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  • Cindy, that is good news. Is there any precaution you can take like taping your knee?

    Today is rest day. I guess it is anyway, I have an activity tonight that will prevent me from working out.

    One of the reasons I was never an evening exerciser is that it winds me up and makes falling asleep harder. Last night was one of those nights, I don't think I went to sleep until 3. Between the hot flashes, the time change, and the revved upness I just don't know what to think. I need my rest! But, I am not ready to switch back. In every other way this seems to be working best now. Most notably I just like the smaller crowd that is there in early evening. Maybe I'll get adjusted.
  • Happy St. Paddy's Day! Not that there's much left of it... What is it with us and snow storms on holidays??? The last one was Valentine's Day!

    The official amount was 16.4" for us! I shoveled snow for 3 hours straight, and still didn't get the whole driveway finished! I have a long, wide driveway (could fit 8 cars) and as the morning progressed, it got warmer out and the snow started melting, compacting and getting much heavier! I'm guessing the remaining amount will take about an hour tomorrow - I was just too beat to do anymore. But, I did get the cars cleaned off and moved, which is a good thing - my Explorer had at least 2 feet of snow on top of it, as my driveway gets a lot of drifting up near the house. I'm going to be sore tomorrow!
  • Hey gals - I worked out today! Boy, it felt great to be back in the gym! I'm picking up with week 8, but I really have to be careful about my LB exercises - no lunges, no squats at all at this point. I'll have to get creative about quad and glute exercises.

    Cardio tomorrow, which is fine - at least the elliptical is - not sure how incline treadmill will be, but we'll see.

    Hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there! Check in and let us know how you are doing!
  • Happy Spring to those of you in the Northern hemisphere! Is today the start of Fall for those of you in the Southern? If so, Happy Fall!

    We still have snow on the ground, so it doesn't seem much like Spring, but the forecast calls for wamer temps, which is good.

    I did my cardio day today without any issues. My shins actually gave me more trouble than my knee did. I had a hard time getting my HR up for some reason - I tried hard, but it just wouldn't budge. I looked like a goon during my treadmill time - in addition to walking on an incline, I was doing cardio-boxing type moves with my arms to try to get that HR up! Oh, well, there were only a few guys, and I don't care what they think, even if I do work with them - my gym is at work.

    You gals have a great one - have to run!
  • Hey everyone - sorry to be MIA the last few days.

    Cindy so sorry it is still winter there. I have been enjoying early spring fun here this week as it is spring break. Have been kayaking, camping, and hiking over the weekend and Monday. Yesterday I worked on my raised beds. I had 4, 4 foot square beds made and have been trying to get enough dirt, etc. to fill them. I have 3 done and plan to plant some lettuce, onions, and radishes today. The early crops.

    But I am glad to hear you are back in the gym.

    Am taking a few days off talking about diet and exercise - still struggling to get my head on straight so I'll spare you the details.
  • Hey gals!

    Ledom - I'm so jealous of your gardening. Are you in a subdivision? I ask because I'm assuming you doing have issue with rabbits and/or deer getting into your gardens? I have deer, so I'd have to fence whatever I did, so I don't bother.

    Today's workout was a challenge - couldn't do much for my quads. So, instead I subbed "elliptical stair-stepping" - high incline on high resistance - enough so I could feel it in my quads. That didn't hurt my knee, so it's what I did for all circuits. My legs are sore already, so I think it worked!

    I'm feeling really good about being back on track with my workouts - it's such a great feeling!

    Do you gals ever use ground chicken? I thought I'd avoid having to cut up yet another chicken breast, but I find that it tastes different, which makes no sense... I don't think I'll be buying this again.

    My weight has crept down another pound - well almost, so I'm counting it! Easter is almost here, and I'm not even close to my mini-goal yet. I see that every pound is going to be a long hard battle! Great....

    Chick - still having to lurk from work? Any news on getting your computer fixed? We miss you!

    Twinklegirl, how are you doing?

    You gals have a good one!
  • *sneaks in to say hi*
    I think my DSL router is what is fried...I'll call Cust support this weekend to see about having them send me a new one.

    All is well otherwise

    *sneaks back out - back to the grindstone*
  • Hey gals - did I tell you about the Kashi cookies I found? I LOVE THEM! Apparently they are new - I've only seen them at my BJ's warehouse club store for a great prices. Supposedly CVS carries them. The trail mix flavor is great. They are about 100 calories for one, but that, with a glass of milk, makes a great late evening snack for me. I went back to BJ's today and bought 4 more boxes!

