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Default Biggest Loser Episode 8 - 1 Nov 2005

Here we go with another streammmm of unconciousnesssssss...

7:59 pm - the usual recaps...credits...
The remaining 7 players are gathered together, Dr. J still feels bad about Pete's departure but will make the best of his time there regardless.
Bob puts everyone thru a grueling water workout I think the guys are still surprised that Bob can actually kick their butts
temptation time...dig into the cake and find FREE MAKEOVERS FOR EVERYONE! Now there's a temptation I can deal with
It will be interesting to see Matt after a makeover since he is such a scruff....hmmm looks like he ain't too thrilled with the idea ...fear of mullets
Other than Matt everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves immensely. Love the highlights that (almost) everyone got, the girls' hairstyles are great! Photo session - Matt regrets not going for a new do...girls are going to be on the cover of Prevention soon...commercial...

8:11 pm Bob comes in to find Andrea in tears, because it's her birthday, she's homesick and feels out of control. Wants to eat but Bob gives her a pep talk...
Challenge time - brought to you by Diet Rite winning team will be immune from elimination. Dr Jeff will be on his own. a bike for each player and first one up the hill to the finish line wins...wait a sec...
a family member of each player is here Hugs kisses and laughter all around...winner gets to spend a day with their loved one! Cool.
back to the challenge - family member is going to ride in the back plus weight so each player is pulling his own weight.
They all take off. Dr. J having problems early on.
That's a lot of weight for him to pull!
The real race is between Matt and Seth.
Seth has the advantage because he has less weight to pull than Matt.
Matt gradually loses ground
Seth wins and thus him and Suzy are immune again this week.
Matt is a CLASS ACT - he and his dad decide to pedal and talk for awhile before they part and Matt pulls Shannon and her daughter so they can chat.
What a nice guy

Suzy spends the night and next day with her sister, Seth with his wife.
Their guests get the 'tour of the house' and meet Jillian and Bob in the morning, and the trainers praise their students highly...

Last change workout - everyone kickin butt...showing a lot of Jeff. Will he be able to stay in contention this week? commercial...

8:32 pm - weighin time.
If Jeff loses the percentage of weight, he is automatically eliminated and there will be no vote.
Suzy and Seth weigh first since they are immune. Suzy loses 2 lbs, now 180; while Seth loses 1 lb to 232. They have the least to lose now and are going to lose slower; think it's imperative to keep getting immunity to stay in play.
Shannon loses 4 lb to 208, while Matt loses 8 lbs bringing him to 254 - 2.53% for the team.
Jeff weighs alone - he's lost 10 lbs and now weighs 284, and is 3.4% now takes the lead
Mark and Andrea must lose a total of 12 lbs to beat Matt and Andrea
I feel a commercial coming on very soon...but nope first Andrea gets on the scale - she's lost 1 lb down to 184. Up to Mark to lose 11 lbs!!! (okay...commercial....)
8:43 pm - back to Mark on the scale...he's had a lot of big weeks but gets on the scale to read a loss of...TWO POUNDS at 271. Just a 0.6% loss for their team so one of them is out.

Pre-elimination discussions...sounds like Shannon will vote for Mark. She hasn't quite forgiven him....the players enter the elimination room and are seated and then we go into THE LAST COMMERCIAL...
8:52 pm
Each team has one vote.
Two votes needed for elimination
Dr. Jeff chooses Andrea
Suzy and Seth choose Mark


OMG Matt can't handle the guilt, but Mark is reassuring him.
Matt is crushed but Mark completely understands why he voted (hmmm Shannon perhaps?)
Mark didn't win the $250k but doesn't feel like a loser, he's lost 87 pounds and feels like a WINNER
(I've noticed that this season there has been a lot less discussion about the prize money - the players seem to want to be there to succeed at losing the weight, the prize is secondary almost...)

Mark says his goodbyes to Matt and Jeff, tearful hugs and walks out.

Mark says he will always be buds with Matt.
Cut to 24 hours later...he comes home to a party of friends and family
His wife says she is inspired by his loss to lose too. He is pretty cute actually...
There's a letter waiting for him from Matt I definitely believe these guys will be friends for a long time to come!'s lost 130 pounds and is now 228 and still losing.
Look at him in his bulletproof vest - it FITS! WTG on meeting your goals!!!!

NEXT WEEK - everyone is going to be on their own...mano e mano ...should be good!
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another great episode. I am disappointed that Mark went home instead of Andrea. What can I say, i just don't really like her that much and feel like she is small enough to be on her own now.
I am so rooting for Matt or Dr. Jeff to win. Can't help it, not digging on any of the ladies this season. Last season I totally wanted Kelly Min to win, I was so disappointed. Especially because the guy that did win was a bit of a turd, in my opinion. And honestly, the women with their blubbering is getting a bit old. It seems like they just cry all the time, and I know that's NBC trying to create drama or whatever but - **** don't they have any good days? ever?
Anyway, here's to next week being interesting if nothing else.
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I'm really impressed with how most everyone loses their weight by the time the show is aired. Mark looks really good, I agree he is cute. I didn't think there were too many surprises this week. I liked their makeovers and they have lost enough weight now that they are all looking really good. I think Shannon is truly beautiful.
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Shairing her ESH...
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Another great show! I had forgotten Mark was a cop. So glad his vest fits now!

