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  • Only in my mind...
  • Well good for that Gina. I am with you there.

    So, I have a new diet. It's called the black pants diet. The pair of black pants that I should never be larger than. It has been about 7 months since they fit and that should tell me something. I didn't think that holiday gain would last so long. Last week was a real struggle with food and I have to get that under control. I have gotten sloppy, really over the last 2 weeks. Until I do feel more in control I am going to have the 6 small meals a day, I had gotten it down to 4 but - baby steps right now. The other part of the plan is to exercise an hour a day. Once again, not to push it too hard but it has to be 1 hour. At least four times a week. That about sums up week one of the Black Pants Diet.
  • yup- I understand that diet. DD21 bought a strapless dress for a cruise last year and I have been oogling it for a while. She decided to take it to the dry cleaners.I can't imagine wearing anywhere- but it was my goal for a while.I could zip it but it wasn't quite right in the waist.
    She has an entire closet full of clothing I can continue to play dress up in.I am not sure what she will do when she moves home this fall with her closet full from the apartment.
    I might have to take some of the smaller stuff and put it into mine. AWWWW SHUCKKS !
    It was a good week with Jillian. The addition of a few extra exercises here and there have my glutes a bit sore- but that's ok. I have my stuff written out for next week and hopefully will get through the week without any hang ups.
    I have lost about eight inches since May. I didn't do a bunch of measurements to start out with- just the basic bust waist and hips. My waist is shrinking faster , which is ok. I know the bust is smaller- but it's muscle.
    The smaller meals are really helpful. When I end up not eating like that I get messed up. The next day I want to carb out.
    Hey Cindy ! Hope you had a good weekend !
    Gina-good to hear from you !
  • So some good news today. First the bad though, my basement flooded over the weekend. Big time. The drain specialist came today and routed it out and we are making plans to replace the drainage pipes. All that kind of sux. My darkroom and my weightroom are in the basement. I could never really go full throttle with either of them due to the tendency to get water down there and the silt that goes along with it.

    With this repair two really important parts of my life are going to get easier and that is great.
  • yikes- I can see why the threat of a flood would hold you back !That really is good news( even if it was because of a problem). I could see it messing with your process of getting things ready for a show- or just dealing with it in your head.One of Mom's friends lost a bunch of her books and papers in one of the floods near Austin. It put us all in a funk.
    My scale has been stupid the last couple of days. I think it is water retention due to the heat. I mowed for two hours and did a 45 minute workout. I was right under 1400 calories so the two and five pound gains are not going to mess with my head.If it is a gain in muscle mass that's ok- I can deal with the results of that in the long run .
    The factory is sending out someone to look at the last of the warranty work on this double wide. The stain on my cabinets is looking really crummy and I think they are going to have to tear everything apart and re stain. This would be better than new cabinets.I need to get my shoes going this morning- or I might not get in a workout.
  • Good attitude. Who knows why those scale blips occur but it sounds as though it is totally out of your control being that you have done everything right. I am sure it will all settle down soon. And you'll be even slimmer because you are doing great.

    Yeah on the basement. I never really would do the floor exercises very happily. I'd always say to myself I'll do this when I get back upstairs and I never would. I am about to vacuum and mop that basement so it is cleaner than it has ever been. The floors are concrete so I am going to have to work on some matting so I can go to town on the floor work.

    As far as the darkroom work I had been resorting to working at the kitchen sink quite a bit and that was inconvenient and really, the two things that mix well.

    Anyway, enough of that. I have exactly one month before going back to work. Sirak, I know you'll be thrilled when school starts but I got a TON of work to do between now and then so maybe I should get moving now too!

    P.S. Just one more gripe. My dang lawnmower won't start. I just hate all these homemaking crises'! I think I figured out the problem but I don't think I can fix it. My neighbors, I am sure, are wondering why my grass is so high.
  • Just a note to say I got a really good workout in this morning.

    AND, Cindy? Are you back home yet? Anxious to hear about your shower and wedding festivities.
  • Hey guys, I'm back - drove home yesterday.

    Busy, busy weekend. We drove over Thursday, got there around 8pm. We were starving, so we went to a Chinese buffet for a very late dinner.

    Friday am first appt. was at the church to finalize the music. Pete and I both got teary-eyed during this exercise - there is just some wedding music that makes me cry no matter what! Glad to have that all squared away - now just need to pick my readings and I'm done with that. Plus now I can get started on my ceremony programs.

    Then we went to the country club and sampled the items we'd chosen off for our buffet dinner - everything was good, and we committed ourselves by putting 50% down on the bill.

    We squeezed in a trip to the cake shop, for info gathering, then met with our DJ, just to get to know him a bit.

    Then we spend 2.5 (!) hours in Hobby Lobby shopping for reception table decorations. I'd never been in that store before and it was great! I could have spent tons of $$ in there on decor for my house, and I found all kinds of great Fall-themed stuff - garlands and candle rings, candles,.... I think my tables are going to be great and fairly inexpensive!

