Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Question Double Belly Question

This is embarrassing for me, but I'm going to ask anyway because I am very curious. (I also did a quick search and didn't find much).

I have a classic "double belly". Crease at the belly button, can't even see it when I'm standing or sitting. ugh. I'm wondering, for those with the same problem, what did your double belly look like as you were losing/when you got to goal? I don't think plastic surgery would ever be a viable option for me, so I'm wondering what I can "look forward to" as the weight continues to come off.

Pictures would be MOST helpful, but obviously not necessary.

Before I post this I also just want to clarify- I'd much rather be thinner and healthier with a sagging double belly than where I am now, it's just something I've been thinking about.

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Ironically we're on a similar weight loss goal. I'm @ 240 now. I started a little higher then you and I too have the double belly. It kind of snuck up on me. It's actually gotten alot better. my grandma says when the fat get's real jiggly it's about to fall off. And My belly has definitely gotten a lot saggier. But when I lay down. There's a belly button to be seen. I feel as though it goes in phases. As I lose weight I feel as though everything is shifting around. Like it's definitely getting smaller, but it's definitely still there, but no where like it used to be. I never see myself as having completely flat abs, but I have a feeling, I'll be able to see my belly button soon when sitting or standing. So your not alone, and it is embarrassing, but it's going away. that's what I keep telling myself! GOOD LUCK!
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Yes, it gets a LOT better the more you lose. The upper one just kind of disappears and the lower one gets saggy and a lot smaller...but no more so than most women who've had babies. Definitely not a big deal. You may not ever be comfortable in a string bikini, but you will be able to wear fitted tops and feel perfectly gorgeous. Lift heavy weights! I lift according to The New Rules of Lifting for Women and it has made a HUGE difference.
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I have the two bellies and I hate them. I call my lower belly my fupa or front butt cause it is nice and round compared to my flat I always wear long shirts to cover it up. When I first started losing weight my lower belly was full and round. Now that I've lost 45lbs my front butt is getting a lil jiggly and starting to go inward. I've definitely noticed a difference in my jeans. My upper belly is getting slimmer, I still have a lil pert but it has not been a struggle to lose like the lower belly has been.
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Thank you for asking this question, roxmysox. I was curious about this, too!
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mine has just become smaller. at 168, it is still there. i feel like i need to lose 20 more lbs, then maybe it will diminish.
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Originally Posted by roxmysox View Post
This is embarrassing for me, but I'm going to ask anyway because I am very curious.
roxmysox, don't feel embarrassed girl! We're all shaped the way we're shaped, and we do the best we can. I too had the "double belly" and I know how awkward it can be, especially for picking out clothes. As I lost weight, things did improve, and I got quite good at dressing around this problem area. Unfortunately, in the end I had a sagging double belly even at goal.

I was tempted not to reply to this post, because I would never want to discourage anyone, but I also don't want you to feel you're weird if things don't tighten up the way you hope. Also, I should be clear that I have never for one moment regretted losing the weight

The truth is that there is just no telling how you personally will end up. The skin FAQ gets in to this quite a bit, so you might want to check that out if you haven't. As for me, I opted for a tummy tuck, and I consider it one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

I have pictures I can send you if you are curious, but remember that your own experience can (and likely will) be completely different.
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When I was down to 130-140 in the past, having lost weight to get to that point, I definitly don't remember noticing it as much but I don't think it ever went away. It didn't bother me on my skinny body though, it reminded me of women from the 1950's and how their bodies were shaped.
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Actually that is what is going to determine my goal weight Even though at the weight I'm at now I'm pretty happy (even though I'm still in the overweight catagory) I still have a double belly. It just keeps shrinking proportionally. I'm pretty sure though that in another 10-15lbs the top one will be almost maybe completely gone and the bottom will just be a nice saggy flap that I'll have to accept as my battle scar until I can afford a tummy tuck. I've been able to wear tight fitting shirts for quite a while though. It almost depends more on the pants/bottoms I'm wearing as to how noticable it is, but usually it's not noticable at all. It's not even that noticable anymore when I'm naked, but I'm not satisfied yet. But each individual is different. I'm in my 30's and had a child so mine will probably look worse than other who are younger, never had kids and weighed less than me to start or carried their weight differently. It's one of those things we just have to accept unfortunatly, but a little saggy skin or a double belly is better than the alternative.
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the way i see it the majority of women are going to have an abs issue because they will get pregnant sooner or later so i'm not stressing about it if it does happen c'est la vie

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I had a true double belly at my high weight (looked like I was starting to get a triple belly, lol!). Make no mistake -- my belly has become my biggest trouble spot. I don't know if it's bc I'm older or due to child birth but it didn't used to be such a problem.

I do not have a double belly any more, but I'm still apple shaped. There is a slight convexity in my upper belly, just a little remnant of my double belly, but no actual crease or overhang. My lower belly is also crease-free, but it is more pronounced. The skin has a little laxity in that area but it has tightened up some.

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I had it, a roll above a roll, with a crease at the belly button. I still have a little bit of a lower belly (a soft curve) but my "upper belly" is now gone. It was one of the LAST things to go. The last 10 lbs I lost made a big difference in the upper belly!
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I don't think I have a double belly-- you can definitely see my belly button when I'm standing, but I do have a lower belly flap.... but what really bugs me is the convex shape of my whole belly, top and bottom... and when I'm tired, or gassy, or full my waist grows by inches and inches and the whole effect is more pronounced....

I lift and work with a personal trainer, and my abdominal tone is pretty good-- I can suck the whole thing in and lift the lower flap up by tightening my abs until it almost disappears-- but that darned upper belly convexity-- I feel like I look like a broodmare. I look relatively slim as seen from front view, but my profile pictures, I'm just so thick through the midsection.

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I have the double belly too It's shrunk to the point now that I just have this teeny tiny overhang from my upper belly (lower is just a little pooch--I'm actually pretty darn comfortable with how it looks). I've never been pregnant and don't plan on being pregnant, but my body definitely is different than it was the last time I was at this weight. I'm hoping the last 10 lbs. will take care of my last little pocket of fat on my upper belly--if not, I will be getting a consultation for liposuction (I don't think the teeny little pooch is enough to justify a full tummy tuck). All that being said, I am wearing a bikini! I don't think anyone but me really notices my stomach--and when I lay out, even I don't notice it.
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I still have one - I am hoping that if I just keep working at it - it will lessen somewhat. I would love to have a tummy tuck but $$$ is the trouble with that.
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