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  • Hey girls!!! I finally found a minute (that I'm not too exhausted) to sit down and give a shout out!!! Work is going well, although they have been scheduling me too many hours, money is good though, but.....I was only expecting 25 hours and I'm almost up to 35 now with 40+ for the month of December. I have to have another talk with my boss I guess. I lost another 3 lbs this week, I guess all the walking and OP food and being dog dead tired when I come home is paying off. huh?? oh well, nice to see some low numbers again on the scale!!

    I missed all of you!!! Sorry to hear some of you are having a rough time of it but Chick said it sooo well about the spark instead of the bonfire!!! so true. I am trying to blow on my spark but feel it flickering. I drove by my gym today and ds said...." why don't you go there anymore?" huh? good question? I need to get back to the gym, but the hours aren't so convenient now that I"m working and the nights are just so busy getting home late, dinner, karate for the boys and homework etc..... I don't know why I can't seem to get up at 5:30am ??? why is that? LOL...
  • Hi everyone....
    Graciezoe, well done with the leaves!! hard work....
    Angel eyes- great to see your back,,,,it is good to see that you have work so it takes the stress of money and bills over xmas.....i hope your eating ok though....lol
    Cat in the hat- How you going darls,,,you have been quiet lately,,,everything going ok?
    Ledom- Yes the diet is great! At least i am still eating in between, and main breakine/lunch is replaced with shake with main meal at night....It is called vitatech...
    Well i went to the doctors today, i have lost 2.9 kg in a week!! With minimal exercise...
    My nan is going in for breast cancer surgery on 1st December, and currently my pop has deep vein thrombosis, so i have to give him injections each day!

    I hope everyone is going well.....
    Nikkii xxx
  • Hi!
    Yay! Angel-eyes! on the lost pounds! I hope you can get your hours where you want them...prolly after Xmas, tho, huh? I miss you in the meantime.

    Nikki - holy crap, girl....those are "Biggest Loser" kinda numbers, 2.9 kilos comes out to 6.38 pounds. You go, girl!!

    ledom - I've been in housecleaning mode, too...I don't have Thanksgiving guests coming - but my house is scary. Let's just say working out doesn't leave a lot of time for housecleaning...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    graciezoe - You are pretty inspirational yourself, Miss 3.4 pounds!!

    Well - I bumped up my calories and it feels better...we'll see what it does to the scale. I have been more stable. Even if TOM is back... I have been trying to push myself more in spin class...
  • Well - I survived Thanksgiving so far. Skwigg's Nov. 21 blog entry on dropping the ball is great. I am trying to concentrate on how much more fun Christmas will be if I look cute and healthy and slim. The way I look when I eat right and exercise every day. I have a party a week from tomorrow night so I better get busy on this.

    Greeting and best wishes. I hope there is some down time for everyone this weekend.
  • Good Morning,
    I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday week-end. I'm trying to avoid the malls...way to crowded for me.

    I had a good week work-out wise but awful weight loss results. Because I had the week off from work, I worked out each morning for 90 minutes on either the treadmill or treadclimber or stepper. Every evening I either did weight training or a DVD workout, this morning I did a short hike with my dogs. When I weight myself today I've gained .6 this week. Part of it, I'm sure is that I didn't drink as much water as I usually do. I try for 13 glasses a day but this week I was lucky to get in 6-8. Hopefully next week will be better.
  • Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! We had turkey afterall....I was veto'd for turkey instead of a nice baked ham. What's wrong with ham, I say?? So we had a nice meal, and ate early about 3:30pm as the last thing we wanted to do was feel heavy and bloated around 7pm. Besides...dh was up and out of the house by 2:30am to make the drive to Kansas City to work in one of his stores. Crazy Black Friday!!! Thank goodness he comes home tonight, miss him.

    Hope everyone is doing well and back OP. Is it against the law NOT to have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? hehe....the neighbours heard we had no pie and sent some over. Really nice of them.....but ?? actually it was small and the boys ate it so it didn't go to waste. Anyone want some turkey leftovers....what to do with 10 lbs of leftover TURKEY???? (blech)
  • Morning - graciezoe, it is so good to read your posts. You are doing so good. Man, only .6 gained is really admirable for this past week.I wish I could make that claim. I am still boycotting the scale more mornings than not recently. But your reminder to get the water in is something for me to work on too.

