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  • Morning - Sunday and a busy day ahead but I wanted to check in. The weekend has gone lovely. No cheats, scales down, keeping busy. I have turned into my mother. My mother is an amazing woman, when she retired from a career of bookeeping she became an entrepreneur, building a business of growing cut flowers for wholesale. She also has always kept a large vegetable garden. Well, I am not that ambitious, not starting a business. But lately all my free hours have been spent gardening. I have never gone so all out before. I am growing a lot of flowers, digging new beds, restoring old beds, and vegetable gardening for the first time. The chores it creates are endless it seems. But what joy. I am just loving it. This past week I ate salads all week from the garden and made stirfries from Bok Choy and green onions I grew. While I have always had a few potted flowers I never grew food before. I can see a pleasant summer ahead revolving around my yard.

    I am really telling a difference in my energy levels since starting this new plan. I have been more active in my day to day life. I am not sure exactly what is causing it. After the weekend away from the gym I am especially energetic, by the end of the week my body feel pretty sore and tired. But it seems I have kept much busier than usual and then just pretty much collapse from exhaustion. I am kind of liking this change.
  • Cindy,

    I'm dying to know if you had a chance to look at your new book.
  • My weekend was ok. I stayed on plan for the most part. Sunday my Carbs were up- but I spent part of the day moving gravel and unloading the camper. That gravel in the wheelbarrow gig is good for glutes. I need to do some cardio today as my knee is sore also( no burphees or squats) .
    I am out of everything that I eat- so I am going to Sams .
    and the garden grows...
    I am still working part of my beds. I have a couple of tomatoes in, onions and corn. It has been hard this year as I have worked on the front of the house, the gravel pile in the driveway and the ever-expanding garden. I can't seem to balence out the projects. Our big mower is down so DS13 and I am running the push mower ( which takes for ever). My goal is to get some cukes in and squash this week. I know it is getting late- but I can't seem to get everything done.
  • Good morning gals!

    Wow, wish I could start gardening.... I'm still waiting for my tulips and daffies to come up! Our growing season is SO short here! I don't do veggies, because I don't have enough sun in my yard, and the deer would get into it all, so I'd need a high fence if I wanted to try. Bird netting keeps them out of flowers, but I think they'd try harder for veggies.

    Ledom - no, I've not started the book yet - had a horrible end to my work week - basically my boss is blocking me from putting in for a position outside of my group (this is allowed here!), and we had a huge fight about it Friday morning. It's all about this project I've been on the past 2 years - he says I can go once it's finished, but not before, despite the new boss agreeing to let me finish working on it. I've not given up yet, but it made for a weekend of licking my wounds... Luckily not too bad foodwise, but could have been better.

    Well, the 2# I gained Easter week seem to be sticking, so I'd better change my ticker This is a weight I've been at alot in my adult life, so I know it will be hard to push past.

    But, I was back in the gym this am, after missing all last week. Did I tell you about my wedding dress? It's "pre-owned", and thus the size I got is the size I have to fit into! I'd say I need to lose at least an inch around my rib cage/bust are to get it to fit well, and ideally I'd like to have to take it in a bit by the wedding. So, I've got some pretty strong motivation to get that scale moving again!

    Well, need to get back to work. I promise I'll start reading the new book tonight!
  • Sirak, sounds like you have a big garden. I know what you mean, I feel like I am racing now to get the last things into the ground in time. I am ressurecting another old bed now. I have so many things left to transplant and so many different types of seed that I don't think I"ll have room for it all.
    But it's fun.

    Cindy, yeesh, sorry about your bad day Friday. Hope all straightens out to your advantage soon.
  • Day two of the third week and Jillian is right. I am starting to see changes in my body. Have on something new today and everything looks so much tighter. I am starting to feel good about my clothes again. BUT, this is a hard workout. I never don't feel sore. Very seldom do I not feel tired. The consistency, the consistency is the key. I am also hungry a little. But consistency there as well. I am really trying for consistency in every aspect.

    I am finding that the back days are a little easier than the front. I am thinking back days would be the day to add a hike or something.
  • Missing you guys! Gina - what's up girlfriend? I miss you.

    Okay, 2 1/2 weeks in and I have lost 10 lbs. You know some of it is water weight but I am still very pleased. Almost back to my ticker weight so maybe someday I'll get to start moving it again.

    Rain for the rest of the week - it's messing with my gardening. I wish it could have held off one more day so I could have finished planting. So far no critters have bothered the garden. There are lots of cats around so I guess they are taking care of the bunnies. No deer around, though there is a flock of wild turkeys in my neighborhood. Someone is feeding them I think.
  • Wow Ledom - 10#, that's great! Keep up the good work!

    I'm *still* on week 9 - I think this is my 3rd time with it! But, I don't anticipate any further stalling - I want to get through this and the next 3 weeks so I can say that I finished her 12-week program.

    Those squats with holds are killers - the insides of my legs are killing me! Makes me walk funny!

    Today was cardio day for me, so that's over and done with.

    I'm feeling pretty good - my rings and clothes are loose - not enough to change sizes yet, but feeling quite comfortable. Hopefully that means that scale will start moving again soon. I'll be SO happy when that happens!