    Bought some new workout tops as WallyWorld as well - the ones I've been wearing are looking a bit too sloppy (hurray!), so I got some a size smaller. Also picked up some new Lee twills a size smaller. They are still a bit snug, but my current ones are too faded (this is what I wear to work each day), and it didn't make sense to buy new ones that were a bit too loose.

    So, a good day for me - smaller clothes - always a good thing!
  • Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good clean weekend!

    Mine was not so great yesterday - a bite of this, a bit of that, all made for some extra calories I shouldn't have had. Although, I did stop eating by 8:30, which is one of my current goals, but I did have a bowl of cereal at 8:29!

    Worked out this am - after looking at the week 9 workout with the holds during the exercises, I decided to give my knee another week to get stronger, so I'm doing another week of the week 7/8 plan. I decided to only do 2 circuits of each, and will focus on slowing down and form.

    I didn't do anything active this weekend - we had some nice weather, and at the very least we should have gotten out for a walk or two, but didn't.

    Some good news though, I was able to buy new pants back in the Misses department! Because I carry my weight in the hips and thighs, when I gained I had to go right back into the "W" sizes. Well, no more, I'm back down and will NEVER again need those sizes!

    Ok, well, I'd better get back to work - you gals have a good one!
  • Cindy- you are doing so good. Congrats on smaller sizes. That is what it all about!

    So, spring break over here. I did some funs stuff. Kayaking, hiking, that kind of thing but no normal workouts.

    I am ready to get back with it though.
  • Hey gals!

    Spring break - again I'm jealous! No time off here until Memorial Day! Glad you are outdoors doing fun stuff.

    I've got that loose, squishy feeling in my body that indicates my weight is about to drop! I can't wait to weigh myself tomorrow!

    No workout today, had an early morning call. Cardio tomorrow. I really would like to get more cardio into my weeks - just walking won't do it for me - my body makes me work hard for that progress. I've got the elliptical at home, so it's just a matter of getting on it. Of course, my kitten has been the excuse, but he's 7 months old now - maybe he'll leave it and me alone - I'll try this weekend.

    Well, need to run, just wanted to pop in and say hi. Hope everyone is doing ok. Chick, did you get that router fixed? Twinklegirl, are you out there? If so, how are you doing?
  • Morning all. Cindy that is great, that squishy, just about to lose weight thing. You are doing so good.

    I guess I won't complain about how SHORT that spring break seemed. I worked hard everyday and still didn't get everything accomplished that I set out to do. The time flew by. Anyway, back for the last 6 weeks now and really trying to get my diet mojo to work again.

    Had a great day yesterday and know I just build from that.
  • Hey gals!

    Well, the scale was only down another pound, but given that last week it was more like only a 1/2, and the fact that TOM is just around the corner, I'll take it! That makes 16# total since starting this year!

    Today's cardio was great - I was drenched by the end of it. Again I did the dorky arm pumps during my walking portion, but hey, it's all about getting your HR up, right? I want to maximize the results of my workout, not just be a hamster in a wheel!

    My knee is feeling stronger everyday, which is good, since the other side is giving me some grief now, after 3 weeks of having to rely on it! I'm hoping I can get back into *static* lunges and leg presses next week

    My mileage is a bit behind schedule, so I need to pick up the pace there - maybe try to squeeze walks in the evenings, but it's hard to walk when I'm supposed to be making dinner! And after dinner it's still getting dark pretty fast, plus, I don't like to exercise on a full stomach. Hmm, I'll have to figure this one out for myself. Maybe just a mile at night wouldn't put dinner too far behind schedule....
  • Cindy, that is just awesome! 16 LBSS
  • Actually, I have to update that progress - yesterday when I got on the scale, there were a bunch of people in the gym, so I didn't really let the slide balance - I just hopped on and off and saw what I saw.

    BUT, today, there was no one in the gym, so I reweighed myself - it's actually 3# this week!!!!!!

    So that makes my total for these 3 month to really be 18#!!!!

    I am really pleased with Jillian's program - I've obtained these results despite a 10-day stoppage this month due to my knee. Ledom, you were right when you said that it is really the next step up from BFL!

    Six months until the wedding. If I could lose another 20# by then , I will be very pleased. Even more would be better!