Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Default Fraxal laser

Anyone try this for those damn stretch marks?

Hi, new here. I'm at my goal weight, with a new goal of changing body composition via strength. I grew up at an average weight; gained 45 lbs (to 199 lbs) in my 20s (antidepressants); have yoyo'd since then, peaking most recently at 175. Now am at a BMI of 21 (135 lbs), at age 35. (No kids.) I smoke (hopefully not for long).

I'm having trouble accepting my body. I'm pretty much only happy with my arms. Boobs (already small) are goners. Thighs/hips/bum/abs - flabby. I actually did some strength - Jillian Michaels - along with my running, but apparently not enough!

The worst are the old white (thick, weirdly textured) stretch marks down the whole front of my thighs. They have congregated into a snaky family, very obvious. I'm thinking of saving for fraxal laser... even if there's only a 50% improvement in their appearance, it'd be enough to make me feel less conspicuous in a bathing suit (or, possibly naked, if I wind up in a relationship again).
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I have never heard of Fraxal laser,but I would be interested to hear what others have to say as well. Is it very expensive?
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I'm going to try this too when I start making more money. I think I'm going to start on my hips and see how much of an improvement I see. My thighs (inside, top, would come later.

Like you say, even if they improve at all, it will be worth it. To me, anyway.

Some advice I would give you is to find a practitioner that believes in what they're doing. I went for an initial consultation a few years ago and when I went in a second time to have the procedure done, it was a different woman and she sent me home and said I'd be wasting my money.

I mean I appreciate the concern but I did want to give it a try at the time. I was a little taken aback and surprised so I didn't force it. Fraxel has been talked about as being the best way to improve SM's so I think it's worth a shot.

At the very least, you could go in for a consultation and see what they say and have some questions to ask. Let us know what you decide and good luck!
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Thanks! And good luck to you too!

Thanks too for your advice. I think PS' etc have a funny idea they need to cure everything. Only looking for modest improvements, really, just to take the 'edge' off those marks...

It's not something I can afford just now, but is on the agenda... if I don't get a thigh lift or boob job.

I really hate that there are penalties for this whole process.

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