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hi guys well the big weigh in tommorow! i don't think i will be much good to my team this week... really sorry but i have a new resolve, i have started fresh today and am planning to kick some serious weight loss butt! my husband gets his bachelors degree in may and i would like to look hot in his graduation picks, so that is my new mantra, got to do good till may, got to do good till may! i can do this! good luck guys!
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Jen - the pool sounds great - I hear water aerobics are great too for the joints for those of us who are heavier.

25 minutes running? WOW! I did 2 minute jog intervals on my new Leslie walk and jog tape and I was all proud I could get through those hehe. Even when I was 220 I was only upto jogging 30sec-1min at a time.

I logged in my weight this week the loss is only a pound, but considering this is a water retention week thats not so bad, I do worry about being out of town this weekend for my grandmothers funeral. Exercise will be hard to fit in and I will be eatting on the fly, but I promise to make the effort! I will now be back in town on Tuesday afternoon (Long story)

I have been making the effort this week last night alone I logged 100 mins of exercise (Did Jari Loves Get Ripped and Turbo Jams Cardio Party1)


Yeay Red! (and blue! I want everyone to succeed! hehe)
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I have been doing so good until i ate chips!! ahhhhh sorry red team, but i did peek at the scale and I am still doing well!! go red go red! welcome new peeps as well!
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Hey everyone I just am sooo excited my knee is getting better and I was able to walk for 40 minutes today. I did a large amount of housecleaning yesterday--not to say my house is a wreck--but I have not been doing that deep cleaning since my injury. When I weighed this morning I was down another pound. That is two so far in the last two days. I weigh in tomorrow for the BLUE TEAM I am hoping for another pound. That would make three total not bad for a bad knee, right???

Keep on losing by choosing.

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Jen--you are so lucky!!! what I wouldn't do to have my own heated pool!!! well, my apt complex does have one butwho really wants to work out in a pool filled with kids and people?? plus, it isn't heated. i hope you get some good workouts in there!

nibs-way to go on the workout!!!

andreaphillip-hope your hanging in there!

anewbeginning-i say definitely take advantage of a free gym at your complex. save the money that you would be using at curves for a shopping spree!!! and come to us for accountability!!!

terapet--maybe you should try that log on option "remember me on this computer". I know it used to be a pain in the after posting a looong post and then saying "You are logged off".

charity--that's awesome on your running. i hope one day I gather the courage to start running. heck...i am having truoble starting to excercise!! keep it up!!

Kar--glad you are getting back to eating right and excercising. i am getting back to eating right too. there's nothing like a lil' ol' challenge to get you back in your place!!

Well I am on Day 2 of my new plan and I nailed it today. It is so not as hard as I expected. I haven't started excercising yet. I am allowed 2 free days per week so yesterday would have been my free day. But today I gotta move my booty!!! I have been eating sooo good that overall I just feel great!!! I really can't wait to see what this week's weigh in is going to be!!!

Hope everyone sticks with it!!!!!!!
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Hey girls....big weigh in tommorow morning and then the show tommorow night!!! wooohooo I wonder how the stats will come in.....get the tally cards ready. I have been stellar in the food dept. and doing okay in the excercise dept also. I hope everyone has a great OP night.

scalewatcher.....wanna come and clean my house? puuhhlease!!!!
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skroq-what awesome motivation!!! my bf company has a big christmas party so that is what I am working towards!! don't worry about your loss this week. just as long as you tried...that's all that matters

idealmuse--great job on the loss. any loss is better than nothing at all. yay for you on getting in so many excercise minutes.

big bl fan--i am peeking at the scale too. it's too tempting not to look. don't let your slip up throw yuou off. it happens to the best of us.

scalewatcher--that's awesome that you are getting excercise in when you have a bad knee. you should be very proud of yourself!!
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one question---who's keeping track of what the losses will be for week 1??

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hi guys!
you are guys are on a huge roll!!

rosie:thanks. im op and feelin a lil better. im keeping the red losses....

whats up charity?
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Rosario, thanks for the response! it is awesome motivation! i am doing really well today food wise, and just need to get in some excercise and i will be set!
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Hi what's up guys?

Hey andreaphilip3, how are you doing? Good to see you're posting and feeling better. You haven't been quite yourself the past week. I miss you.

Hi Rosario, angel-eyes, scalewatcher, Big BL Fan, Idealmuse, *skrog*, ceejay52, Jen415, TEREPET. Good to see you guys posting too. As long as we post we are trying to better ourselves. Good luck on the weigh ins this week.

I have been OP the past couple of days and that's an accomplishment for me. I haven't been doing so well and finally feel like I'm back. I am going to do a little more exercise in a bit. I haven't decided what yet. I may go for a walk or do some abs and arms....I'll see.

Well once again GOOD LUCK and I hope we all succeed.

