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  • Twinkle Girl - Glad you are back! Glad you love your new house. I am sure you'll be back in the groove in no time.
  • Hey gals!

    Got my hour of cardio in today - so glad that's over!

    Hey Twinkle Girl - glad to hear your move went so well!

    It was in the low 30's this am and felt like Spring! Funny how everything is relative!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!
  • I'm back again girls!
    SO, i've been back OP for four days now, and i have to say i feel great! It's crazy, we eat like crap and feel like crap, we eat healthy and feel great. You'd think it would be easy to turn down temptations when you know you'll feel terrible afterwards, but i know i still fall for the temptations sometimes.
    I did circuits yesterday, the first time in a few weeks, and i was amazed at how hard they were again! My cardio fitness is good at the moment, but my muscles are struggling, i'm actually pretty sore this morning. I know i'll get over it soon and be back in form.
    I'm dreading stepping on the scales tomorrow. I'm feeling good again, and if i step on them and don't see a loss i'm scared i'll fall off the wagon again, yet i want to see if i have lost anything. I go through this process every week. I suppose i'll just bite the bullet and see what the scale has to say.
  • Hi chickies!!
    Good to hear from you again, Twinklegirl! If you are up a little - keep in mind it might be water retention from your muscles trying to repair themselves...no more falling off the wagon.

    Cindy - you are rocking those workouts, girl! Keep up the good work

    ledom - I used to really like the elliptical...but it got old. I have to have some serious music to keep motivated on one now. Hmm...could that be why I haven't been on one in a while? Hopefully the weather will stay warm long enuf that you can get a hike in.

    As for me....I finally had to admit that I need to toss the Slow churned ice cream out of the house 9well I didn't really have to toss it 'cause it was empty )...it was out of control...I haven't gained weight, but I wanna lose this last few and see how it feels. Workouts have been good - today is back day...
  • Hi everyone - so good to see everyone posting!

    My week has been good too. I was even able to get my workout in BEFORE work today. It does have to do with temperature I think! Warm = easier to get out of bed. And yes, Cindy it is all relative.

    I go through cycles of eating. Lot's of chili (BFL style) in the winter. Now I am back to grilled chicken breast, brocolli, and brown rice. I got a new grill because my old one burned up last summer. It is a terrific grill and makes the meat taste better than ever. I am enjoying above menu enough to eat it once a day. I have also been able to get salads rocking again this week. Scale is showing some rewards too.

    On weighing Twinklegirl, give it a week or 3 before panicing. It seems that it would all just fall off when you JUST gained it back but I am finding as hard if not harder the second time round. I finally just accepted it, not even beating myself up about it anymore. I am back to weighing daily, even on the days I know I am not going to like it because it seems to be helping to keep me focused. For the time being anyway. Got in the closet last night and tried on clothes. Things are improving on that front too.

    So, Gina. That diet modification is probably just going to get you to your goal. We're rooting for you.
  • Morning - just a quick note to say day 2 of week 9 workout is done. I am on a roll. On my way to the big city to look at art today.
  • Hello everyone!

    Ledom - it is so funny to hear you talking about grilled chicken, like it's Summer or something! Guess after all these years of living in the North, I can't even imagine. I personally wouldn't think about getting my grill out of the garage until May. Although I do know some who grill year round here - but I'd never do it! A lot of running in and out of the house!

    Good deal on getting those workouts done! I did workout 4 of week 5 today - just one more to go this week!

    I had to cut my last 2 circuits short this morning, in order to make it to the office in time for a conf. call I was hosting. But, I got 95% of it done, so it counts!

    I was pretty geeked this morning - I easily did 90# on the leg press, 20# concentration curls, and had no problems with supermans - even held each rep a bit. Definitely seeing some progress here!

    Now the cross-leg lunges are another story! I tried them and I think my thighs are just a bit too pudgy to be able to do this move. So, I did side lunges instead.

    Good to see you here again, Chick! And glad you've been doing a good job of learning to maintain! Better than gaining!

    Have a great one!
  • Hi Girls,
    Well, i bit the bullet and weighed in, and i did have a loss. Some of it, i know, was water retention but my total loss was 4.4 pounds, which wasn't all water. I'm still 2.2 pounds up on my ticker, but hopefully this week will take care of that.
    Ok, i gotta go workout or it simply won't get done today. I'm just not feeling it today, but i gotta get my butt into gear.
  • Twinklegirl - this is sounding like the old days on this thread. Sounds as though everyone is primed and in gear for some amazing losses this Spring.

