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ledom 06-28-2007 09:52 PM

Hey-Sirak, be careful down there! That rain is unbelievable.

Pearl is beyond precious. Here is a description, she is very tiny, barely 6 weeks old. She is siamese color with the very tip of her tail being white, therefore the name. Cindy I'll e-mail you pics and maybe you can help me out with posting a couple. Or someone could tell me for the millionth time how to post pictures and I could try to do it.

Well, I am in kind of the same place. Didn't workout today, had another Dr. appt., it just seems that every day this week there has been something. I am still doing good with my eating though and hope to workout tomorrow.

I am intrigued by the article in US magazine this week talking about the 5 Factor Diet. The one Jessica Simpson is on. I know, I know. Tabloids - I asked at the bookstore today and I guess the first run is out of print so I can't get hold of a copy just yet.

chick_in_the_hat 06-30-2007 10:58 AM

Well...I may change the channel whenever Jessica Simpson is mentioned. :p ..but that doesn't negate the fact that she has an amazing body. What's wrong with switching things up? :D It sounds pretty simplistic - they don't give very many details on the website. But 5 25 minute workouts a week should be fairly easy to commit to after Jillian's program.

Pearl sounds like the cutest kitten EVER! Kittens are great, especially when they are tearing up someone elses house. ;)

sirak - thanks for posting the before and after pics in the mini goals forum - it's nice to put a face to the posts. :D

Cindy - good to hear you are back in one piece! :cool:

:wave: Twinklegirl!

Well - I'm off for another round of X-bike :cb:

sirak 07-02-2007 01:55 PM

Well I am back in I did the first day of week five again. I think I did ok starting back up. Some of it felt good-I always like doing pushups because I could not do it before. I still feel like a train wreck when I do mountain climbers- but maybe that will get better.
I really have to focus again on getting in a "one a day". I started thinking I might get DS13 to spot me next week when he gets back from the trip to NC with DH.I picked up "Weigh training for Dummies" for us to read together-and he was offended by the title. Sometimes I think teenage boys are almost as bad as teenage girls.
I have four or possibly five mods from another board coming to Dallas for a meeting at the end of the month. The last time most of them saw me was six weeks after I had delievered DD3.They have seen my before and after.I want to work on my arms a bit more ( so they match my legs) This will be my motivation for a while. I need to retake measurements and see where I am.
Cindy- the other postcard came and that was a really cool stamp with the diver on it. I think that one will stay with me.
Ledom-It would be a nice thought to work out 25 minutes a day. Give it a try. Since you are working out at home it makes it really easy.In the summer you have your yard anyway- you need the time outdoors ! That Afterburn program sounded more intense
Hey! Chick in the Hat- do a wheelie for me !
Twinkle -Hope your holiday was great !

sirak 07-03-2007 12:50 PM

Day two of week five
I am really happy to report I made it through another workout and got DS13 to bring in the small bar with two tens on it. I wanted it for the house and he kept taking it on the porch.Using the small bar is different from the dumb bells !
I also did a 30 minute walking tape yesterday afternoon which hopefully will get my metabolism back .
I have this " hot flash " pink tank shirt I bought that still makes me look fat- my next goal shirt.When I wear it I don't like the way it looks in the back- so I keep it at the front of my closet to try on just to check if anything has moved.
DD21 is here camping out on the other computer with a tragic hero analysis on The Glass Menagerie. I might be confusing her more than helping with this one... It's time to take a break and get some lunch.

BfL_Cat 07-04-2007 10:05 AM

Happy 4th of July!
Hey guys - I was looking for an appropriate smiley, but didn't find one!

Oh, well, have a good one - try to steer clear of the mayo-laden salads if at all possible...

I'm making pulled pork, in the crockpot, so will have to have a bit of coleslaw with them - even though we are in NY, we make them Carolina-style.

Fireworks were last night, which is good as it may rain today. Gray and dreary out :(

Enjoy your holiday everyone in the US!

ledom 07-04-2007 12:33 PM

Happy Fourth!!!!

Sirak - you are doing so well despite having to fight over the weight equipment! And sounds like you have a plan for dealing with that too. You'll be in that pink shirt before you know it. Clothes are the great motivator - don't you think?

Sounds like you are celebrating the 4th in style Cindy. Have you recovered from your trip now?

I met a friend out at the lake on Sat. and have been camping - we came in last night. I live so very close to the lake and it was so crowded that I felt I wanted to be home today. I can get back pretty easily when the water is calmer. But, I had some nice long paddles and hikes and enjoyed my time out there a lot on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Well, the 25 min. aspect does sound good though I am interested in reading the book to glean whatever I can about the diet as well. Right now it is still cool enough that I am going hiking in the evening for about 45 minutes and would like to continue that through the summer in addition to whatever I do in the mornings. 25 min. is certainly doable but most days so is 45 minutes. I am getting all weird talking about time here. I'll let you know what I think when I read the book ..... Making the Cut was so extremely hard on my knees that everything is a reaction to that right now.

On the subject of fitting into clothes I took my new swimsuit out to the lake. I think it'll feel better if I lose just 5 lbs. It fits, but tighther than I like. Still, it is very cute and after wearing the old (too large one) for 2 days I decided what the heck. You know that suit really did work out just fine. Made me feel good.

