Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Overall from my biggest weight (210 or more) to my adult thinnest (142), I kept my focus on making the bulge disappear. When I lost weight down to 142 in '09, I knew I was losing weight (since I obsessed on my scale) but the bulge didn't disappear. I didn't see all the weight loss as "success" since I still had a bulge. It seemed that maybe I had excessive loose skin because I lost over 30 pounds in 8 months.

I gained weight in '10 due to injury and life. I'm back on track and losing great. I keep looking (throughout the day) at this bulge and watching it get smaller and smaller. At least this time, I AM noticing this as a positive change. I don't see all the loose skin so much as a "pudge" of extra weight. My belly button seems to be rising, there's less loose skin, and I feel that when I meet my goal (July-ish) I'll likely have mostly eliminated the pudge. I don't know if loose skin will start to show up again once I meet 142 (so far it's not there). We'll see how things progress over the next few months. I'm trying to keep up with core strength (but not as obsessive as I was in '09). I want to have a strong core for my back but also general fitness (and the dreaded pudge!).

Mostly I'm trying to be happy with all the other signs of excellent health and fitness instead of judging it all on one body section (after birthing out two boys).
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OH yeah the good ol' belly flap is still hanging in there. Much smaller, and not very noticeable in clothes, but definitely there! At my highest weights, I wore a shaping garment everyday (not that I was hiding anything, but made me feel more "contained") and now I wear it only when I wear my super low rise jeans...just to feel good about the residual jiggliness. I still want to lose some more weight but am accepting the fact that unless I resort to surgery, the loose skin and belly flap will most likely always be there. Two kids, two c-sections, and 15+ years of obesity'll do that to ya.
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After recuperating from surgery, my stomach flap started to itch. I wash the flap with hibiclens soap (soap used pre-surgery) a couple times of week and the itch went away. My surgeon folded my examination drape under my flap. I got up and couldn't get it out. Embarrassing. Reading your comments, gives me hope the flap will get smaller.
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What did you do? Nothing I've tried has worked and I have a friend who has never had children but did have a hystrectomy and she is now having the same problems.
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What kind of core exercises do you do? I travel a lot so I could use a suggestion on DVD's that might help. Thanks anyone who has any advise.
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I have gained and lost an gained and lost over the years. I am on my way back down (again) and I can tell you, the flap never goes away 100%, but it does get smaller. Promise!
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I'm not at goal yet but we have similar starting weights and my stomach flap as gone down A LOT. It used to hang over at my highest weight but not it just sticks out some (and is slowly getting smaller). I doubt it will go away completely but with good underwear it's not at all noticeable anymore even underneath very snug fitting clothes.
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I hate the 'apron' and can't wait to have it CUT OFF! the last of my weight lies in that little bad boy and I'm sure I'd be size 6 if it were not for that dam skin!
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I'm 5'6" started out at 210 and have lost 55 lbs. The flap is still there from having four children, one set of twins and a hysterectomy. Another 20 lbs and it may be gone, or it may not. Who knows. You can't really see it in clothes and my tummy is flat while laying down.
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I have that flap too and it bothers me!! So I googled and found this

It talks about abdominal separation and how to correct it with some specific exercises. Makes sense to those of us that have had kiddos

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I have that stupid apron thing/whatever. It's almost gone now (!!!) but it's the reason I lowered my goal by 10lbs. It just didn't seem like it would be gone (or almost gone) at 140lbs.

Its certainly A LOT smaller and in pants and just underwear it can't be seen (nor laying down) but I know it's there and it bothers me.

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I have never been pregnant but my belly flat is still there. It's waaay smaller and when I wear mid-rise jeans, you can't notice at all... but it's still there
My sister is 5'8" and 115 lbs, she doesn't have a flap but she has an indented line too so I'm afraid it's genetic :(
It's been my ultimate goal to lose that and now I don't know if I ever will
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Hi, i've lost about 150 pounds (300 to 153) and i still have a big flap...also still have an upper gut kinda like my belly is a "B" shape. i have come to accept that it will never be flat. It is frustrating. I also am pregnant right now (7 months) so not sure how it will look after i have the baby. I might try pilates at some point. that is supposed to help your core.
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Hi Ewi, I feel the same hopelessness when I look in the mirror. For me, it is so bad that I don't want to do things with my husband because I feel so bad about myself that I'm convinced he can't possibly enjoy the way I look either. I had two very large kids basically back to back and it has killed my figure! Reading all the replies on here really inspired me to start trying to get rid of this flap!
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I to have the dreaded tummy flap even though I have never had kids. I let myself get very large over the last 3 years, 125 kilo (sorry Im Aussie) and saw my tummy grow to be enormous! Having now lost 19 kilo so far, I have seen my huge sticky out floppy tummy halve in size. Still got a fairy big tum tum and the flap but I notice recently it is lifting as it decreases in size. Im not expecting to lose my jiggly tum completely but I can definately see it improving a lot as I slowly lose more weight. So please dont lose heart, it will go down as you continue to lose the weight. xxx
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