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TwinkleGirl 08-31-2006 08:57 PM

Hi girls,
I know i've been a little absent this week, i've been super busy finishing up uni for the term. And then i decided that i should just quit :smoking: smoking... so i have, and my mind has been a little scattered! I missed a few workouts this week, simply because i was too busy to get them done. I am really going to work hard this next week, i am seeing results but they are never as fast as we want them. So a kick butt week is what i need! :kickbutt:

Angel- I have days like that all the time! It's not unusual for me to go spaz :tantrum: over something like there being no chicken in the house or something. I also hope the workout made you feel mores settled! And i also agree with chick, paybacks :devil: have to happen at some point.. right!?!?!

Ledom- Developing and getting used to a new routine is ALWAYS hard You'll figure it out, just give yourself a little time! :D I am always putting off stuff until the last minute.. i tell myself i won't do it, yet it always happens!

Chick- I can very much see you being the elliptical :queen: queen! Kick butt in the gym, i know you will!:high:

Have a great week! I'll check in with you all in a few days! :)

ledom 08-31-2006 09:01 PM

Hey ladies - angel-eyes, sometimes genetics just ain't fair. I bet she was super young too. That could explain some of it.

So, sounds like we have all had a crazy week. Mine was absolutely brutal. Getting back into the swing of work + the fact it wasn't just a normal work week. It was the week when I had perform extraordinarily and so now it is almost over and that is a good thing. tomorrow shouldn't not be so bad and then I get to enjoy a 3 day weekend.

I don't know what to say about the diet and the exercise. It just hasn't been the greatest week. Not the worst either, but maybe the worst in a long while. Every morning this week Jillian's daily e-mail has declared that you can't depend on willpower. You have to have strategies. Willpower does help when it kicks in though.

Anyway, let's all think about what a great week we are going to have next week. How we are strong and getting stronger. How food that is good for us also makes us feel good. How the proper fuel gives us energy. How cleansing a good workout is and how it sets the day on a course that feels ripe with accomplishment.

Edited to say Twinkle we were posting at the same time and I SEE THAT TICKER moving down. Way to go sweetie. And what a good thing you are doing for yourself by giving up smoking.

angel-eyes 09-01-2006 07:10 PM

yes it did Gina!!!....surprize surprize!!!....day #2 of OP eating and going to the gym. I think I'm heading back on track and finding my mojo!!! It sure has been awhile. What are everyone's plans for the long weekend?

ledom 09-02-2006 03:18 PM

happy labor day weekend - it's just delicious to have a 3 day weekend spreading before me. I am feeling good. Back on track. After almost 3 weeks back with the weights I feel SO much better and am starting to feel the fat burning furnace stoking up a bit. May even weigh again soon.

Hope you all are doing enjoyable and relaxing things this weekend.

angel-eyes 09-03-2006 02:33 PM

Hey girls.....Yesterday was an okay day, I got my workout in early but started to feel shake-y and lightheaded so I stopped the treadmill at 45 minutes and went home. Food was good for the day, although I had a little more baked potatoe than I should have but no biggie. I still have that lightheadedness but will just take it easy. I started to take this new multi vitamin and I wonder if it could be that. I was taking them on an empty stomach and I felt nausias (sp?) so I started taking them with food a few days ago to see if it makes a difference. They are the woman's one a day vitamin. Allergies are kicking up again, can't even squeeze a tear out of my eyes they're sooo dry!!! :mad: Anywho....enough about me How's everyone doing today?:carrot:

ledom 09-03-2006 03:19 PM

Good angel - been making goals for the month of August. I have my workout done and am cooking up lots of good healthy protein and vegetables for the coming week. Will try for a hike tonight when it cools down a bit. Goals for the week, to do EVERY scheduled workout, on schedule. To drink more water. To keep food clean with one or two minimal treats spread out through the week. Goal for the month, to be AT LEAST 189 - 195.75 this a.m. - by Sept. 30. I amd 2.75 lbs. above my ticker weight at the moment but I am not going to change it until I can scoot it downward.

Sorry you have allergies and not feeling as spry as you would like. Take it easy. Glad you checked in - it's good for me to touch base with someone.

TwinkleGirl 09-03-2006 07:53 PM

Good Morning Girls!
I am not well. I have an infected wisdom tooth. i can't sleep, i can't eat and i certainly can't exercise. I am in some serious pain. I went to the doctor yesterday, and i just hope the antibiotics work soon. I'm meant to be at my first day of work, but i'm too sick. And i didn't think it would be a good idea to go and look after kids being high on pain killers. LOL!

On the up side, i have an appointment tomorrow to get my hair chopped off and coloured. I have waist length hair and decided it was time to get rid of it!

My foods been ok, maybe not great, but ok. And i did manage to do my circuits yesterday, but i didn't get to do any extra cardio. Every week i say i'm going to kick butt, i end up sick! Maybe i need to stop saying it!

Angel- Sorry to hear about your allergies! Thank goodness i don't get them, i don't think i could stand them! My mum gets them really bad.

