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  • Alex, followed you over here. Mine just came. Can't wait to tear into it. But I agree, from her first book she is one smart cookie, oh wait make that one smart .

    Cindy, living through you vicariously. So cool to hear that you are getting your bands today - I know you'll find the perfect one. Can't wait until we get to start talking about dresses!

    Good idea on the Taco Bell, just a little farther down the road I can find one.
  • I am about 2/3 through the book. Jillian has done it again. It's a great second book.
    I don't fit the category that she is writing to, but I think you could read the book without needing to lose weight at all and you'd still come away with something you could use. I think the gray portions of the book on the "head" part of the strategy is priceless.
    I am accepting the 30 day challenge with some adjustments I am sure but basically 30 days of counting calories and getting in every workout.
  • OMG - I just did the day 1 workout. I love it. I would NOT have been ready w/out several prior Winning by Losing programs under my belt. But it is oh so next level.

    The book is so well laid out. She really refined it. Exercises are listed beautifully. It seems pretty clear cut. There is a huge recipe section that looks like it is worth the price of the book.

    Can't wait for you all to get it so we can talk about it.
  • Dang - I won't have mine until next week at the earliest! I forgot to order it when we were talking about it and was too cheap to have it express mailed!

    Maybe I should see if my library has it... I want to read it NOW!

    I did my first week 9 exercise today - the one where you start holding while doing reps. Was ok, but I ran out of time - I really need to give myself at least 1:15 hr for these workouts, and on a Monday that's hard to do! Tomorrow I'll get in earlier.

    Food seems to be back on track, so I'm feeling pretty good. I'm still up a pound over my tracker, but I don't want to move it - Wed. is my official weigh-in day, so we'll see where I am then.

    I have all of this week's menus planned, so I'm happy with that - even went to the grocery store yesterday in a huge downpour! But, without planning I struggle, so it had to be done!

    You gals have a great one!
  • Do you know what has been missing from my life since I haven't been working out? Endorphins! I had so much energy and such a better attitude toward life yesterday? It is like being hit over the head with a hammer - again.
  • Ledom - isn't it funny how we forget this stuff????

    I'm often told myself that I should write down "why I like to work out", to keep for times when I'm not feeling motivated to do so.

    Glad to hear you're back at it! Good thing Jillian came out with a new book to motivate you!

    I had a good Week 9 Day 2 workout this am - holding the squats (wall and sumo) was killer, but started to bother my knee a bit, so I cut them short. I actually got done pretty fast today - go figure. There seems to be no consistency in how long these workouts take me!

    OH - I did some pylo steps today! This was a huge step for me - I've stayed away from doing anything like that, but I think that watching Bravo's WorkOut, and seeing that all the trainers make people do things like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, ... made me realize I have to start doing them. I only made it 45 seconds, twice, but it's a start! Way more strenuous than the elliptical!

    My food is back on track, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. Dang, it took a while though - a very slippery slope indeed!

    You gals have a great one!
  • Morning - I am already feeling so much better. Struggle to get workouts in but so far so good. I am back in my basement. Like being able to workout in sports bra but I need to upgrade my exercise ball and floor mat. I think I'll go back to the gym but not sure. I can stop and start w/out paying a rejoining fee. I am paid up for April so I'll be making a decision on that in May. Also, I finally paid closer attention to what Jillian says a balanced oxidizer should be eating. I am amazed to find that I can have more carbs than I was allowing before. It isn't day to day eating that has caused my winter/spring gain though. It is holidays and weekends. This'll be my first weekend in a while not to have alchohol. I am a purely social drinker, I'll be taking my bottled water around with me this weekend. If I can conquer the weekend I am practically home free. Right now, I am so happy with what I am doing.
  • So where does one start ?
    I have "The Biggest Winner! How to Win By Losing Maximize-Full Frontal" DVD. I tried it forty pounds ago and found it really hard. So now I am trying it again and finding it easier than before. I have been doing WATP tapes. All along I have been looking at this thread and trying to understand the best way to make her program work for me.
    I know that I have to change things to continue losing. I feel like I am going to hover at 190 pounds and I need to shake it up a bit. I want to continue walking, but when I was really sore the first day I tried " Jillian" again. That tells me that there are muscles that I need to do something with that walking does not work. Don't get me wrong the Walking stuff is great- but I just don't think it will give me the challenge I need for very much longer.
    Should I master the DVD's before I go out and get the new book or old book ?
    The DVD's are only thirty minutes long which doesn't seem like much. I do have to modify due to knee issues and just being overweight( but this time it seems to be getting easier). I actually bought the DVD's last summer before I sprained my knee. I think Jillian has been on hold long enough.
    I am looking for suggestions and would appreciate your input for a newbie to her program.
  • Sirak - I'd buy both books. I think she really improved conveyance of information in the second book. The recipe section is fantastic. The layout of exercsie explanations are much improved. She also gives a test of different things to do to find out if you are ready for the workouts on the second book. I'd say if you haven't been lifting weights though you probably need to follow Winning by Losiing before Making the Cut. On the other hand, if you are ready to really diet, I'd follow guidelines from book two. Now in that book she gives you a menu for each day. That will not work for me because I am alone in my house and I can't buy and prepare that much food. I am going by calorie recommendation and looking at her menus for inspiration. The biggest deal for me? I have decided to take up the 30 day challenge of no cheats and no booze. Still not jumping rope or doing mtn. climbers but I am about to try again. I use the treadmill for cardio when I don't feel can do high impact.

