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  • Ledom - why don't you tell us about the workouts - how are they different than the 12-week program? Different splits? And the food plan, is it different as well?
  • There are many similarities. I have only been through week 1 so I don't know what is ahead. But so far these are some facts and some things I like about this new workout. It still consists of 5 circuits. Different is the fact that the first two exercise of each circuit are supersets for the same muscle group. You do the circuit twice instead of 3 times (I love that, it cuts down on the boredom factor.) She slips new exercises in. When you read the description you might think, never in a hundred years but so far I have been able to do everything. Instead of a minute of cardio between each repetition of the circuit you only do it once after completeing the circuit twice.

    I wasn't following her diet from WBL, but I don't think it is any different. You determine how many calories w/ a BMR calculation. Right now mine come to a little over 1600 a day, but I actually am averaging about 1400. EXCEPT, she provides a daily menu for all 30 days of the program. Not doing that, but am emulating it. I am keeping my calories counted and my nutrients in proportion to the recommendation for balanced oxidizers, which for me is more carbs and fat and less protein than I was eating. Kind of amazing as carbs and fat are things that I love. All clean carbs and fat of course.

    The biggest thing, and anyone can do this no matter their level. You don't have a cheat day and you don't drink alchohol for the 30 day program. Somehow that is the thing I am most excited about. Not that it isn't something I shouldn't have already been doing but somehow as part of this program it is an exciting thought to see what you can actually accomplish in 30 days. I haven't had time to try any of the recipes yet but I am looking forward to doing so. I have read through a few and they sound great.
  • Are the days still broken into "front" and "back", or are the splits mixed up more?

    I hear ya about clean carbs - I was so used to avoiding all carbs that now it's a joy for me to be able to eat so many carbs and still make progress! I believe I am a balanced oxidizer as well.

  • It's the same splits. But there is another difference that I love. It's only 4 days a week. You workout 2 days, day off, and then 2 days. One of the reasons I like it is that it is so efficient. You burn it for an hour 4 days a week and you're done.

    I was off yesterday and went kayaking. It felt so good out on the water. Went to my Friday night hot spot w/ a thermos of coffee and water. It was fine. I wasn't tempted, though it probably wasn't as much fun.
  • So what are some of the new exercises she's added? I'm ready for a change already, so I'm anxious to hear about this.

    I may go buy the book at Borders today, and then return my Amazon one - I can't believe it's taking so long!
  • So yesterday I go to Borders to buy the book and it's full price! $25 or $26, but either way, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

    Then I remembered they might have it at Sam's Club. So we went there and they didn't!

    So, I give up, I will just wait until it gets here later this week. I have to go to Seattle on business tomorrow, won't be back until late Wednesday, so it's not like I was going to workout much this week. But, I was hoping to have it to take with me to read. Oh well...

    Lots of yard work here - today - cleaning out flower beds, raking lawn, that sort of thing. It's beautiful out, so it's a nice day to do it. I'm just in for lunch right now

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
  • Sorry you are having such a hard time getting the book Cindy. Mine came pronto, only they sent me two because I accidently hit the one stop shop key twice. I was set to send it back but after reading it I gave it to my D. Cindy, I can see you doing this workout scheme about 2 months before your wedding. I know if I hadn't been doing what you are doing now for a good long while I would not be ready for this. Looking at tomorrow's workout, I am not sure I am ready. It is things like 50 fast squats, a lot of compound moves, jumping - which scares me most, weird variations of push-ups. But the writing is so inspirational, and you'll have it soon enough.

    Have a good trip.
  • 50 squat? Yikes! You're right, maybe I might want to stick to this WBL plan for a while yet!

    Regardless, I want to read the book, and you're right, I'll have it soon enough.

    I actually did pack my workout stuff to take with me - I figure that tomorrow I will be up early due to the time change, so should have time to get some sort of cardio workout in at the hotel.

    Food will be a challenge - mostly because I am eating very high fiber and low sugar, and out there in the real world those items are hard to find. Just as an example, I'm in a meeting right now, with a bottled Starbucks Frappuccino sitting in front of me. The meeting organizer knew I would want coffee, so specially got these for me! But, at 52 grams of sugar in this bottle, there is no way I'll drink the whole thing. But, I'm sitting here sipping on it a bit, just so it looks like I appreciated the guesture.