I was SO PROUD of Dr. Jeff!! I really believe he is the one to beat. My top three predictions are Dr. Jeff, Suzy and Matt.
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OMG I started crying about 7:30 and I don't think I quit until it was over! And Mark! WOW!!! He looks HOT!!
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Mrs Jim love the recap. Feels like I am sitting there watching it all over again. I so wanted to see Andrea go home. She really gets on my nerves. After the weigh in she cried and whined saying vote me off. Then at the the voting ceremony she looked almost B***hy, smug. I would have been send her home. I had a feeling that Mark was going to be voted off. He's a threat. Seth and Suzy know they can't beat him. I'd like to see both of them go.

It was nice to give them makeovers. Matt didn't want anything done. HE was like this is a waste of time. I would rather be working out. It was nice to see they did get him to smile in the end.

Poor Matt was really hard for him to vote Mark off. You can tell he really values friendship. I agree Mark looks great. Definitely is cute. So glad to see that his bullet proof vest fits him now. Plus now his wife is wanting to get healthier too.

I can't wait to see what happens next week. They are finally on their own. 3 men and 3 women. It's going to be interesting to see what happens. You would think that if the 2 lowest percentages are up to go home and one is a man and the other is a woman that there would be a tie. But heck anything is possible. I would say that it could be down to Seth, Suzy or Andrea to go home because they have been pulling lower numbers. Have to wait and see who gets the ammunity.

It's countdown time. The season finale is this month. Wow, time flies when you are having fun. I really hope to see one of my favs in the final. Plus it's going to be great to see them all together at the end after losing so much weight.
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I really liked the makeover part but was surprized to see that Matt didn't want a makeover. Sure he got his hair trimmed but's a fantastic opportunity to have a new look to go with their new weight 'look' and I feel he wasted it. I was teary through the elimination, I didn't want Mark to go home either. Boy...Seth sure busted his behind, winning that bike race. He was reallyl surprized to have won also!!! Good show.
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I usually don't watch TV but hearing people talk about it on here got me interested. I am so glad I started watching! It's really inspirational! My daughter and I watch it together and it's a great time to have open talks about weight and health.
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Default matt's hair

It looked like Matt went and got a haircut for the next episode - or at least he seemed to have short hair in the previews for upcoming shows.

The photo shoot was hysterical - he looked like a deer caught in the headlights!
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Great recap again Mrs. Jim.
Not much more to add. I was thinking though at the end of the reward challenge that it would've been nice for Suzy to at least offer to see if Shannon could've stayed with her daughter instead. What a guesture that would've been since I believe Shannon is a single mom and it was Suzy's sis who came to visit but that was just me.
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barbygirl- I was thinking the very same thing. It was really breaking my heart that that poor little girl only got to see her mom for just a short while then had to be sent home. Shannon must be a super strong person to deal with that so well.

I thought Mark looks really hot at the end! That is such motivation to see what they look like after they are home for awhile.

Great recap Mrs.Jim--I am so addicted to this show its like I'm getting my fix all over again!
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Default another good one

Hi everyone-

This week's show was good. I think they voted Mark off because he is more of a threat than the girl. Isn't she the one that has to lowest weight loss? The show is getting to the point where these people want to win. I loved the fact of how great Mark was when he got voted off. How sweet of Matt to give him a letter.
It seems like this season the men have really bonded as friends on and off the show. That is great to see. I am cheering for Dr. Jeff.
Does anyone else think the men are slimming down nicely but the women aren't?
On Mark's video now, i wished they had showed his wife, like they did with Pete's. I know she said on the welcome home party she wanted to lose, but i was wondering if Mark was as inspirational as Pete was with his wife? Any one's thoughts on that?

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This is it!!!!!!
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I started taping the show just for the success stories at the end. If I start to feel that I can't make it....I review it just to see how great they look. I believe that Dr. Jeff is the one to beat. He is such a quality person, that it would make me feel good if he did win.

Suzy is very sweet but cries too much. They should be happy! I just don't understand.

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Well, I am in the minority here, but I'm glad Mark was let go....His "dirtbag" comment to the women when they voted Jen off was so classless. I'm glad that he's keeping up his healthier physical regimen and hope that he also focuses on improving on his attitude towards those that disagree with him....
I think Suzy is a doll and Dr Jeff is a gem of a man. My 2 favs....
Getting down to the wire and everyone is looking great!
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Well, I was glad to see Mark gone. I don't like him, especially the things he said to the women. However, glad to see that he's lost the weight and finally fits in his vest. I like Dr. Jeff the best and I hope he keeps losing a lot of weight, both for himself and to keep him in the game. I think he's finally seeing the whole thing as a game and is becoming a player. Matt is getting annoying. He's very childish. Seth has been a sleeper but now he's dangerous and I think he might get voted off next because he's a threat. Yes, Suzy does cry too much but remember all the blubbering the guys did when Pete left. Shannon is looking good and Andrea is a competitor on the challenges but she's got to bump up her weight loss. Look forward to next week.
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