BfL_Cat 07-05-2007 12:09 PM

Yes, recovered from my trip, but don't think I mentioned that I have shingles now! Luckily for me it is a mild case, so it's uncomfortable, but not really affecting me too much - clothes wearing is still possible, so I'll not be missing any work because of it. Some people have severe cases where even clothes touching the skin is unbearable!

My workouts have been non-existant since I returned, but I plan to get back on track on Monday - on 11 weeks until the wedding!

Working from camp today - nice to have the atmosphere, but quite a tempting distraction!

sirak 07-05-2007 10:58 PM

Day four of week 5
Day three was supposed to be a free day, normally my cardio day- but after the fireworks and getting dd2 in bed I did 30 minutes of an ab workout with "Cathi " from FitTV. I guess I will stick cardio on the weekend.
I did my regular stuff today and am contemplating an ab workout tonight before I go to bed.

Cindy, the shingles were terrible on my Dad- I think it wasn't the itching- but just getting well that made him so frustrated. I am glad that you have a mild case. It seems so strange- because I can hear my Grandmother say" so and so has the shingles" when I was a child and modern medicine has not figured out how to cure it yet.
The noise at De Gray was always a downer for me. My three favorites are all no wake lakes and they are very small ( and within two hour drive).Nothing as scenic as the S.Ouchitas <sp?> though.
I think the hiking is a major key in your question of workouts ( if you are not paddling your abs away).It's good exercise and feeds your soul. In the winter when it's raining and 40 degrees outside you can load up a bar in the basement and workout.Right now- the sun is shining and the fresh air is precious.Your yard work and your outside activities make up a huge part of what you do. Unless it is raining where you are at- which it has done for ten days straight here.
I understand about the knees- I did sumo squats today and already feeling it. I need to just do the amount the book says on the knee work and stop.I push it like I do ubw and that is where I get into trouble.
The good news from my guys is that they made it to DH's Dads house. This morning they went to a car museum and DS13 got to take a ride in a 1930 V-16 Coupe with the curator.That's pretty tall cotton for "Swap Meet" boy and his Dad !

sirak 07-07-2007 02:48 PM

Another day on plan- it's cardio day ! YEEHAW !
I have to mow the grass today so it's going to be "light cardio", tonight after dd3 goes to sleep. My guys are in Stone Mt, eating with DH's High school friend and probably going to watch the light show tonight.
The pilot that lives behind me is going nuts. I think he had too many days of cabin fever with the rain- so he making up for a couple of flightless weekends.It hasn't been this noisy out here since the year the crop duster came when they had the sunflower crop across the street. I hear mowers all around me- it's just that there is sun and although it might take another day for things to totally dry out at least it's foreseeable that it might happen.:carrot:
I scored a couple of outfits at a Susan Komen Garage Sale in town. They are size 14- a little big in the pants- but otherwise divine.
I need to survey this weeks workout and re write it to reflect goal reps vs actual reps. I think that will help me focus some. Before I wrote out a two week peroid and just used the bottom of the page. This time I think look at actual and see what I can do to make it more better( kinda help the chicken scratch also). I also am peeking at "Making the Cut" seeing what I can glean from there and work into the WBL routines.
Hope everyone has a great weekend !

sirak 07-11-2007 08:54 AM

I am still hanging in there ! Week 6- cardio day.
I bought me a set of 15 pounders ! I have been using a 30 pound barbell and wanted the dumbbells, well because I like dumbbells.
It's not any easier to work out with the kids- but I am just not making it something I am giving up on. I have about six more weeks of being a referee between the two of them, so we will all just have to tough it out. Perhaps the mosquito population will decline and we can go outside some.
I put on my "hot flash" pink shirt today and it looks better. I am celebrating a two pound loss this week so it's a good thing.
Hope everyone has a great week !

ledom 07-11-2007 11:40 AM

Sirak - I think of you all the time. You are such an inspiration. Honey, you keep increasing those weights and you are going to be one hot mama. And the consistency is awesome, that is what does the trick. I think you are smart to try to combine the 2 Jillian books becuase I think there is a third book there where you take the best of both of them.

I am eating by the clock. I am immersed in art right now. I am getting a show together and this is my time, my only time to work on it. Making art is not like an 8 hr. day, it is all consuming. I am getting neighborhood walks in between rain showers and, and doing weights a little bit everyday. I would say this is a down time, but I find it essential to move everyday. Trying to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. My garden is coming in beautifully.

Ya'll take care.

BfL_Cat 07-11-2007 11:52 AM

HI guys - just checking in.

Really starting to stress about wedding stuff - maybe because I feel all of the weight of it on my shoulders. There is just *so* much to remember to get done!

I'm headed to MI for my shower this weekend - leaving tomorrow. After this weekend is over, it should be a bit better as many decisions will be taken care of, and I'll be seeing the reception room again and will take photos so that I can start to plan my decorating.

Food is ok, workouts non-existant. I'm holding my own though - jumping on the scale every day just to keep myself in check.


ledom 07-12-2007 12:09 AM

Hang in there Cindy. Enjoy your friends and family at your shower. Think of some way to pamper yourself at some point over the weekend.

chick_in_the_hat 07-12-2007 07:11 PM

Just checking in...wanted to say Hi :wave: but I don't have much for news. :D

ledom 07-13-2007 09:04 AM

Glad you stopped in to say howdy Gina. Are you still on vacation?

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