    I heard on the weather last night that daylight savings time comes early this year. I think the 2nd weekend in March. I am always happy about longer days. That means hiking weather for me.

    Yeah, grilling in winter can be a challenge here though not the challenge you have Cindy. I cooked my Thanksgiving turkey and my Christmas pork loin on the grill this year. I have a breezeway connecting the house and garage and have my grill there now because we have had so much rain. I am more likely to grill in the summer, but can never entirely give it up.

    My trip to the museum was good yesterday. Afterwards I went to the mall and broke my clothes buying moratorium when I found a rack of Dana Buchanan and Eileen Fisher clothes 75% off. Fun, fun, fun. I got some cute stuff - I guess it was last summers stock.
  • Hey everyone, happy weekend!

    Can't remember why I didn't post yesterday, other than it being fairly hectic at work...

    Yesterday's workout (end of week 5) felt great - I felt the strongest I have yet. Sometimes, during the last 2 circuits, I can barely motivate myself to move much during the "heartrate" exercise (In my case I'm still jumping on the elliptical for a fast minute). But yesterday at the end I was still pumping my arms and ready for more! It really felt great!

    Ledom - wow, you are really a grilling gal! I must admit, I am not, and aside from the occasional chicken breast and/or burgers in the summer, that's the extent of my grilling experience. I tried to do a pork loin on the grill, 2 summers ago, but trashed my electronic meat thermometer as a result! The pork loin came out ok, but I felt I was kind of cooking "blindly", and I did not like that. Hey, I should share that recipe - it's quite tasty. Anyway, I guess I'm just more comfortable in my kitchen!

    New clothes - how fun! None for me until I at least drop a size! I've been wearing the same stuff for at least the year (with seasonal changes of course), and I'm sick of them! Fingers crossed that I'll be down a size in time for some new spring things!

    Twinklegirl - good deal on the weight - you've obviously done a great job of maintaining during a pretty stressful time. Glad to have you back here with us!

    Well, guess I should go do something productive today - have a good one!
  • Good morning - I just did Ana Forrest's yoga video Strength of Spirit. It was the perfect workout for a rainy stormy morning. I cleaned out my yoga room, lit a candle and did some much needed stretching and ab work. The personal trainer at my gym makes grown men weep with her ab/pilates grill. Someday when I get very brave I am going to hire her for a session of core workouts.

    Yes, the clothes are so good. And guess what, I am down a size. I am in my 16 levis after 3 months in my 18s. I took up a notch in my belt this week too. Feels good.

    Cindy, you will surely be deserving some new Spring clothes. You are a bride to be, you have to have everything pretty you want. I am so proud of you - I told you this would be a great workout for you!

    I have been invited to do what I consider a very challenging paddle on the Mississippi River. This I will have to consider carefully.
  • Hi Everyone!
    Well, it's Monday morning here and today i go back to college (we've been off for Christmas holidays) for my last term. By the end of May, i wall be a college greaduate, it's pretty exciting. However, on not such a good topic, i am sick! I have that whole queazy (sp?) stomach and then i get hot and then cold, and i just feel terrible. So no working out for this morning, maybe tonight if i feel better. Hope you're all feeling better than me! And that you all had a killer weekend.
  • Happy Monday everyone!

    Twinkelgirl - congrats on being in the home stretch on your degree! Wow - you guys had a long Christmas break - then again, since it's Summer for you, I guess that makes sense. What are you studying? I hope you're feeling better than you were this morning.

    Another uninspired Monday workout for me today, but I stayed late in the gym and did it all, as I'll be missing tomorrow due to an early morning conf. call. I'm starting week 6, so almost 1/2 way through this! I do feel great, but wish I would see the scale move a bit faster...

    Hey question for you gals - what is the difference between a cable cross-over and a cable fly? The photo of cable fly in the book is what I was doing as a cross-over!

    Well, time to get back to work - talk to you gals later!
  • Twinklegirl I hope you are feeling better by now.

    My weekend workouts held together pretty well I think. The yoga on Sat. really enhanced my Sun. strength workout. Week 9 you are holding fewer reps for a longer count. I was able to utilize yoga breathing and got a great deep workout in my muscles. So just now I finished about 30 min. of cardio on top of some extra I did yesterday and I am calling it a week of workouts. Rest day tomorrow. Food a struggle over the weekend but back on track today. I am getting ready to really clean my diet up and lose some lbs. though. I can feel my head getting there.
  • Happy Tuesday gals!

    Question for you all - has anyone here ever signed up for the online training/diet info from Jillian's site? Or know anyone who has? Or even just joined to participate in the forum?