    10 lbs. of turkey? The only thing I can think is sandwiches or soup. I guess you have enough for both! After I served my meal on Thursday I never wanted to see any of that food again. Even though it tasted great, the preparation took its toll. I am almost ready to face a plate of leftovers but more than likely it will all go home with DD today when she goes back home.

    Yesterday she and I picked up on a tradition that we get around to every 3 years or so. We spent the day making tamales. I have a great recipe from an old Vegetarian Times and these tamales have about 85 cals. a piece. I mostly freeze them and pull them out for camping trips - some will be served at a christmas party this year.

    Oh and another thing. I mentioned Skwigg in my last post. She has put up another good one with some great links this week. I think most of you know who I am talking about but if not go to skwigg dot com. She has a great blog that I can always spend some time with when I need a jolt of inspiration.
  • Happy Monday Morning-Just a quick check in. Can you believe it is less than a month until Christmas now? With December just around the corner? November, up until now, has been a bust for me. BUT, today is the day I have been considering and have set in mind to get my act back together. Birthday over, Thanksgiving over, just not willing to let things slide another month until Jan. when I will be in major trouble if I don't stop the slide. So I feel ready. Feet hit the floor after only two punches of the snooze alarm. Headed to the basement in just a sec to see if I can still get through a workout. While I have walked and done yoga this month, I just have not been able to face my WbyL workouts. Hit the wall with them! But now I have had my break and feel like I can face it again.

    Have a good Monday everyone. Gina, when is your trip to Mexico?
  • ledom - thanks for the reminder to go read Skwigg - she rox!! Good advice about dealing with the holidays as well. Her workouts scare the bejeebers outta me, tho. If they make her puke...what are they going to do to me? I use ideas from her...not entire workouts.
    to no more sliding!

    angel-eyes - It IS against the law to not have pumpkin pie doncha know...just kidding! Good on you pawning it off on the kids. 10 pounds of turkey? Ugghh....I have one word for you, freezer....pull it out in the spring.

    graciezoe - your muscles are prolly retaining water to recover from all that working out! Drink up and you'll see you results in a few.
  • Hey Girls,
    Hope you all had a great Thankgiving. Being an Aussie, we don't do the whole Thanksgiving thing, but i understand it's pretty huge over in America! I've been doing ok with my food and getting all of my workouts in, but i had a great experience this morning, i met Jillian! Here's the story:
    I live in Sydney and i knew that Jillian and Bob we're leaving today to go back to the states. I decided that spending the day staking out the airport on 'Jillian and Bob watch' would be totally worth it!

    After waiting about 45 minutes, I sighted Jillian when she was still outside the airport, and i kinda played mini stalker trying to get up the nerve to actually approach her. I am, by nature, an insanely, intensly shy and nervous person. And from looking at her, Jillian looks like an insanely, intensly intimidating person. It was actually really hard for me to approach her, but i couldn't let what i view as an opportunity of a life time pass me by. So i stopped her and even managed to speak. Jillian actually called me a 'skinny bi*ch' which coming from her i took as a total compliment even though i feel i still have a ton of weight to lose.

    I won't do the whole 'She said' then 'I said' crap, but i got a photo with Jillian and Bob and she signed my copy of her book. As intimidating as Jillian seemed at first, she was the sweetest, nicest, cutest person i think i have ever met, and while i only met her for a few minutes, meeting Jillian really made my year. And hey, maybe next time she's down here i'll kidnap her and force her to talk to me for hours! lol!
  • OMG TwinkleGirl - that is totally totally amazing!

    And cool!

    I am so glad you went for it. Tell us more, like details and stuff.

    AND, TwinkleGirl looking at your stats - I think you are skinny too.

