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mommy2aliya 11-12-2005 08:59 PM

Did 5K this morning with my husband.

happydaisy 11-13-2005 05:39 AM

Thanks Emma & DaisyBoo, I'll give those modifications a try. :)

Mrs.T 11-13-2005 11:26 AM

chick in the hat... I TOTALLY understand about the mountain climbers... I feel like Im a wuss too. Next week I'm restarting week 3 and I am going to try and keep up this time.

chick_in_the_hat 11-14-2005 12:36 AM

Today was day 2 of week 3....I did more of the cardio stuff (jumping jacks & butt kicks) this time - can't say I lasted the whole minute...gotta work on that. This time I went to the women's only gym. It's comfier there....but really crowded on weekdays. Whew, I'm ready for a rest day. Washed the car and walked the dog for 40 minutes, too.

mommy2aliya 11-14-2005 11:09 AM

Still keeping up on my running as I am still at the beginning of Jillian's book. I don't get much time to read with a almost 4 year old in the house. Anyway, I ran around 5K with my running club this morning :carrot:

Looking4TheWayOut 11-14-2005 11:30 AM

Hey, everyone!

I did week 4, day 1 today. I restarted this week. I really pushed myself and did a total of one hour.

I'm glad to see others moving and grooving here. Makes me happy. :)

angel-eyes 11-14-2005 01:53 PM

I did (re-did) week 1 day 1 since I was sick all last week. So far so good. I also did 30 minutes of treadmill (incline 4.5, speed 3.7) but didn't want to over do my first day back. Still coughing/hacking to get rid of a tickle, but I wasn't out of breath.

mommy2aliya 11-14-2005 04:33 PM

Did 40 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of cardio today. :carrot:

Mrs.T 11-14-2005 10:27 PM

Ok, week 3 Monday's work out. Can I just reiterate that I abhore the moutain climbers.. ?? I was cussing Jillian out the whole time and I literally dripped with sweat. Oh yuck.

Done and done. 58 min completed.

I also walked 2 miles today earlier in the day.

chick_in_the_hat 11-15-2005 01:39 AM

Gotta love ya Mrs T!!! I'm on rest day today...nice little wander around the park with the dog. Back to business tomorrow! :jig:

JustForUs 11-15-2005 09:23 AM

I am restarting week 2 all over, I slacked last week, and I havent worked out since friday,, I have been sick and so has my daughter, it has been rough. CONGRATS on everyone that is sticking to it!!

Looking4TheWayOut 11-15-2005 12:26 PM

Week 4, Day 2 of Jillian's program. 40 minutes of that was just circuit training, which was odd, but I took longer cardio breaks to keep HR up so that may be why. Total was 63 minutes. :woo:

blondevt 11-15-2005 05:15 PM

? for Jillian Girls
Hi Jillian Girls-

Ok i am on week 2 day 2. But i just found out that my gym will be closed next thrusday and friday. Would it be bad instead of moving next week on to week 3 that i just did week 2 over again. I mean alot of week 1 and 2 i could do at home, except for a couple the exercises.

Any input?

I am really enjoying the program and want to stick with it. And like others said this week is a lot easier and i am not so sore like last week. This is going to pay off ;) :dizzy:

angel-eyes 11-15-2005 05:48 PM

Hi Blondevt.....

Alot of us are repeating a previous week for a variety of reasons. Thats too bad about your gym. I would re-do what you can do at home and not waste the time off.

Week 2 day 2 re-do......I also did 30 minutes of the treadmill. (incline5,speed 3.7) Boy am I sore today......my butt is so tender from doing those lunges.

Daisy Boo 11-15-2005 09:51 PM

no exercise for me so far this week.

i had monday off due to a headache and just slept at home for most of the day. tuesday went to work initally and then went home and slept again. went to see the chiropractor who adjusted me and i felt better. had to take my puppy to the vet who has now been diagnosed with a luxating patella (loose knee joint) which may require surgery. this is only a small portion of what is going on in my life. i truly and honestly feel that the universe is against me.

i still have a bit of a headache today, but will wait out the day and see how i go and hopefully get some exercise in tonight. it should be my rest day but will do day 1 of the circuit and some yoga tonight. i think the yoga will help me release all of this stress in my life - can't hurt to try.

need a hug guys :(

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