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  • Good morning gals.

    Warning: rant about to happen!

    I am MAJORLY annoyed right now - I hurt my left knee this morning

    It was during my first circuit, my second set of side lunges - all of a sudden a sharp pain in my knee.

    I know this feeling well - my kneecap had drifted out of place (as it does) and then when I bent to do the lunge, it was forced back into place, which is quite painful.

    The rest of my workout was pretty much a wash - I tried to "walk it off", but I couldn't really bend it at all - in fact, I carefully got down to do Supermans, and nearly passed out from the pain I had caused myself. And then I had to get back up!

    I did some modified crunches using the Swiss ball, which were ok, and I could do light elliptical, but even sitting down to use the lat pulldown hurt! I finally just did my bicep sets and gave up.

    Now the dang thing will swell up like a balloon and I will limp around a few days.

    I've had P-therapy on this before, and all they do is give me exercises to strengthen my quads, increase flexibility of my hamstrings, and to stretch my IT band. All things I've been doing faithfully for the past 10 weeks! Sorry for the rant, but this is why I'm so irritated - I've been doing everything I know to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

    This is just such a frustrating thing to happen when I've been gaining so much momentum. I know it will probably be ok in a couple of days and I'll just have to take it easy on the squats and lunges for a while, but it still irritates me. Stupid knees!
  • So, so, sorry Cindy. Wish I had the magic cure for you but it sounds like you have an idea about what to expect and what to do. Tough though I know.

    But, I don't think it has to break your momentum. One of the things I have been thinking the last few days is how I kind of miss the BFL workout style when you do the several sets for each muscle group. I am in the process of considering something like that myself while I getting back where I need to be w/ my workouts. I have a great shoulder routine that I love doing but never have time for so maybe you too could just work the heck out of your upper body and give the knee time to get over itself.
  • Hello all - no workout today as I baby my knee. Fingers crossed that it will feel better by Monday.

    I can walk fine, I can climb stairs fine, but I can't go down stairs, and I cause myself pain when I sit in a low chair. Odd the things that hurt and those which don't

    Hope you gals have a good weekend. My TOM is here, so coupled with my irritation at the injury, I will have to watch myself this weekend.

    The weather is supposed to be in the high 40's so I think we'll head to Boston tomorrow "just because". That means I'll get to go to Trader Joe's on the way back - hurray!
  • Morning! How was everyones weekend?

    Mine was dicey - movin' on though. I am so happy because I have next week off. Spring Break! I am really feeling the need for some time to get myself back into the swing of losing weight. Not that I need to use lack of time for an excuse, but it is easier to get everything in - the cooking, the working out - and right now I need all the stars aligned.

    Anyway, nothing new or exciting. I spent the weekend gardening. Digging, shopping for plants, but not planting just yet. Spring has arrived in the south though.
  • Good day of food and good workout today.

    How's your knee Cindy?
  • Good morning everyone!

    My knee is still acting up, so I'll probably have to go to the doctor about.

    I'm trying not to let this mess me up, but I can't even get down on the ground to do any abs work! So, I may be able to continue with cardio and limited upper body (no cable rows - again, can't get down), and very limited abs. Anything that required too much knee bending is out for now.

    So, I haven't worked out since Thursday. Food has been iffy - not horrible, but a bit sloppy.
  • So sorry Cindy! Have you read Skwigg's blog lately. She is recovering from a major knee injury and surgery. Maybe you could get some ideas there.

    I feel like a new woman today. My workout last night went just great. I think that I really needed the light week because when I went in last night it was no problem to get through the hour and a half or so that it took. I got up and walked a mile this a.m. before work. I want to increase that to 2 miles. It seems like the afternoon gym workouts might be just the thing for the time being. I kind of like the 6 p.m. crowd. It is less frantic than the morning slot.

    Gina - what's up with you these days?
  • The dang gym was closed tonight. Not cool. Closed for carpet cleaning so I guess that is a good thing. I went for another walk and raked leaves instead. I was pumped for the workout though.
  • Hi Girls!
    I have been doing well over the past few days, and then i woke up this morning sick. Why does it always seem to happen? Whenever i get back OP i get sick and lose my motivation. I'm still eating good, i just can't workout at least for today, and i'll have to see how i feel tomorrow. I've just got a cold, but i seem to get knocked around quite a bit whenever i get sick. I once had a cold last 2 months, i don't want that to happen again! At least i can stick to eating clean.

    Ledom- Sorry to hear about the gym, i hope your motivation lasts until tomorrow! I hate it when i'm pumped for a workout but don't get it done, it happens so rarely that i actually want to workout.

