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angel-eyes 10-11-2006 12:35 AM

hey y'all !!! Just a quickie from the lobby of the hotel...I needed my fix of
3FC, lol. Everyone's doing so well....

We are having a blast here in Branson. Ds bought some cowboy boots today and he's like a kid in a candy shop!! Tonight we went to a show called the Grand Jubillee, sort of a western tribute and he had a great time. Both boys are so different, one into country western and the other into heavy rock. We bought 12yo (sorry almost thirTEEEN) a leather jacket at the outlet store yesterday that has THE WHO emblazoned on the back and the Union Jack flag on the front!! He is totally tight. (his words) LOL.... Just wanted to check in, food is okay not brilliant but trying to make better choices and when I couldn't sleep anymore at 6:10 am, I got dressed and went to the workout room for 1 hr!!! Take care...:wave:

nikkii 10-11-2006 04:34 AM

Angel eyes,,,,glad to see you are having a great time....sounds like fun, and food choices can be difficult when you are away....
I had my weigh in today..........NOTHING!!! I am still at 89kg,,,,just so not right....lol
Anyway, hi to everyone,,,
Nikkii xxx

TwinkleGirl 10-11-2006 07:09 PM

Hi Angel, Thanks for checking in! Glad that you're having fun and great work on getting to that workout room! :carrot:

Nikkii- We all have our weeks on an our weeks off. Ata the moment i seem to be losing about 1kg every 2 weeks, which is very frustrating for me, but there's nothing i can do about it and i'd rather be losing that than gaining tat! Remember, if you keep eating right and working out, the scale will have no choice but to move down. Keep your chin up, we're all here for you.

ledom 10-13-2006 07:11 AM

TwinkleGirl, I understand that feels slow but I think you are doing great. I need to get back to that. Slow and steady wins the race. I bet you look great.

Angel - I am beginning to wonder if we are neighbors? Branson is a favorite location for vacations here in central Arkansas. Anyway, I hope you are having a great time. Thanks for checking in and look forward to having you and your regular posting back!

Gina? Where arrrreee yoooouuuu, been missing your posts this week.

Hang in there Nikkii!!!!

So yesterday I dug a flower bed. The area around my garage has a scorched earth, ground zero look and I finally got around to doing some yardwork. I dug the bed, added some fertilizer and peat and planted Russian Sage and violas. It just lifted my spirits no end, very pretty. I have another bed in that area that I might tackle this weekend. It is finally feeling like fall here and much more pleasant to get out and do these things. The down side is the shorter days, not much evening hiking going on now. I also finally replaced my lawn mower. Believe me, I have hardly needed it with the drought, but I was able to mow and neaten the ragged edges of my yard yesterday as well.

As for the weight loss, I am plugging away this week. All my workouts in, all my day filled with sticking to the eating plan. Still not much weight loss to show for the efforts, but not gaining and I figure by the end of the week I will have something to show for it.

chick_in_the_hat 10-13-2006 01:43 PM

Good morning!
I've been in Tax **** this week....funny how when you file for an extension in April...it seems so far away...DH owns his own auto painting business. Let's just say paperwork and documentation is not his strong suit. :eek: I finished it yesterday, and we don't even owe extra! :woohoo:...or maybe :tired: or :faint:

anyhoo - I had an attack of the stress munchies and ate an entire gallon of ice cream...holy crap :mad: ! At least it was low fat....but still. Maybe it's good that I felt ill for the rest of the day. I haven't had the guts to tell DH why there is no ice cream in the house. :o

Yesterday was extra time in the gym...I stayed so long I had to pay for parking...today is back day. I think this weekend will be pure cardio - burn some serious calories up on the bike trail.

Enuf about me and my trials and tribulations...

Ledom - I think we have some Russian sage, too! I love any kinda flower that comes in prurple. (It's handy too that they don't need much water.) It is quite satisfying to pretty up the yard! Keep up the good work staying on plan - you will get your results!! :cb:

twinklegirl and nikkii - keep on chugging, girls! :hug: Slow loss is good - that means it's gonna STAY OFF!!

angel-eyes - sounds like you are having BIG FUN!! :carrot: You rock that hotel gym!

angel-eyes 10-13-2006 08:00 PM

Hi girls.....I'M BAAACK!!! what a great time we had in Branson. lol...who knew that Branson, MO catered to the over 60 crowd??? I've never seen so much of a blue rinse crowd in my life!!! So many neon signs it looked almost like Vegas at night....Didn't matter though, we did so much but ds kept saying...."mom, we're the youngest people here!!" HAHA....hey? with free tickets to alot of the shows, attractions....it was great!!! We also did some go carting on a 4 level driving course called the Wild Woody!! dh was saying....well never mind .....:devil: :D Ripley's believe it or not house, Pirate mini golfing, Silver Dollar City (western/pioneer artisans and amusement park) OUTLET MALL SHOPPING!!!! and lots more. Had a great time, even got to work out a few times and did some hot tubbing at the hotel!!! So nice to be home though.....now its back to watching calories and workingout....honest!!;)

ledom....we are neighbours!!! I'm in MO and we drove a bit in Arkansas to a wee little place called Osage. There's a great little potters shed there and dh got some wonderful mugs.

chick.....really?? yikes!!!:fr: sounds like you more than made up for it if you needed to pay for parking though.....we've (I've) all been there though.

nikki and twinkle....:wave: Hi!!

chick_in_the_hat 10-15-2006 11:56 AM

angel-eyes welcome back!!! Go carts sounds totally fun!! ROFL over the blue hair alert...:lol3:

I had a pretty much OP day yesterday. Working on another one today. Hello, my name is Gina and I'm an icecreamoholic.....one day at a time! :lol:

I'm off to kick DH's butt on the bike trail! :cb:

ledom 10-15-2006 04:03 PM

ha ha Gina - I know the feeling. I also have a feeling your totally DESERVED that icecream. Anyway, I know and you know that was just a one time deal.

