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Wylie from Florida 1 2.70%
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And I think next time they should revamp the show, have a Biggest Loser - female and a Biggest Loser - male. Women simply don't have the capacity and the body structure to lose weight at the same pace as a man.
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Choose your hard
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I'm glad they had more prizes this season - some of the transformations were almost too incredible to believe - Brian and Erik were almost unrecognizable from their former selves. Jen was gorgeous.

If Heather was over 5 months pregnant at the finale (didn't see that coming either) then HOW long were they home after they left the ranch? I think this season had the most dramatic changes ever in the contestants.

As for Caroline Rhea - I've seen her on other programs and she doesn't look like she does on BL (except for the casual hair look) so I have to believe the people on the show are dressing her. She does have some unusual looking outfits. But she has a great personality for the host.

Again I felt sorry for Jaron - he barely got off the scale from his weigh in - he had a very impressive loss himself - and didn't even get his 30 seconds of credit that the others did before they switched to the confetti.

I agree with your comment Robin on the male/female thing.

I'd like to see a mid season follow up show with all the past contestants to see how many of them (like Suzy) were able to maintain their weight loss after the incentive of the big money prize is long gone.

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I believe they had an additional 6 months after they left the ranch.
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Erik said on the Today show this morning it took him 9 months to lose it. Four on the ranch and then 5 months at home. He lost over 200 freaking pounds in 9 months! That's incredible! I've been trying since June and have yo-yo'ed with the same 10 lbs!!!!
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Remember, though, that the winner out of the non-ranch contestants was a woman, who lost over 50% of her bodyweight. She beat out a lot of men, and she was such a tiny thing at the end.

I think they need to choose women contestants who weigh in the 300s. The highest weight for women was, I believe, 262 lbs., while there were several men in the 300s, and, of course, Erik, who was 404 when he started.
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Honestly, it was a no brainer that Eric was gonna win this whole she-bang. He started out way heavier than everyone else, and thus was gonna have the highest percentages here of weight loss. I'm just really surprised no one else saw this coming ahead of time and voted him out. But he sure did look good! Wow, even with working at the deli too....

Kai was a bit of a distraction while trying to watch this show.....she was more interested in flaunting off to the audience than in what was going on around her. While she looks good too, I do think she could've lost a bit more. Just my 2 cents there. And come on, everyone knows that alcohol adds empty calories! I'm very surprised she was trying to get back into the party mode before getting her head on straight.

Wylie, I think really busted his butt! He should've been in second place, not Kai.....

Couldn't believe Poppy got herself down from a size 22 to a 2! Gosh, she must be shopping in the juniors now for that size! I can't even imagine doing that yet!

As for Caroline Rea, while she's obviously representing America, (I'm just glad it's not a stick thin host here who could've been on Playboy), I do wish she would wear better outfits.

And finally, my last complaint of the day, did they have to dragged this out over 2 hours???!!! Could've been condensed into 1 if they had stopped it with all those repeating segments that we've seen a dozen times, if not more!
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LoL @ Heather being pregnant. My husband's first response was "Five months huh? Maybe her husband should do a little calendar checking..."

I thought Kai looked adorable, and just perfect. I'd be self-obsessed and a little flighty if I looked that good.

Erik was hawt. I was so happy he won. But Wylie just didn't do it for me...
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The Weight's Coming Off!
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I finally watched it on Tivo last night - took about 50 mins to watch after ff thru all the commercials and dull, dull, dull recaps. Show us some footage we DIDN'T see 10 times throughout the season!
I really, really disliked Heather from Week 1. I had a feeling she was pregnant and that's why all the odd comments. I suspect she might have done it just to get out of having to compete? I mean the timing was perfect too with their little girl, but honest, you couldn't wait 6 months when there's a quarter mil on the line? Not that she was going to win anyway, but all the finalists went home with cash.
I agree they really have to do something different re: man vs. woman. Why such relatively small women? I mean there's just no way a 262 lb woman can lose as much in 9 months as a 404 lb man - impossible.
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My dh actually made a really good comment about Heather when i thought the same thing about her blowing her chance. He reminded me that when you exercise really crazy amounts and radically change your eating habits, your cycles can get all weird and possibly even stop. Those girls might have completed stopped cycling while in the house and so she thought she had no worries in that department.

Kai was very distracting - just no class. I'm so tired of seeing her rock-n-roll fingers (or whatever they are) and her tongue. Stuck in the 80's maybe? It was rude that Carolyn a couple of times had to interrupt her conversations and carrying on with the other contestants just to do her script. ugh Here's hoping next season will get a few women a little more pulled together. Of course, manners and consideration probably make for a pretty boring reality show.

OK, newsflash, you guys know Bob is gay, right? I love him too, but, I don't think he plays on our team guys! lol You can chase him all you want, but beyond training you, I think it's a no-go!
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Yeah I agree that Kai could have acted more mature at the finale...

LOL @ the Bob thing. I wondered why he was sooo nice...hehe
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You ladies are too funny. I've wondered for awhile about Bob, but wasn't sure. I never saw it in print anywhere. Not to spread rumors, but I thought the same about Wylie. He's got a body to die for now though. LOL

I was a little taken aback by Marty's behavior. I really liked him when he was on the ranch and was a little disappointed to see how it went to his head. However, if I lost that much, and I looked that good, I'd probably be a little stuck on myself too.

And to reiterate what others said about kai... How rude was it when Caroline asked if she loved her dress and she shot back with.. "Well, as much as any one can love a dress..." with major attitude. I mean come on.. what is Caroline suppose to respond with that.

I saw the Today show the next day and Erik is going to be traveling with Bob to talk about controlling diabetes through diet and excercise. That's got to be great to accomplish something so big and know that not only will it benefit you and your family, but you can make an impact on others who have life threatening illnesses and show them they can overcome them. I think it's great.

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Yep I knew Bob is gay. So is Wylie. I don't know that for a fact I'm just guessing.
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Originally Posted by 72butterfly View Post
Yep I knew Bob is gay. So is Wylie. I don't know that for a fact I'm just guessing.
Well, I don't think psychic powers are needed to know that this is one guess that is dead on accurate
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How rude was it when Caroline asked if she loved her dress and she shot back with.. "Well, as much as any one can love a dress..." with major attitude.
But she was right on that one. No one's ever going to ask one of the men whether they're in love with their new Dockers. It's kind of demeaning that all that weight loss is addressed as "cute dress."
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Originally Posted by MariaMaria View Post
But she was right on that one. No one's ever going to ask one of the men whether they're in love with their new Dockers. It's kind of demeaning that all that weight loss is addressed as "cute dress."

I totally disagree. I know for myself and for a lot of women, part of losing weight and looking great is being able to go out and buy cute outfits and what-not. I would have taken it as a compliment and added how great it is to be able to buy such cute clothes, but that's just me and I was raised right. I think Kai was incredible rude and just showed the nation she has no class. JMO
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