Shrinking Boobs and Bras

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  • Boobs? I think I might have had some of those once... Actually, I was never very well endowed in that department, but now they're virtually non-existent. There isn't really saggy skin or anything, there's just not much there. If I wear a shaping, padded bra I can give the illusion of having something. If I wear a strap-em down style sports bra it really is blink and you miss them time, and I'm virtually flat chested. It's good because I can run without getting a black eye, but it's annoying sometimes when I can't actually buy bras small enough. My band size is still pretty big because I have big ribs, but nothing on top. If I'm wearing a sports bra my bottom ribs actually stick out more than my boobs...
  • I have only lost 11 lbs and already I can tell that mine are shrinking. I have not changed bra sizes yet since mine were a little tight to begin with. I can't wait for mine to get smaller but I know they won't get too small because all of the women in my family have large boobs. I am just happy because for the first time my cami shirts actually fit right. I have a few with the built in bras that I never use because my boobs are so heavy that the shirts always end up exposing me! Today I put one on and I haven't had to adjust it once! WOO HOO!
  • I was also wondering about this same question. I hope I don't lose much seeing as I only have a 36B to begin with... but i did hear stories from some people who said they lost weight but their cup sizes remained. I wonder if there's hope for me. lol
  • Quote: At my highest weight I was a 40B (which is ridiculously hard to find). I've lost about 60 pounds and am a 36B now. Haven't lost any cup size but they've always been very soft, saggy, and asymmetrical. Pretty sad considering I'm 21. I'm definitely considering getting a "fluff" when I've reached my goal.
    I've got the same issue. I'm 26 now, but they've pretty much always been this way.... that is, once they got big enough for gravity to even notice them. Being a big girl with a little chest is definitely not good for one's self-image!

    I'm hovering uncertainly between B and C cup now with over 80 pounds to shed, so I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed that I don't go down to A. I love small-breasted figures, but I'm afraid with my luck I'd look like a NO-breasted figure!

    I suppose I will be fine with that, too, as long as my body is slender enough to pull it off. Slim, lithe girls FTW!
  • Ah why does the other side of the fence always look greener lol

    I'm currently 38G (was 40). Can't seem to lose any cup size. Can't seem to find a sports bra that I can try on before buying (can only find shops online)

    Ho hum
  • Started as a 34DD. Down thirty pounds, and I still seem to be a 34DD... I don't understand why the girls aren't shrinking, but I'm NOT complaining!

    Actually, I kind of suspect that I was larger than a 34DD when I started, but I just didn't realize it and was still wearing my old bra size.
  • When I started at 230 I was 36/38C. Now at 165 I'm a 34B almost A.
  • I really hope I don't lose too much bustiness!!

    When I went off to college, I was a 34-B. Then over the years in college, my cup size went up (late bloomer?). By the time I started college my senior year, I was a 34-D. Loved that, lol.

    After having our son in '96, and gaining some weight, and breastfeeding, etc, I got up to a 38-D. Then that became a 38-DD up until the last year or two. I still didn't mind. But with the weight gain I've had in the past year or so, I've been wearing a 40-C. But NOW, as I'm weaning our daughter, I notice that my boobs are shrinking and drooping more!! I don't know what I'd guess I am now. A 40-B? Or back down to a 38 band and a smaller cup?

    I, too, worry that I'm going to lose some of my curves up there. But I won't know if it's from the weaning (3 years of breastfeeding...ready to wean) or from any weight I lose. Don't know what I'll do if they get too saggy. They look okay in a supportive bra, but without one, droops galore.

  • have boobs ever gotten bigger from weight loss????
  • I doubt boobs would get bigger, but if you go down several band sizes then you could go up a cup size or two. In previous weight loss episodes my boobs have always gotten smaller (usually at the beginning) but I end up with bigger cups because my band size gets smaller at a greater rate.

  • I will be a AA at goal! lol

    I started as barely a C, and after 30 lbs I am now a B.
  • Quote: have boobs ever gotten bigger from weight loss????
    I would imagine the only way that would occur - is with breast augmentation.
  • I swear mine got bigger but it could be my imagination but it could also be the fat shrinking around the boobs making them appear bigger? I don't know.
  • nelie yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe theres hope yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, Nelie, I know what you mean. When your waist and stomach are smaller, it kinda makes the girls stand further out there.