Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Default Loose skin?

This morning I realized that the last time I went through this journey, I started seeing some crepe-like skin on my lower abdomen about five to ten pounds from where I currently am. I've only just seen a hint of it so far, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips for minimizing it or helping to keep it at bay for a bit longer. I've read some things on the internet, but nothing seemed helpful... or even truthful, really.
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There is a lose skin FAQ sticky in the site in the "looking good" forum you might want to look at.

It doesn't really cover one option though... for modest amount of loose skin, there are non-invasive treatments like lasers and RF (thermage, exilis) that can help. I think I am going to try exilis on my abdomen (which also does spot fat reduction in the area).

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The best thing to do is to lose weight slowly so about 1-2lbs a week, drink lots of water and eat protein and your skin should gradually adjust as you get smaller. I'm finding the same problem on my arms and stomach. If I end up with loose skin so be it, I'd rather have loose skin and be slim and healthy.
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I had a lot of loose skin with terrible stretch marks. I tried everything- what worked??? Had a tummy tuck 10 days a go. Although I am still healing I think I am going to finally be happy with the looks of my belly.
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I have a sagging stomach in the form of loose skin and I haven't lost much weight yet. I've never had children either. Its puzzling to me, because so much of my body looks like someone much smaller than I am (I have really tiny arms, for instance) and even doctors first guess that I am about 150 pounds, and not 207. So I do feel your pain. I fear that I may need surgery to correct the problem, and I promised myself I'd never have plastic surgery.
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Your skin can tighten up a bit more even months, sometimes up to a year, after reaching goal weight. How much it tightens depends on how you're feeding it (healthy food vs processed food) and if you're still exercising. As you're losing it, try dry brushing, too.
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hey sandcar, just wondering -what evidence suggests it can take a year? (man, hope that's true in my case...)
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Well I lost about 40 pounds in nine straight months and had that crepe paper on my stomach. I've gained some back and now am about 10 pounds away from that last lowest weight. This was two years ago. My stomach looks much better this time so I feel like the skin has tightened up over a long time. I still haven't started seeing crepe paper skin for this next wave of weight loss. I've probably lost 15 pounds. I think I'll start seeing that loose skin a bit later. I'm losing so slowly that maybe this time I won't have as much trouble.

I read this recently: http://getfitguy.quickanddirtytips.c...ight-loss.aspx
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