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  • Jillian's Girls,

    If you exercised, please post it! Along with what week, what workout, and for how long or any other tidbit you'd like to mention!

    Also, when you finish a week, it might be nice to put up a week in review. How many sessions and whatnot. Something to keep us all on track.
  • 67 minutes of Week 2 Circuit Training (33 minutes) and then treadmill incline/speed intervals (30 minutes), followed by stretches (4 minutes). Phew!
  • I just did Jillian's shape up front DVD and I think I might die ... that is so killer! I just started today with working out and I really hope it gets easier ... dang I really seriously might die ... lol

    Emma, you worked out like a rockstar ... fabulous girl!
  • Workout 1 of Week 2 - It was easier than last week. I peeked at Week 3 this morning and I have to say the thought of mountain climbers seriouly scares me. I am not sure I can do those!
  • I just did the Week one Monday workout today - well...most of it...I was too chicken to try it in front of people and had to jimmyrig a few of the exercises with exercise bands. But it still nearly killed me...I knew I wasn't particularly coordinated but GAW...what a dork...which is why I stayed in my living room...hopefully I get less dorky with practice. I lasted about a half an hour. Thank goodness tomorrow's work out is different muscles. It feels pretty good, tho!
  • Hey all.....

    Today I did workout 4 of week 1 and holy moly!!! I did 55 minutes of the circuit training and just for fun...(?) I added in 30 minutes of treadmill (incline 5 at 3.8 speed). I really felt the ol' muscles today as I up'ed the weights and instead of a 15 repeat, I changed it to a 20 repeat. I guess I'm a little stronger than I thought!! All I kept thinking was......"you only get out of it what you put into it" and I want to be RIPPED!!!!
  • 60 minutes on the elliptical, 5 minute intervals between 2-4 resistance.
  • *sigh* no exercise today. i was hoping to take the girls (our dogs) on a long walk around the national park today, but it is raining. bizzare weather down here - it is officially the 2nd last day of spring and raining

    i didn't do any offical exercise yesterday, but did do quite a bit of spring cleaning throughout the house - cleaning windows, walls, usual vacuuming, etc. actually worked up a sweat!

    tomorrow i will do day one of week one circuit (again) with some cardio afterwards. as i got my book halfway through last week i was kind of out of whack but no excuses come tomorrow

    Girls - you are all doing great! keep it up - you are my inspiration
  • OK...I made it most of the way thru day 2....we'll see if I can lift my arms tomorrow...
    Is anyone else having a hard time keeping their heart rate up? Maybe when I get more used to it? I do just fine with Cardio work...
    It felt good when I was done though
  • Week 1, Day 1 - Circuit: chest, shoulder, tris, quads, abs (30 mins), fast walk (30 mins), stretching (5 mins)

    Felt good, although i must admit i tried to talk myself out of it at first (as i normally do) but when i got going, i actually pushed a little harder. i did the push ups against the couch arm which was much better.

    yay for me
  • Morning everyone,
    Did workout 1 of Week 2. Then 10 minutes of stretching. I don't have time to add in cardio after the workout in the mornings.

    Gina-I don't have a problem keeping my heart rate up. It does go down when I lay down but usually it is right in my target range. Do you wear a heart rate monitor? This is what I go by.

  • Ya'll are doing great. I can't do the jumping jacks either, I do try and manage 15 to 30 sec. interspersed with anything else I can to do it keep my heart going. I make sure to keep my arms moving as well as my legs. I do anything from running in place, stepping on the step, kind of a half jack, a fake skip rope. The last 2 circuits I am usually just shy of panting. I think increasing the weights also helps keep up your heart rate. I sometimes feel I don't get a good ab workout because I am so aerobic at that point that I can hardly control good form. I don't know if I should try to slow down or if I will get better at it with practice. Or maybe I should just do more controlled and slow abs later in the day or as an extra session once a week. Anyway I am on the 1st rest day of the second week and I NEED this rest day. I am sore all over but not overly so. I actually think my bum knee is getting stronger. I can feel my legs starting to get firmer. Also, my bf reading is down 3/10 of a percent this morning from last week.
  • Just finished my first FULL week. Will be doing my Week 2 1st workout this evening before the trick-or-treaters come around. Hopefully a good sweat will make the candy easier to resist.

    The past week was tough. Whew some days I could barely finish. I am looking to repeating most of the excercises though because I felt like last week I had to adjust my weights a lot. One excercise to heavy the next too light...Hopefully this week will be smoother as far as that goes, but also tougher.

    Ledom- I have really noticed that same thing with my Abs working hard to keep my form the more tired I get.
  • Wow, look at all that great exercise! You gals are doing awesome!

    It's my birthday so I'm off, but I just had to say it!
  • Hey Jillian's girls.....

    I'm with you Skinnyjeans, although last week was my official week 1, I am redoing it with better form and better weights. I felt I spent to much time checking my list, flipping to pages and writing down which wt increments to use.

    Just got back from the gym and I did, day 1 week 1 (again) and it was much better. I also did a 5 minute warmup on the treadmill and finished with 30 minutes of incline5/speed 3.85. WOOHOO!!!