    So Ledom - what do you plan to do after finishing this 30-day program?
  • My computer is acting snarky today,yikes !
    I checked the mailbox and "Hugh the Postman" has not brought me any packages as of yet. I figured out how to sign up for the emails which sounds really supportive. In the process I got this little tidbit of information:
    Make sure that there is protein in everything you eat, including snacks. Your ideal meals and snacks should break down to a ratio of 20% carbs, 50% protein, and 30% fat.
    For the past two weeks I have been trying to do BFL 40-40-20 and struggling with to keep the fat down. I have no problem eating lean protein but when I tried to keep the carbs up I ended up with big numbers for fats. This makes me feel a little better that I won't be floundering so much.
    I am excited for both of you as it sounds like it is working out. I am still "hoofin" the walking program and doing different stuff trying to get ready for "the books."
    I do 30 minutes of the walking program and then something else in the afternoon during naptime. I tried a kickboxing tape of DD21's and it made the knee flare up. On a positive note I graduated to a set of ten pound dumb bells as the fives and fours weren't really doing much for me. I started out with cans of pumpkin which certain family members (like everyone but Bob the dog) made fun of. I don't think they will mess with Mom anymore!
    The rain is here right now, Ledom. It promises to dry up for Saturday and Sunday, which is good as we are heading toward the lake in the camper. I have coyotes that come from the ranch that take care of rabbits (screaming jackrabbits),cats and what ever small that wanders though. They show up whenever the main herd is grazing down the street and the small animal population immediately decreases. The only thing that survives them is the neighbors geese-who are so obnoxious my horses avoid being around them.
  • Cindy - you know those squats with holds? That is what is going to make you be able to do 50 squats in a row. But I know, agonizing. Jillian threw a new one at me yesterday that has created a whole new kind of soreness. Crossover lunges with hammercurls. I think there are crossover lunges in WBL but I have never had the inner thigh soreness like I have now, somehow the add weight made me feel it in a whole new way.

    When I finish the 30 days I guess I will just start over, maybe with a drink first though. I know I felt the same way when I finished WBL - what is next I wondered? I think that they both warrant repeating. I was reading on Skwiggs blog that she was doing the Afterburn workout. I have that book, it is a circuit routine with the same philosophy so I might check that out too.

    Just watched the weather sirak and you are really lucky. The weekend has 0% of rain. A vacation here today would have been no fun. Ya'll drive safe and have a blast when you get here.
  • Hi Jillian's Girls!!

    So sorry for having been AWOL for so long. I've missed you! My home laptop is finally fixed - and I didn't even have to throw it out the window. I've been keeping busy with lots of bike riding. I've been riding 3 days a week to work - around 10 miles each way. Then more riding on weekends and weight training 2-3 days a week. After this post I'll go try an update my before/after post with some new pics. The other big news is that I took a class to teach indoor mountain biking (X Bike). I have a long ways to go - it's really hard to ride without breathing hard. I'm so used to riding full blast for a workout - it's hard to dial it back. I'll get there.

    ledom - holy 10 pounds? So proud of you!!! I so need to go get this book. It sounds great! Cracked me up with this:
    Quote: When I finish the 30 days I guess I will just start over, maybe with a drink first though.
    Missing wine much?

    sirak - way to move beyond the pumpkin cans!

    cindy - loose clothes! Keep up the good work!!
  • Gina - So happy to have you back. Great news on your laptop. Wow, you are training to teach XBike? Could you have ever imagined that when you started your journey? Can't wait to see the pics!!! And yes, you so need this book - it has been great for me.

    Right now I am missing drinking with my friends on Fri. nights. It's not that I drink much, but I was enjoying a couple beers and a shot of tequila with them. But really, I enjoy my friends when I just drink water too. Still a party every 30 days sounds reasonable to me.

    I have thought a little more about that question, what next. I will repeat this workout and also add HIIT twice a week. I know I have been talking about doing that already but haven't had the energy. School will be out then so maybe that would be the time to add it plus it would ratchet things up a little to make the workout harder.

    Will be shopping for a good multiple vitamin this weekend. I am feeling the need for one. I am on the verge of a cold, I haven't had one in a couple of years and it just kills me to think it might intefere w/ this challenge. I bought some Aireborne last night Cindy and will chug it today.

    Last summer I bought so many cute clothes and I really want to be able to wear them by the first part of June when I'll be taking a little trip. If I continue I'll make it. I have been able to pull out a couple more things that fit now. My (not 100%, but close) moratorium on buying the next size up has been a good thing I think. I love clothes and it has been hard to not add and to feel like I don't have many things. Still I always manage to walk out the door dressed and the "the carrot" of fitting back into a cute wardrobe is very motivating.
  • Hey gals - just a fly-by, but wanted to share that I'm pretty sure the scale is *finally* on the move again!

    Now, I've been weighing myself daily - stupid I know, but I've been so down about the 2# I regained at Easter.

    But, if today's weight holds, 1.5# of it is gone! Woo-hoo!

    So, fingers-crossed for me - my next official weigh-in isn't until next Wednesday.

    PS - welcome back Gina! We've missed you!
  • ollie ollie oxen free!!!.....I'm here!! albeit lurking....**smirk**
    Nothin's up with me either except the SCALE!!! I don't know what the heck is going on with me lately.....actually I do....dh has been away ALOT... and I'm bored and frustrated with work/being alone that I've taken to night time snacking. My clothes are snug and I've moved up a size. HATE IT!!! I' ve got my period right now and verrrry moody, so not good. I can't believe its May, and my allergies are also off the charts. Hope everyone is well and staying out of trouble.....sorry to be MIA. I guess I need to look into Jillians new book huh?
    *Great job on the 10lb loss ledom
  • Oh angel eyes!!! Good to hear from you! TOM sux....I say we both get Jillian's new book and kick butt together with sirak. This time ledom and Cindy can enjoy our whining while we go thru what they just went thru. Tomorrow is a rest day, I didn't ride my bike to work today, there was a rain prediction this morning that doesn't seem to have been what really happened. Oh well - I made it to spin class. I'll sneak a ride in tomorrow.