    Have a great week everyone - I'll be back on Thursday.
  • Cindy you are really strong ! I don't do Starbucks ( it's 20 miles away in another little town)- but the frappachino stuff is good.
    I have been reading Body for Life and been thinking about his stuff- but in the end I ordered the new book on Overstock and am bidding on Ebay on the WBL.I even sat aside Jillian's DVDS for a couple of days- but I just enjoy them to much. The challege factor is still good and the way she talks makes me want to do them.
    I have to get focused on something as I feel like I am hitting a bump in the road with my exercise and even with the diet.My inlaws have been in town and in the couple of weeks I am camping. After that I should be good until the holiday weekend- when I am camping again.
    Our weather has been great other than a couple tornadoes... but that is spring time in Texas !
  • Hi sirak - Arkansas here and I can't wait to go camping again myself. I got to go during spring break. Anyway, I have done BFL as has Cindy (I guess you could tell that from her online name.) Anyway, it is a great program too but I think Jillian's is a little tighter. You got it right about Jillian's ability to motivate, she is truly talented at that. I'd suggest her first book as well, especially if you are still building up endurance for her workouts because believe me. The new workout is brutal - you have to have a certain level of fitness. Not to say you don't, just reading between the lines of your posts makes me think you might like to start w/ Winning by Losing.

    Anyway, I am day 9 of the 30 day program. I haven't been perfect, but way closer to perfect than I have been in a long time.
  • Morning. Cindy, how was your trip?

    Today is my last workout of week 2. I am feeling pretty sore and beat up, especially around the knees, but am still going for th 30 day transformation. I have been using fitday most every day and that has been helpful in upping my awareness. I have had two dietary slips in the last 2 weeks. Both confined to a fairly short period of time. Neither involved forbidden food but too much of the healthy stuff. I am hoping to avoid that happening again. Last night I went to a pilates class. I thought it was really hard. My plan for next week is to add a couple of HIIT workouts. I am feeling firmer, if not terribly much lighter. I know the two slips have a lot to do with that. I weigh the same today as I did last Friday. I hate relosing weight - remind me of that next November at the beginning of holiday season!

    Just two more weeks of work before the break. I am beyond ready.
  • I think the diet thing will be a welcome change for me. I have done really good the past couple of months- but I am sort of just bumping around trying to find the right amount of calories, proteins, carbs and fats to go with my exercise. The 40-40-20 that BFL says to use has been my goal lately as I have changing my exercise from mostly cardio to conditioning. Goal is a somewhat as a lose term as I need to lower my fat percentage.
    The diet goddesses on the board seem to think that my calories were low so I upped my calories some, which of course, has slowed my loss down.
    This end of the month is plagued with TOM ( early EGAD !), being out of town and my inlaws( which would make anyone binge). I think it will be nice to follow someone else's ideas for a while.
    Pilates is hard. I have one workout tape that I could never do all of it in one session. I always think that it is for people that are already in shape. As I lose pounds I keep on trying it. I have the "Pilates for Dummies" tape- but it's more of a Demo than an actually workout.
    I am working on mountain climbers and burpfees ( sp?) . My glutes reminded me this morning of that- but it's a good feeling. In late January I couldn't do part of the exercises or a push up on my toes.I am looking to increase the size of my dumb bells and trying to do some extra reps.
    I am heading for Degray for the long weekend in May. DS13 loves kayaking and we have been looking at them at Bass Pro for a year. He's saving his money and we will go halves if he can get the cash together.
  • It's really a small world sirak! I work in Arkadelphia and cross Lake DeGray every day on my way to work. I live in Hot Sprinigs and LOVE Lake Ouachita if you consider driving just a few miles further north. I have been kayaking for about 6 years now and think it is absolutely the best thing have ever done for myself. It has given me so many hours of pleasure and has also introduced me to the coolest people ever.

    I think you'll enjoy what Jillian has to say about nutrition.

    Got my workout in this morning I am just wiped out. So glad to have 2 rest days to look forward to. Stomach muscles definitely sore today.
  • Hey guys, trip was ok, but work these past two days have not been. Thus I am majorly stressed and on the verge of comforting myself with food. No workouts this week, as I've just been too tired...

    Hopefully the weekend will give me time to recharge and refocus and get right back on track.

    I have my new Jillian's book, so I have something new to read!
  • Glad you're home Cindy. The weekend will be just the thing. Some rest is always good for reenergizing. Just back from my second Friday night out in a row, me and my bottled water. I have almost given up diet coke too. I do feel cleansed and better in a way. Got all my workouts in this week and feel very deserving of the two days off. But, all directions are pointing into adding some cardio. I am working out unplugged now that I am jumping around and actually having conversations and overhearing conversations. TJ the trainer was telling this woman that she should do 45 minutes on the treadmill twice a week and not to break it down into shorter times. And then Skwigg posted this http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1526539
    I'm thinking about that. I think I am in a place now where I am ready to power it up a little.