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Hi all.. how are you all tonight?? I'm so excited to see how I did this week. I'm doing WW and tried the Wendy plan this week. Fluctuation in points. The last 2 weeks I've lost 1.5 pounds each week. So I'm going to see if I can up it to at LEAST a 2 pound loss this week. I feel like I might have achieved that. People noticed today that I'd lost weight. What a great motivator. Also, I weigh less now than I did when I got married a little over 3 years ago and my wedding rings are sliding all over my finger. Gonna have to wrap string around em soon or they're gonna fall off. Dont' want to resize them until I reach goal.

I've read all the posts this evening and in no way can I do personals for all.. so just know I'm rootin' for everyone red AND blue and trying to do my best for my team. Is chasing a 2 year old and carrying around a 5 month old considered excercise?? LOL

Muse~ I"m sorry to hear about your Grandmother, my sympathies are with you. Try to graze on veggies if there are any. I remember when my g'parents passed away.. it's hard to eat healthy on the good foods people bring.

Jen~ I"m jealous about the pool. We have an above ground pool, but heated or not (and it's NOT)... I wouldn't be in it in the NY winters. LOL Water aerobics is one of the best things you can do.

Rosario~ Everytime I read your post and see where you're from, I get homesick. I live in NY now but lived in Atlanta for over 10 years and planned to spend the rest of my life there. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Atlanta. But my husbands job is in NY so .. here we are. I lived in Dunwoody then moved up to Cumming, just north of Alpharetta.

Good luck all.... I WI on Thursday evenings.
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Wowsa! Sounds like every one is doing great!

I got off my lazy butt and ran three miles today !!!!

I'm so excited, it's the first time in two weeks that I've run. I'm training for a marathon at the end of October, and I got tendonitis in my foot two weeks ago. Since then I've been pretty much as active as a bump on a log!

I've been peaking at the scale and I'm very pleased It hasn't moved for months, I guess all I needed a little competition.

Good Luck to everyone tomorrow

Let's go Red Team
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Evening Ladies,
Sounds like everyone is having a great first week. I think we all needed this challenge to recharge our weight loss journey. I am glad to see that so many of you have been staying op on your eating and excerising. I can't wait to see what this week's weigh in brings for each team.
Skrog, I know what you mean about wanting to look good in May. I have the motivation of going on vacation to the beach next summer. This will be the first time for me to go to the beach and I want to look skinny in a nice bathing suit. I don't want to look like a fat chick on the beach in an ugly bathing suit. Keep up the good work! I know that you will reach your goal in you keep your mind to it.
Jen, I am sure you are going to get a lot of excerise this coming weekend when you move to your new house. Plus with the heated pool, you can get some great water aerobics in. My dream is to win the lottery some day and built a house with a big excerise room and heated swimming pool in it.
Rosario, I know that you will do great with this challenge. You have such a postive and upbeat personabilty that you will look great at your bf's company's Christmas party.
Martha, I definately think that you are getting some excerise chasing a 2 year old around. Plus carrying the five month old around. Hope the scale fairy is good to you when you weigh in and you do reach that 2 pound weight loss goal you set for yourself this week.
Andrea, glad that you are feeling better. Were you able to get in any excerise today? Once again I would like to say thank you for putting this challenge together. I know that it must have stressed you out lots last week. Thanks for being a special person.
Kim, glad you have been able to be OP for the last couple of days. I know how hard it is to stay OP. It is a major accomplishment. Keep up the great work.
Scalewatcher, glad that you were able to get a walk in today. That is great news about your knee. Glad it is finally healing for you. Hope you do have that great weight loss this week.
Big BL Fan, don't sweat over having a few chips. That shouldn't set you back a whole lot. It isn't like you eat a pound bag of chips. Every once in a while I think we need to slip and have a small treat. If not, I don't think our bodies will work as hard to take the weight off.
Muse, I hope you have safe trip to your grandma's funeral. Just try a choose the healthier food selections. I know that you will probably be just fine with your eating. As for excerise, maybe you could go for short walks when the time arose. You will be in my thoughts while you are out of town.
CeeJay, glad that you were able to find some time and go work out at the gym. I know how important it is to find the time to workout after putting in extra hours at work.
I was able to get to Curves last night. It felt so good to work out there again. I have decided that I put other people's needs first and that once or twice a day I need to put my emotional, physical and mental self first by doing some form of excerise. Like today, I walk two miles with my WATP Brisk Walk tape before going to work. Then after work since I had a stressful day, I took a two mile walk around the local lake before heading off to my TOPS meeting. I lost two pounds for this week. So I am so happy to be back in the losing game again.
Well I better close and get ready for bed. Have a great day tomorrow ladies!
Good night,
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Hey there Chickies,
Sounds like everyone is doing pretty darn good...keep up the good work. I have been doing extremely well this week. Today we had a brunch for my dads and daughters B-Day and I stayed right on plan and then walked home...almost 3 miles. I have really been pushing the exercise and I feel like I have lost but will not weigh in until tomorrow morning. Of course, my tom is almost here so I hope this will not interfere. I can't wait until the program tomorrow....GOOOO RED
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