    Saturday included getting my hair done (1/2 up 1/2 down, I've decided), met with flower lady, and back to cake shop. I was going to do individual table cakes as my centerpieces, in addition to a small 2-tier cake for us, but a friend of my mom's shared a great idea - pies! I *love* pie, and since I'm going for a fruit/harvest/fall theme, fruit pies on the tables are perfect! So, we'll still have the wedding cake, and maybe even a groom's cake (probably choc.), and then 3 or 4 different flavors of pies for the tables. I'd never heard of that idea before, but I love it. Pete took some convincing, and he still doesn't like it, but he's finally agreed....

    Sunday was my shower - was nice - small, just 11 gals from my family and friends. Got 2 smoothie makers (one for margaritas!), some great silicone muffin tins, most of my flatware, some of my dishes, a sheet set and some misc. stuff. Oh, and a rice cooker, which I intend to make good use of - I can't wait to try that out! Do any of you gals have one?

    Probably more detail than you were looking for, with some food porn thrown in. My workouts have been non-existant, but my shingles are pretty much under control, so I plan to hit the gym tomorrow for some cardio. I have 10.5 weeks left, and I'd like to lose at least 10# in that time if at all possible. Needless to say, I ate a ton of pie (had to try it!) and junk in general, so it's right back to YOU: On a Diet for me tomorrow. Today was a day to wean myself off all those carbs!

    I'll let you know how my cardio goes - I think I've been out of the gym for 5 weeks now.... geez!
  • Pie <sigh> People are going to nuts over that idea !
    I did the regular workout yesterday, plus ten minutes of abwork( video junkie that I am) and went to the high school track for a two mile walk. I can't run with the stroller.I am going back down to 1200 calories for a couple of days to see if I can get anything to move. I was eating around 1400 for a couple of days and the scale has been bouncing around ever since.
  • Cindy - Wow! You had a busy trip and got SO MUCH accomplished. Sounds like you'll be on cruise control up until the wedding. Oh, more complicated than that? Nevertheless, it all sounds so nice. I like the fruit pie/harvest tie in. Very clever and it'll look great.

    No ricer here. Let us know how you like it.
  • Hey gals - fabulous news to share - my first weigh-in in almost 6 weeks, and I didn't gain anything! Holding steady at 216.5, which is quite hard to believe! DF is up 6# - I guess that just goes to show what exercise will do for you - keeps your metabolism going strong even when you can't fit it in. I've eaten much off-plan stuff the past weeks, and am so happy to know I didn't cause my weight to backslide! And, I don't have to change my ticker!

    Got my cardio in today - only 45 minutes and my heart was racing! Back to circuits tomorrow! Feels good to be back on track!
  • WOOHHOO Cindy that's great ! I was worried that you might be all in wedding planning and suddenly figure out - well you know like your DF. I hope you can adapt your schedule and make it work !
    Yesterday was cardio day. I did a quickie 25 minute walking tape in the morning . In the afternoon DD2 and I went to the track. I walked 2 miles, ran one lap and did a round of stairs. I can feel it this morning.
    The scale is back to almost where it needs to be . I am tired of eating again and food doesn't look great. I think it is the heat.
  • Sirak, you are so new to weights that your body is in that grace period when you really are putting on new muscle fast. Your body composition is really changing. One of the most interesting and informative things was on an exercise video. It showed with illustrations how the body loses fat, first from the organs, then the marbleing in your muscle tissue and then finally the outer layer of fat that annoys us so. Seeing it laid out like that was eye opening.

    I just finished my first true Jillian style workout in a while. It is good to be back. I did modify it. I had both books open and chose exercises from a front day from both books. I did 2 sets and 4 circuits instead of 5 and added a mile on the treadmill.

    During this down time I have been doing a lot of thinking about how things work with me. I think my next step is to move away from the 30 day/12 week mentality. Truly integrate things into my lifestyle that supersede "programs". And yet, there is so much to be said for all the good work out there just for the taking or the price of a book. It's just the "end of the program" that keeps tripping me up.

    Anyway, I feel back. I still haven't scoured my basement floor. It will be a major undertaking but I want to get it so I feel good using my exercise ball. I truly love the introduction to it's wonders from doing MTC.
  • Hey I am new to this thread. I thought this would be a great way to keep me on track or get me back on when I fall off. I am using the Jillian Michael's Making the Cut book. I love how it is making my body feel but it is hard. But so far I am a fan. I am trying to get my weight down to go on a cruise in 30 days but right now I am so happy on how I am changing my lifestyle that even if I don't lose it all that quick I am going to keep going. Today is my off day so I have not exercised but I plan on doing circuits tomorrow.

    I hope everyone has a great day and workout!