    P.S. I am like you. I would be happy to hike, walk and paddle for exercise. All of which I do because I like to. Ain't going to get me the body I want though. I count those activities as extra.
  • Sirak - welcome to our little group! Congrats on the 40# loss!

    I would recommend you start by doing the workouts in "Winning By Losing", the book - I personally think the DVDs are too intense and too fast paced as an introduction to this program. Even Jillian has been here on 3FC (over 1.5 yrs ago), and said that the DVDs are too short - she was forced to conform to a marketing strategy. And, they could be a bit intimidating and overwhelming - at least they were for me - I have them all and don't yet do them.

    I'm in week 9 of the 12-week program right now, and I can tell you that this will get you to your goal! I have Excel spreadsheets that I can share if you like - I use them in the gym to keep on plan and to track the weights I'm using. As for the cardio portions, I"m still not doing jumping jacks or anything else - sticking to a fast minute on the elliptical until I'm lighter (back in wonderland) - my joints just can't take that jumping around at this weight. I've lost 20# in three months following this plan!

    What are WATP tapes?

    Ledom - glad to hear you're feeling better! Glad to hear you're going to try not to drink this weekend - you can do it! You don't need all those extra calories anyway! Woo-hoo - we're back on track!

    My new book has been shipped, but apparently on a slow boat to China - who knows when it will show up. And, the library system doesn't have it, so I just need to be patient. This is a case where I actually should have bought the book from an actual live bookstore for a change!

    You gals have a great day! No workout for me because I had to have blood drawn this am, and the schedule messed up my workout time. I'll do my cardio tomorrow - maybe I"ll try to do my Thursday stuff at home some tonight.
  • Morning - it has been so hard to get up at 5 again. Couldn't make it yesterday but I did get in half way through the workout when I did get up before I had to get ready for work. Then when I got home from work I was wiped out so didn't do other half as I had promised myself I would. I did take a nap and get up and do 20 min. of cardio and called the day good. This a.m. I ALMOST talked myself out of getting up when the alarm went off but then I mustered enough ooooomph to go on and get up. Went down to the basement to workout and just thought, this would be so much easier at the gym. So packed myself up drove over. It was fine, great in fact. Not too crowded, only women, I can handle that. I know I worked up more of a sweat because I didn't have to stop to adjust machines, move things out of the way, etc.

    I did notice that my oatmeal breakfast just felt too heavy in my stomach. I know I can't workout w/out coffee and a little food so tomorrow I am going to try a small protein shake before and then oatmeal afterwards. I have worked out the calories so that will work.

    Love you Jillian!!!!!
  • Good morning gals!

    Ledom - hurray for you for getting up and going to the gym this morning! 5am - wow, that's even earlier than me! I get up about 5:30, but can't manage to get out the door until after 6. But keep it up, and it will become an easy habit. Here in the Northeast, it's daylight by 5:45am now, so that definitely helps.

    Cardio for me this morning - I was actually a little down on myself about it because it seemed so hard, but then, afterward I started thinking about some of the positives about it:
    I am now doing the elliptical at "4" resistance - started out at "1".

    I am able to do 3 miles on the elliptical in 30 minutes - when I started out I could only do 2.5 miles in that time.

    I am wearing my HR monitor every cardio session, and am able to keep my HR up in the 135-150+ range throughout the whole hour.

    I do my treadmill portion, 1 mile in 20 minutes, at an incline of "4", "air boxing" my arms the whole time, and am able to keep my HR up even during this time.

    All of this makes for a much more beneficial session, so even though today I felt like I plodded though it, I'm happy with what it represents - progress!

    Also, although the scale is still showing up a 1", I measured my waist today (this is the key measurement for my YOU: food plan), and it was down another inch! That's 4" total (I think - didn't write it down!), so I'm pretty thrilled with that!

    I typically don't eat at all before my workouts - just coffee with milk. I probably should, as I'm sure I'd have more energy if I did! Let me know how that protein shake before works for you.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  • Lordy, lordy...just finished my first whole back workout. It's those floor exercises that get my heart pumping sometimes. Someone please start this workout so I can talk about it with you! Gina - where you be? You are ready for this.

    Can I just say that there is no way on god's green earth I could do the workout I did this morning in 45 min. Took me about 65. Though I don't have a HRM, this is so much more aerobic than what I have been doing. I am sweating, just shy of gasping for air, and completely red in the face.

    Jillian promises by the end of the first week your clothes will fit better. Not even a week and that promise has been fulfilled. Have lost lots of water weight but I am not taking that too seriously as I had a major pig out last weekend.

    Have a good weekend everyone.
  • I want to start but I don't have my dang book yet!
  • My little library out here doesn't have the old one and the half price book store in town did not have it ( they had everybody else). I am thinking I will venture into town again on Monday. I might order it from Amazon, it's payday and I probably could get away with it this week.
    My inlaws are in route as we speak- so I am not sure how much I will get done next week.
    WATP is the walking series called " Walk Away the Pounds" with Leslie Sansone.
    It is a low impact walking series that uses a resistance band, small weights and this weird pully thing that goes around your waist. I am at the advanced level doing 3-5 miles a day and using two four pound weights and the resistance band.
    I am going to keep on following this thread just to get the feel of how the workouts go for you and what you concerntrate on.