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  • I read on MSN about a workout I want to accomplish after I master Jillian's. It's the fit test that Army Rangers have to pass. You have to do 80 pushups in under 2 minutes, 80 situps in under 2 minutes, run 2 miles in under 13 minutes and do 12 chinups. Right now I know there is no way I could even approach it. So that's more motivation to do Jillian's kick butt workouts.
  • Due to some personal issues, I had to skip this evening, but to catch up I'm just going to make today my day off and go through Saturday, resting on Sunday.
  • Today's my scheduled day off. Woohoo! I'm heading out to do some browsing in the stores for the holiday today. May even see if my hairdresser can squeeze me in. (not into the chair, people!)

    Happydaisy, I became sore just reading that test. I think it's an AWESOME goal!
  • TOday was my day off, but,... I made it into the gym for some kind of cardio and push ups, squats.. which I love all of a sudden!! Maybe because I have no butt, and I am FINALLY getting one for the fisrt time in my life! hahah ~HUGS DAISY BOO, dont worry you can do it... Just relax take a day off and get back into teh swing of things....
  • Justforus: I have a flat butt, which I consider NO butt. When I started exercising I noticed that I actually had a butt for the first time too!! I SO get that!

    Emma, I think I said it in the other thread, I hope they are able to 'fit' you in to their schedule..LOL I love getting my hair done!
  • Hey girls....

    Today is my scheduled day off and boy oh boy....I really appreciate it. I upped my weights and I really feel it. Had a good walk all through out Walmart!!!
  • Week 3 day two (Tuesdays work out). Yesterday I had off.

    Does anyone else have trouble doing butt kicks? I feel dumb doing them... maybe I'm doing them wrong.. ??
  • They do look a little foolish, but they really get my heart rate up. Anyway, I don't go to the gym to look smart. I go to the gym to look "GOOD"
  • Okay, well I still did them when I worked out, I just think that while I do them I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

    Rocker, btw I love that... you go to look GOOD!! Thats awesome.
  • Check them in the mirror if you have one in your gym or at home. The trick with them is to lean forward a little. Almost like you trying to stick you chest out a little.
  • Hey - I'll have to try that - I haven't actually been able to kick my own butt yet. I really have tried. I like the "I go to the gym to look "GOOD" attitude. Yay Rockergirl...

    Daisyboo - hang in there girl...hope you are feeling better!

    I had a crazy couple of days at work - but I managed to get through days 4 & 5 of week 3. I upped the weights and started keeping track of the wieghts. Hopefully I 'll be able to keep upping the weights and the log will be a motivator. Cardio tomorrow...

    Let's move it ladies!!!! You all are doing great! Bob said something to Andrea on BL last night that really hit home for me...he told her (after she ate a bunch of bite size brownies) "You are special. You may not believe it right not - but I do, so you'll just have to trust me until you do believe it yourself."
    I'm paraphrasing...so sorry if I didn't get it exactly...but I was really touched by it.
  • New Loser Here!
    HEY ALL!




  • Welcome - come sweat with us! Have you got the book already?
  • hey.....
    no i haven't ....... would like it for xmas!!!
  • 59 minutes (one short, but bathroom duty called) of Week 4, Day 3 of Jillian's circuit training and treadmill intervals.