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Default Falling apart!!

Hi Everyone-

In Feb was my 32 bday. I was doing really well exercising to jillian's plan and my eating habits were getting to where they needed to be. BUT the week of my bday it fell apart. Since than it is like a downward spiral.

I reread chapters in the book, and jillian made a great statement about how you can work yourself to the bone exercising but with out eating healthy you are basicall shooting yourself in the foot.

THIS IS ME!! I am exercising hard but my eating habits, (this month) are AWFUL!! And this morning a pair of jeans i worked to get back into, (thanks to jillians exercise program) well were so snug. IT BROKE ME!!

When it comes to food, with me it is more mental. And i don't know what to do to change it. About 7 yrs ago I lost about 80 pds. And i remember how i had to do it, with my eating. It is just so hard to do that again. See when i lost the weight the first time, i was single. EASY now i have a BF for 3 yrs and it is hard around him to diet. We live apart. During the week i am fine but than the weekends, it is all over. HELP!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am just so frustrated!!
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That post could be mine, as well. If I was as disciplined with my food choices as my workout routine, I'd prolly look like Jillian by now. The only advice I can give is log what you eat, and plan, plan, plan. Especially the weekends - if you eat out a lot - research where you can go and get something that doesn't blow up your calorie count. Then actually order it and enjoy it. If you eat in - make sure you are the one doing the shopping - and get creative.
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chick_in_the_hat is on the ball, follow her suggestions. Jillian had some great tips like wait 5 minutes before eating anything. Only have healthy stuff at home. Never eat while standing up and always eat from a plate. Measure the food that you want to eat before you eat it and count the calories, that way you know if you can add it in or not.

remember that quitting unhealthy food is like quitting smoking or anything else. You just have to be persistant and consistant. Every choice is a small battle, but every time you make good choices it is easier to make good choices in the future.

Your outlook really make the difference. Instead of thinking "I ate that piece of chocolate cake, I will never be able to hold to a diet I may as well eat what I want" think "I ate that piece of cake and it was really good, now I will add on an extra half hour of cardio and not eat any more carbs today so it will balence out"
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Originally Posted by fikustrees
"I ate that piece of cake and it was really good, now I will add on an extra half hour of cardio and not eat any more carbs today so it will balence out"
This is the perfect statement because I do it all the time! Probably more than I shoud.

You mentioned that you can't diet with your boyfriend. I know how you feel - I had to have a SERIOUS conversation with my husband and tell him what my goals are and show him that I was serious about this change. Once he saw that I was serious he is much more supportive about not bringing certain foods home or suggested the greasiest worst food for dinner. He has actually lost a few pounds!

Also, don't beat yourself up about falling off the wagon because we all do it. Just gradually pull yourself back on.

One thing that has worked for me is a food log and planning my meals in advance.

Good Luck!
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