Welcome home angel-eyes. Glad you had fun on your trip and that the boys enjoyed it.

I am doing good. I have been 100% since Oct. 1 and I am starting to feel it. A blouse that was pulling a little at the waist and the bust seemed totally wearable this morning when I tried it on. A new fall blouse, the pants were a bit tight in the waist too, didn't try them though. By the end of the month I plan on wearing both to work though so that's incentive to keep on keeping on. Right now I am waiting to fit comfortably in quite a few things I have bought over the last few months. All 14's some fit great, some just a bit snug. I am putting a moratorium on new clothes until I shrink down so the new ones that are barely fitting now become loose.

TwinkleGirl 10-15-2006 07:54 PM

Hi Girls!
Well, i'm sick again. It was only two weeks ago that i was sick with a cold and now i've got another one. I hate being sick, plus TOM is coming, so i'm not feeling good at all! :(
I've been OP, staying within my calroies and getting in some good workouts. I'm losing about a pound a week, which is still a loss, but it's just not as fast as i'd like. What can i say, i'm impatient!
The boyfriend was saying last night how skinny i'm getting, ad how i need to get new jeans because the ones i have just don't 'do your new body justice.' It was nice to hear! :D
I had go clothes shopping the other day, and i have to admit it's still not fun. There are still heaps of clothes that don't fit, and i look funny in many of the ones i tried on. I look way to top heavy, and my legs are starting to look too long. I don't know, i'm just having issues! ;)

Welcome home, Angel! Glad to hear you had a good time! :hug:

Chick- Nice to hear that you've moved on past the ice cream incident. We all have our moments of stress where we just lose :tantrum: it, the important part is how you recover from it. And i know how strong you are, so you'll do great! :cp:

Ledom- Great to hear that you've been OP! And that those clothes are fitting! I do the same, but some clothes and when they don't fit any more i buy more. And i only ever buy a couple tops and some jeans, otherwise i'd go crazy and buy a whole new wardrobe (if i could find the clothes) for every size i've been. I'm just looking forward to my ultimate goal shopping spree!

Where that nikkii!?! :wave:

nikkii 10-16-2006 04:56 AM

Hi ladies, well i have been doing my beach walk 3 times a week, and feeling good, normally i am in a size 18 to 20 and i got into a size 14 shirt,...i was shocked.....
Well i am having trouble with my son, he had a blood test, he is 8yo, and his cholesterol is 6.6, where it should be 4, his iron levels are low,,,and there was something else, but the doc didnt say as he felt it wasnt any need to worry....so i am off to the doctors with my son tomorrow, as they are doing a iron studies test....all keep well,,,,,,miss ya all....nikkii xxx

ledom 10-16-2006 01:19 PM

TwinkleGirl, the fact that you are within 20 lbs. of your goal and losing a lb. a week is very impressive in my opinion. You are doing great. Do you track your calories and if so how many do you have a day? What are your workouts like now?

TwinkleGirl 10-16-2006 06:36 PM

Hi Ledom,
My calories are always between 1200-1500 (on a bad day ;) ) and my workouts, i've been changing them up a bit lately and doing some on the DVD's i've got. And i always add 30 mins - 1 hour on the treadmill afterwards. I just think my body has slowed down after droping 21 kilos (46 pounds).

angel-eyes 10-16-2006 09:45 PM

hey girls.....

I need some moral support here. I am off to a job fair tommorow and I'm scared sh**less!! I have been staying at home due (5yrs)to dh's job transfer to the States and until recently I have been ineligible to work here. But now that I have all my documents, I'm okay to start working. Thing is that.....its been sooooo long and my confidence is not what it used to be. I have ooodles and ooodles of retail experience in sales and management but still??? am scared and this is just for a pt job!! Not sure what to expect at this job fair, I took a walk through this major retailer this afternoon to get familiar with their store layout and products so that should help. AAARRRGGGG!!!!:?:
For tonight....just call me sleepless in Missouri!!:D

nikki....hope tommorows dr appt for your son goes well. I would wonder why his cholesterol is soooo high.

twinkle.....I agree with ledom, you are doing such an awesome job of losing 1lb per week. You ARE doing it right!!

ledom 10-17-2006 01:20 PM

angel- I'll give you support. The scariest part is just that it is an unknown at the moment. Sounds like you are about to plunge in and that is all it takes. It won't take long to get your sea legs. Good luck with your job fair.

Twinkle - I know you are frustrated so I won't tell you you shouldn't be. But I will tell you I am frustrated because I can't even manage that lb. a week. And I am being very, very good. Thanks for posting what you are doing because it makes me think that perhaps I could be even better. I have given up the extra cardio I was doing this summer so maybe it is time to get back to that. AND to count calories for a few days. I know what I think I am having, but it might not be a bad idea to take a closer look.

Hey Gina - Hey Nikkii!!!!

ledom 10-18-2006 07:44 AM

Me again - posting back to back. Just had to tell you girls I lost a lb. Man, they are so hard fought I had to tell someone! Anyway, I think I still may be retaining water or something as my rings aren't fitting as loose as they somethimes do. But am so very happy to have this lb. gone this a.m. I am at 193 having started the month at 198. Of course my low this summer was 192 so I am still in the hole but starting to feel much better about things.

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