    On a much more mundane note. Today was perfect food and exercise wise and I did an extra mile around the neighborhood tonight, even though it is dark. I just feel like I have to make up for some bad recent choices. I truly feel like I am back on track now.
  • I decided to step on the scales today (wednesday) just to see where i was. Well, i have finally broken my plateau that went for like 6 weeks! I was gaining muscle and losing inches but that scale just wouldn't budge! Evil scale! Finally, today it moved down another 2.2 pounds! And when i calculated my BMI i am now in the 'healthy' range. When i started this whole thing i was classed as 'obese' so i feel like i have come quite a long way!

    Ledom- It's awesome that you're back on track! We all have our moments when we lose our focus and get off track, but as long as we keep getting back on track we will all meet our goals!
    Meeting Jillian was just awesome! She said how tired she was, but still took a few minutes to take the pic with me (and cutie Bob) and sign my book, she was just so sweet! And beautiful! She was just wearing comfy clothes, with no make up, saying how tired she felt, but she was just really beautiful, outside and in! I still can't stop smiling! What other details do you want???
  • So beyond , twinklegirl!! Is there a green with envy smilie? That will have to suffice....and if Jillian says it, it must be true....you really are a skinny bi*ch! Can you post the pic for us? WTG on making it to the healthy range!!! Hard work paying off!!

    ledom - YAY! A big for you for staying OP! I just realized i never answered your question of when is the trip? Long story...we are supposed to drive down because stepson in Austin, TX wants to import a truck. Well..DH is supoosed to buy the truck here...but as of this morning he hasn't found one yet. I'm starting to stress - we are suposed to roll outta here on the 16th... why we gotta make everything all complicated... Somehow it always turns out ok in the end. Did I mention this is situation normal for these trips? Alls I know is that we have plane tickets to fly home from Puerta Vallarta on Christmas Day.

    Hi to everybody else - I'm s'posed to be working...
  • Evening girls. TwinkleGirl I just can't get over the fact you met Jillian. Well, what she was wearing was one thing I was wondering about. Is she doing another Biggest Loser over there? The U.S. edition just has not been the same without her. And Bob too....wow!

    And on top of that you broke your plateau....even MORE exciting to hit that normal range milestone.

    Day two of being back in the groove. It feels right and good. The time off has resulted in extreme soreness now that I am back doing my weights.

    Gina, it will work out. You must be looking forward to some time off.

    It has been a long time since I added a new recipe to my repetoire - here is a good one from several years back. I found it going through my recipes over Thanksgiving. I made it last night and it is as good as I remember. It came with a garden seed order so I am not sure who to give credit to.

    Mimi's Mexican Chicken Soup

    1 T vegetable or olice oil
    1 onion, chopped
    2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
    1 large red bell pepper
    1 quart chicken broth
    1/3 cup fresh lime juice
    1 boneless cooked chicken breast, shredded
    1 cup cooked rice
    1 cup chopped tomatoes (I used canned but would use fresh if I had summer tomatoes)
    1//2 cup chopped fresh cilantro salt and pepper to taste

    In a large saucepan heat oil and saute onion, garlic and bell papper until softened and fragrant - several minutes. Add the chicken broth and bring to a boil. Add the fresh lime, chicken meat and rice and bring back to a boil.
    Add tomatoes and cilantro, then turn off heat immediately. Taste and add salt and pepper if needed.

    I doubled the recipe and added 3 chicken breast to up the protein.
  • Hi Ledom!
    Yeah, she was here with Bob doing another Aussie Biggest Loser. And again i just have to say, she was just the sweetest person! She was so ecited when i told her i had lost more than 50 pounds on her program and seemed really flattered that i was there just to see her. She was really natural and easy to talk to, she sounded just like she does on her radio show! She was also more than happy to get a pic with me! Although, i can't post the picture because i promised her i wouldn't post it on any boards and she it NOT the type of person i want to annoy! She just came across as a very caring, genuine person who is very passionate about helping people.
    Great work on getting through day two OP! Keep up the awesome work!

    Chick- Thanks a lot! I can finally say that i am really starting to see the results! Sometimes i see myself in a mirror and wonder where the rest of me is! After all of those hours plugging away on the treadmill and lifting weights, it is now paying off in big ways!