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chick_in_the_hat 10-18-2006 03:08 PM

WOOT WOOT for LEDOM!! :woo:

angel-eyes! How did the Job Fair go? Sorry I didn't post sooner - but you know we are always rooting for ya!! Retail is like riding a bike...you'll be comfy with it again in no time. I've done enuf cashiering in my time to say I've filled my quota. Not that it's any of my business - but where are you from originally?

Twinklegirl - hope your cold is gone by now! Too bad you can't "Just say No" to being sick. :getwell:

Nikkii - how is your son? Size 14 :woohoo: Keep up the good work!

As for me....still playing mind games with myself. I'll get there....positive self talk...gotta practice...:^:

TwinkleGirl 10-18-2006 07:14 PM

:cheer: GREAT WORK LEDOM! YAY!:cheer:
You deserve that loss, you have been working hard for it! Great job!

chick- I also really struggle with the self talk thing. I gues safter so many years of beating myself up over my weight, it's going to take a while to stop doing it. ope your doing better by the time you read this. :hug: And i am feeling better, my throat still feels a little funny. Kind of like something is caught in it. It's really annoying! :)

nikkii- Yeah, how's your son doing? Sending you good vibes!:goodvibes

angel- How did the job fair go? I have also worked retail, and i could step back into the job today after not doing it for a few years. I agree with chick that you never really forget how to do it. I'm sure you're doing great!:D

I have weigh in tomorrow, not really looking forward to it. Thanks to TOM i'm feeling bloated and kind of crappy, but as always we'll have to wait and see.

ledom 10-19-2006 10:11 AM

You guys are just too sweet. So sweet to put on a party for me.:joker: I held onto that number overnight too! Sometimes you just don't believe it is real. :carrot: until you see it on the scale twice.

Anyway, this weekend is going to be a real challenge for me. I am going camping with a bunch of folks Fri/Sat/Sun. We are going to eat out at the resort lodge one night and I am making a huge camp breakfast one morning. Those will be the big challenges as well as wanting to drink a little wine around the campfire. Other than that everyone is doing their own meals. I am strategizing as we speak. I am going to try to make this an ultra light day. Going to try to do lots of hiking and paddling to burn extra calories while camping. And this resort restaurant does have a healthy choice for me, but....they are famous for their cream pies. Soooo....I'll be playing it by ear but do want to come home the same weight as when I leave, I need to really keep that in mind.

Good luck with your weigh in today TwinkleGirl.

Hang in there Gina - the hills and valleys of the journey can be trying. How is it we can be so on and then for no apparent reason lose the steam propelling us? Not that that is what is happening to you but it sure does to me. Just recall all your tricks, think about what has gotten you through in the past. I talk to myself ALL the time - just have to remember to say the right things.

Hey, I haven't been getting my messages from Jillian this week? Have you all?

angel-eyes 10-19-2006 11:57 AM

Hey hey!!!

ledom....congratulations on that hard earned pound lost!!! wooohooo, I am always rooting for you!!:carrot:

Well the job fair was fantastic. My job interview was so incredibly smooth and easy. I was doing quite the psych job in my head about.....how long its been since I worked....how will my answers be to their questions.....I'm really nervous......what will I do if?.... So I get there and fill out the app. form and one of the 2 people at the table come and talk to me and when I opened my mouth.....BLAH, it just all fell out, the excitement, my confidence, my experience and then she said, let me have the store manager come talk with you. THAT WAS IT!!! Another 20 minute BLAH....(same type of confidence, experience) and he was actually trying to talk me into their management program. hehe....just part time for now thanks!!! When I drove to the fair, I sat in the parking lot before going in and had a head to self talk. I have LOTS of experience and they would be GLAD to have me, and I knew ahead of time that the position was pt.....so I was much more sure of myself and I then truly believed in myself. It was very wierd being on the other side of the interview, as I was the one doing the hiring before. Anyways.....I start next Tuesday!!!! :carrot:

chick.....We've been down here in the States for 5yrs with my husbands work Visa. We are from Canada and he transfered here on his visa, so he was the only one eligible to work. It was only 1.5 months ago that we (the boys and I) finally received our green card and EAD card. So wooohooo. Now its a different kind of stress making sure my work hours fit into the boys active school and activities schedule!!! hehe....the extra money will be nice too.;)

ledom 10-19-2006 01:13 PM

:carrot: Wow angel-eyes - you sure made that look easy!!!! Congratulations, welcome to the world of juggling work, family, life, and a pay check of your own!!!!:hat: They ARE lucky to get you!

