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Default Jillian Gone from TBL???

I just read on the NBC boards that she's been replaced on the show. Anyone know why???
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I read in the latest tv guide that it was her decision and that she's pursuing other things... Truth be told, without her I'm not that interested in watching... I love Bob, but Jillian was the most motivating for me... Talk about a huge disappointment... I just hope her replacement (Kim Lyons) is as motivating... Guess we'll see...

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What The ????
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I heard she was leaving too so now it's confirmed I am sooo sad!!
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What's the point? I need my dose of Jillian! Bob's too emotional, I liked Jillian's boot camp method of training.
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I have heard rumors that she may still be coming to Australia to film the second series... Fingers crossed
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I'll really miss her on the show. She was very motivating and I hope she has great success with whatever she does. Am going to really miss seeing her on tv regularly, though.
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I just found out about this today too. Here is an article from that says, hopefully Jillian will come back for the season 2 for Australia.


Loser trainer smitten
From: AAP
June 14, 2006

PLANNING for the second series of Australia's Biggest Loser is underway and the show's trainer Bob Harper confesses he loves Sydney so much he may retire Down Under.

Filming for the second series is expected to start in November, after the first series, screened earlier this year, was a hit for Network Ten.
Adriano "Adro" Sarnelli was Australia's first Biggest Loser shedding 51.3 kilograms and winning $200,000.

Harper, who helped Sarnelli and 11 other overweight Australians shed kilos, says he fell in love with Sydney during for the first series and would consider living here permanently.

"I absolutely would (move to Australia)," Harper said from the United States.

"I have fallen in love with Sydney, I am not kidding, I can see myself having a little flat in Bondi and calling it a day."

Harper's original sidekick, Jillian Michaels, quit the US series and was replaced by Kim Lyons. But Harper won't rule out Michaels returning for the Australian series.

He said it was unlikely Lyons would be making the trip and if Michaels didn't take up the offer an Australian trainer would get the role.

Network Ten is remaining tight-lipped on the identity of the female motivator.

"I love Jillian and I hope she comes back and does the Australian version," Harper said.

"I am so used to working with Jillian, we were like an old married couple, so hopefully it's Jillian, but if not an Aussie trainer."

Harper says battling the bulge is a lifestyle change and not something you can give up on once the weight is off.

"People need to realise there is no end result, it's a constant, ever changing and ever evolving process," Harper said.

"Once you reach whatever your goal is life still goes on and you are still going to have to make healthy choices or you are back in the same boat."

With filming for America's third series already in full swing, Harper and Michaels will hit Australian screens again on Wednesday night with a Biggest Loser special.

Two families, the Muha and Samuel teams, are pitted against each other in a bid to transform their unhealthy lifestyles and ultimately win $US50,000 ($67,417).

Harper says while other reality programs may be ratings losers, The Biggest Loser phenomenon isn't going away.

"When it comes to weight loss people just love watching other people struggle with it," he said.

"People in America and Australia come up on a daily basis and say how motivated and inspired they are from watching and that's what we are here for."
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Going goal.
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I think they went perfect together! They complimented each other in their different styles. I'm going to miss that definitely but I'm curious to see it still.
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I really hope jillian does come back see heres the thing after seeing the biggest loser i became addicted to the tough love trainers style and how hard she pushed her contestants. then after reading her posts on here and how she lost a heap of wight as a teen she became my role model because i am a heavy teen my weight loss has only just started however im starting to feel like a whole different person. I think that Jillian is a huge asset to the show without her it will be completely different her and bob training go together like peanut butter and jelly and i dont think if there was another trainer they would be as inspiring as jillian is to teens like myself!!! COME BACK TO AUS JILLIAN!!!!!
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Bummer! She will be missed. If we're lucky maybe she's working on another show.
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Dose Jillian Post anything on this Fourm any more?

Maybe somebody can Pm her and ask her!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Maybe if we all PM her..
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Originally Posted by chick_in_the_hat View Post
Maybe if we all PM her..
NOW ~ NOW Chick, That is just damn mean

Jillian is on KFI radio in the Los Angeles area on Sunday mornings from 10am until noon.
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Originally Posted by Iris yip View Post
Dose Jillian Post anything on this Fourm any more?

Maybe somebody can Pm her and ask her!
Unfortunately, Jillian has not posted here since 11/2005.
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