.

    That is my perspective, my husband sees a smaller me and sees muscle definition beginning to show up and he thinks I look great. It's all perspective. And really, I would take the wrinkly stretch any day over the blubbery tummy I had.
  • I think they look more prominent if you have a darker complexion or get a tan. I have medium to light skin and rarely tan so the very few that I have from two pregnancies have faded where you have to get really, really close to see them. My hubby tells me he can't really see them anymore. They go from red to eventually a silvery white.
  • I've had stretch marks since puberty. Haven't noticed a difference since losing weight. They are white/slightly pink-ish but I have them on my inner thighs and hips. Always have. I'm sure I always will. I rub lotion and cocoa butter in daily to prevent them from getting worse but I've definitely come to terms with the stretch marks.
  • My stretchmarks faded over time. Not completely gone, the lines are still there... but instead of having the reddish hue, they are more matching with my skintone now. I tried using a few different brands of of stretch mark lotions but they all seemed very gimmicky. Time is your friend on this one.