TwinkleGirl 10-19-2006 07:54 PM

Hi Girls!
Thanks for the good luck Ledom, i think that might have pushed me over the edge. I had a great weigh in! I lost about 1/2 a kilo last week (which i haven't added to my ticker yet) and 1 1/2 kilos this week (that's about 4.4lbs lost in 2 weeks). I guess sticking so closely to my calorie limit and changing my workouts are really working! I am so excited! :goodscale

Angel- Good on you for getting that job! I knew you could do it, you just needed to see that in yourself! I am so proud of you! :hug:

ledom- Sounds like you have a killer weekend planned, and i'm certain you can stick with your calories! Have a great weekend! :D And yeah, i've been getting my Jillian messages.

ledom 10-20-2006 06:44 AM

:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: TwinkleGirl - what a great couple of weeks you have had! That ticker is something to behold. YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!!! So how does this last 4.4 lbs. feel? I bet you can really tell it in your clothes and everything.

chick_in_the_hat 10-20-2006 01:32 PM

ledom - you are prolly gone already, but enjoy your camping this weekend!

twinkle girl!! :woohoo: 51 freaking pounds lost!! :bravo: Who knew sticking to calorie limits and working out would help in weight loss? And all this time I've been taking these magic pills. ;)

angel-eyes - You go, girl!! You totally know you will be good at this. I actually like working retail for most of the time I did it....I still have a lot of customer contact....hence my sarcastic semi jaded attitude. I'm prolly due for a new career....

nikkii :wave:

Today is a rest day for me...I feel due for it this week. :beach:

TwinkleGirl 10-20-2006 06:32 PM

Ledom- Thank You! :hug: Yeah, i really can tell! I thought maybe i'd lost some inches, and not so many pounds so i was in total shock when i stepped on the scale! That ticker does look pretty great to me!

Chick- Thank You! :hug: I agree, who knew actually being sensible with food and putting in hard work would be the answer!?! LOL! I feel like slapping myself sometimes because i could have done this years ago! Enjoy your rest day!

nikkii 10-21-2006 06:29 AM

Hi, how is everyone? I am going well thanks...:carrot: Shannon is going ood, i think it is mainly his diet that is more of a concern, and we have cholesterol, diebities and heart attacks that are inherited in our gene :(
:hug: Well done to all with the weight loss....
i have to get off my butt and get into the gym again. I got a broucher today for a health center, and they have laser sauna, which is suppose to be 30 mins of the sauna is equilv to 10kg jog, burning 1200 to 2500 cal in 30 mins..for $30 per session....sound too good to be true!! :woo: :woo: :woo:
I think of you all, all the time,
Nikkii xxx

ledom 10-23-2006 07:43 AM

Morning-oh boy, talk about the morning after. I worked out hard over the weekend. Major hiking and paddling, but oh the food. I didn't do too well. And then last night when I came home it was hard to stop. I am just really disgusted with myself. I am giving myself one day off the scale so I can suck down the water and then tomorrow morning I'll measure the damage. Too tired and sore to workout this a.m. I don't feel too bad about that as I figure I need a rest day, but still not happy to be off schedule. Nothing to do but pick it back up and recover from the damage. Somehow the weekend turned out to be stressful - too many people at the campout, kind of a b!tchy mood about it. And yet I did have fun, until it became way too windy and cold on Sunday it was nice to be out in the beautiful fall foliage.

Oh well, time to move on. It will take all week to recover though. Not only weight wise, but unpacking and getting caught up on all the grading I should have done over the weekend.