    Cindy- I'm so sorry to hear about your injury, it sucks! You just look after yourself and be careful, we don't want you hurt even more, then you'd be out of the game for even longer!

    Where is Chick and Angel-eyes!?!? Miss you two!
  • TwinkleGirl, you take care too. I hope your cold is one of the 24 hour ones. Thanks for you encouragement. I think I'll still be pumped tonight. I hope so.

    I love the new time, but I keep being late for work. Gotta get that worked out!
  • Hi everyone!

    TwinkleGirl - sorry you're feeling under the weather. I know what you mean about losing that motivation!
    Hey - I find the Jillians site incredibly slow - I feel like I'm not getting my $$ worth at all, because I give up trying to read things. And this is with a T1 line at work! At home, I have cable modem and it's even slower! I think I'll "contact them" and complain.

    Ledom - how nice for your gym to get new carpeting - I've never understood having carpet in a place where people are sweating all over the place! I can't believe you are gardening already - I'm so jealous!

    Still no workouts yet - the knee is feeling much better, but I'm afraid to hurt it further still. I can bend it fully now, but still can't do so with my full weight on it. I have an appt. with our site doctor tomorrow.

    Food was bad yesterday - a bit of a pity party, I think, but I've snapped out of it, and am back on track. I'm loving the early time change as well, although it used to be daylight when I got up at 6am, and now it's dark again! Oh well, soon enough it will be daylight then.

    Have a good one!
  • Hi chickies!
    I'm here - my home laptop is being really annoying...I fried the wireless and the browser needs to be reinstalled...I'm waiting on a disc. In the meantime I'm lurking from work...

    Workouts have been good, today is front day & xbike!

    Cindy - that's good you are having that knee checked out...hope it heals soon! I'm not so chipper with the time change...so hard to get up in the dark..

    ledom - how annoying to be all gung ho for a workout and then the gym's closed. Sounds like you got 'er done without the gym. Good for you!

    twinklegirl - hey if you can eat clean even while you are sick... Hope this is just a quickie cold.
  • Ditto on the eating clean.

    I have fallen into a really self-destructive habit. I am either really good, or really bad when it comes to food. It seems there is no middle ground with me. I am really trying to keep that forefront in my mind. I used fitday yesterday which I felt was a low cal day. I came in at about 1299 cals. Man if I could only keep it there everyday for a sustained period of time I think I'd drop these last pounds.

    I find the working out is not such a big problem. After having a really light workout week last week - I am amazed at how muscle tone goes flacid so quickly. And on the up side, how quickly it comes back. Another words to be buff, buffing those muscles everyday seems really essential. There is something about the tightness of my muscles that is really self motivating and I am better about that.

    I have had some really bad food weekends lately and I hate the feeling of self-loathing I have at the end of the day when I have done badly. I am going to try to use the memory that sinking feeling I get when I have screwed up to motivate myself to do better with my diet.

    Glad to hear the knee is starting to feel better. Hope you get good news from the Dr.

    TwinkleGirl - how you feeling today.

    Gina, hope computer issues get cleared up soon.

    So, supper finished, I am headed to the gym for that workout I was so looking forward to last night.
  • Just a quick check in. Thanks for the well wishes, i'm still not feeling great but i am determined to work out tomorrow morning. We'll see how that goes.

    Cindy- Yeah, J's website can sometimes be slow, but other times i have no problem with it. I just figured it was me. Definately call and talk to them, let mw know how it goes.

    Chick- Great to hear from you. Hope the computer is fixed soon.

    Ledom- I'm the same with my food, all or nothing. It sucks, i wish i could be in the middle, maybe i'll learn that when it comes time to maintain. I also know that once a start falling off the wagon i tend to just keep going, it can be very hard for me to get back on track even though i know i'm going to feel 10x better when i eat clean and exercise regularly.
  • Hey gals!

    In regards to food, I always remember a tip that I learned from Dr. Sears of Zone fame: "You are never more than one meal from The Zone!". I've always applied that to any program I've done since. Even if I just ate a whole *enter bad food here*, I know that I just need to get my next meal on track - get the sugar out of it and the protein in, and I'm well on my way to being OP again. This has helped me over the years to not throw in the towel when I do stray off my path.

    Well, the doctor gave me the green light to resume my workouts - anything that doesn't stress the knee right now. He says that I didn't tear or damage anything that he can tell, just a case of stressing it while my kneecap was out of place. I think I may have mentioned that I have this kneecap issue - never stays where it is supposed to! Anyways, that's good news, so I think I'll do some cardio tomorrow, then start back up on Jillian's week 7 the best I can next week.