Hope you guys fared better!

angel-eyes 10-23-2006 11:21 PM

uh....nope!! Its been kinda a free for all for me. I've been very preoccupied (stressed) with this new job of mine. AND.....I start tommorow!! Sorry I've been MIA. Life is crazy at the moment and I feel very overwhelmed by it all. Its been 5 yrs since I last worked and ready or not, I work 2 shifts (that I know of) this week. hehe....I've been trying on suitable clothes and shoes, hope I can still walk in high heels. Food has been disasterous and excercise has been hit and miss. Once I know my schedule, I hope things settle down and I can get back into the groove.

ledom.....Too many people are always a drag. You can't do what you want to do then. I have a friend who invites us camping (out to dinner, to a movie....)with them and then she invites other friends, other children etc.....we get there thinking its just our family and hers, and then she says...."oh you remember the Smiths" what? Hope you are able to recover. Sounds like a great weekend workout though!!!

chick.....How are you doing? Anything fun this weekend? Other than back day I mean.....:D

twinkle.....wow....YOU ROCK!!! congrats on your weightloss!!! :carrot:

Nikki.....Hi. How was your weekend? Are you doing better with the (less)coffee a (more) sleep? Whats your opinion of the laser sauna? did you check it out?

chick_in_the_hat 10-24-2006 12:44 AM

Uh...kinda me neither....well, Saturday was pretty good, I did both front and back day....a solid hour of weight training. The plan was to take a long bike ride on Sunday....ended up on a longer than expected scooter ride...but DH came with and we had a nice day. Poor dog didn't even get a walk....that and we went to Apple Hill....so...of course we had to have apple pie....oh well...the fall colors were really beautiful.

Today on the other hand, x bike class and an extra long walk for the dog. :exercise: :strong: :ebike: If I stop eating now I'm good to go. I just brushed my teeth. :D

Angel-eyes! Don't worry, you'll be the new chick for a while. You'll do fine! :hug:

ledom - good to see there was some fun in the camping trip of stress. It's hard to have fun when there are too many people in a group...it seems like it's impossible to do anything that all are satisfied with.

nikkii - laser sauna? Does kinda sound too good to be true...:dizzy: Let us know what you think if you try it.

Twinklegirl :wave:

TwinkleGirl 10-24-2006 03:35 AM

Yeah, i'm with you guys on this one. I am still recovering from being sick and i have been fighting nausea :barf: for 5 days and today was the first day since weigh in that i could work out. My food has been perfect, but i think the lack of exercise is going to kill me. So, in an attempt to make up for it i did back and front day today plus 45 mins on the treadmill. We'll see how it all goes, although with such a big loss last week i highly doubt i'll lose anything this week (but i always say that!)

Chick- Sounds like we were both trying to make up some ground today! I'm sure the dog appreciated the extra long walk! :D

Angel- It is always nerve wracking being the new person, but you'll fit in in no time! Having your schedule change can through you around a bit, i work casual and only get about an hour notice before i have to work, so i know how that feels! :dizzy:

Ledom- Yeah, at least you got to have some fun, i prefer hanging out with smaller groups of people too. Maybe the exercise will balance out the food... :crossed:

Nikkii- Yeah, that laser sauna sounds to good to be true... let us know...:dizzy:

nikkii 10-25-2006 08:40 AM

Hello well i feel good today, i finally got back in the gym and done a 1.5 hr workout on cardio :ebike: and weights :strong: follwed by 1 hr pilates...
Only to get a phone call from my mum interstate to say her and her husband (step dad) are seperating:yikes: , well he packed up and left and she came home from shopping and found his stuff and the caravan gone!! Man has no balls....
Anyway....yes the laser sauna is the same as the infra red sauna....but i will definatly let you know how it goes....or if you find it where you live...
I cooked calamari tonight and marinade it in mashed kiwi fruit for few hours, washed it off and cooked it, and it was sooooo tender, it was yummy with salad...Though my 8yo didnt think so...lol
Anyway i hope all is well, i have TAFE and pilates tomorrow....Love to all
Nikkii xxx

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