Ledom- Great work with setting out your goals for the month! I know you'll do well!

Chick- How you going?

ledom 09-03-2006 09:54 PM

TwinkleGirl - so sorry to hear about your tooth. Ouch! But your haircut sounds tres exciting, keep us posted!

chick_in_the_hat 09-03-2006 11:28 PM

twinkle - I don't know if you can donate from Australia...but when I chopped off my hair I was able to donate it to Locks of Love They make wigs for kids who have lost their hair. I hope the pain in your tooth has subsided by now. I've been there - it's NO FUN!!

angel-eyes - I find that I get nauseous too when I take vitamins on an empty stomach...DH has allergies, too...what a PITA!!

ledom - WTG with the planning and goal setting!! I should cook ahead more as well...it must make it so easy during the week.

I just got back from a scooter rally in Reno - it was big fun! No time for a work out though...tomorrow will be back to normal. Eating was ok - except for a really big :censored:. I had a Jack in the Box milkshake...if I had known the freaking thing was 900 calories? Holy crap! Oh well.

nikkii 09-05-2006 07:41 AM

Hi girls, i am new here, my name is Nicole from Queensland Australia. If i was to come in here each day and write what i do, it would be too much, but on a average week my routine consists of:
Mon,Tues,Wed,Friday - 6am - 7am
10 Min Interval Walk warm up on treadmil
80kg - Incline Leg press
20 reps x 2 sets Bosu Pushups(with 30 sec break between each set on all)
20 reps x 2 sets Leg Curls @10 kg
20 reps x 2 sets Reverse Flies @ 2.5kg
20 reps x 2 sets fitball crunches
20 reps x 2 sets v sits
15 second holds x 3 sets bridge/plank
20 mins cardio on Treadmil followed by stretching
in evening
Monday - Shape up front dvd
Tuesday - Shape up Back dvd
Wednesday - Maximize full frontal dvd
Thursday - Maximuize back in action dvd
Friday - Cardio Kickbox dvd with a friend

I also do Martial arts from 6.30pm to 8pm on thursdays.
Work on football grounds getting cardio on Saturdays!!
Sunday - DAY OFF
Suprisig although i do all this i still struggle to lose weight.!!!

Regards Nicole xxx

ledom 09-05-2006 08:41 AM

Hi Nicole - welcome! Wow, you have an impressive workout schedule. How much weight do you want to lose? How do you manage your diet?

nikkii 09-05-2006 10:46 AM

Hi, thanks, but i do let you in on a secret, that i do have days where i am sore from work, so i talk myself into not getting up in the morning..lol, but my diet is where i lack strength....i work from 8am to 8pm at night 5 days a week, i have my own business, i am subcontraced to work in another business, football club, and mobile massage,,,,working so much, and odd times, on the road, hetic with clients, that i dont eat. I often more skip breakfast, and often have very late lunch, leaving me hungry and night. And i am a night picker! I have tried having "good" food around, but according to my dietician, and jillian, i need to consume around 1200 cal a day, eating every 3 hours. i dont often cook for myself, and when i do go out, i dont have a microwave to reheat dinner, and fruit and salad yoghurt etc i get sick of very easy. I have tried taking meal replacement shakes/bars with me, but find that it isnt enough to keep me going.
I have been lately having porrige for breaky, veg stir fries plain or meat/chicken, for lunches, and vegies with meat/chicken or fish for dinner......but it is after dinner where i just cant seem to stop snacking or drinking the wrong things.. til 1 am in the morning!
Alot is emotional eating,,,being depressesd with my life, image, stress , family, medication....etc
my start weight was 101/102kg, it has taken me 9 years to get to 98kg, but since learning about anatomy and fitness i have lost 10kg since april. My goal weight is 56kg so i still have over 30kg to go...
Honestly it was jillians book and dvds that inspired me more to try a little harder, but it does feel like i am undoing what i do exercise wise because of my eating habits etc..
Nikkii xxx

TwinkleGirl 09-06-2006 02:49 AM

Hi Girls, Hi Nikkii, Great to see you here!
I do have a quick question for you Nikkii, do you have a calorie counter? and do you have a food journal? Those two things were the most important changes i had to make, and they were what really got me results. Also, just to clarify, you must eat more than 1200 calories a day, otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and you won't lose any weight. So make sure you count those calories! ;)

So, i haven't worked out once this week, my mouth is still pretty sore. Swallowing is hard and when i exercise, i drink a lot, so i know it's going to hurt more. Extra pain? :no: No thanks, i'll pass! I have no idea about my food, my calories seem fine, but i've been limited to squishy foods, and i can't eat much so God knows what the scale is going to do this week! Plus i cut off most of my hair, from waist length to collor bone length, that might ease the scale down a little! (And i LOVE :love: the new haircut, it's so cute, and i look all grown up now!) Hope your all having a good week, i'll check back in on weigh in day! :crossed:

nikkii 09-06-2006 04:09 AM

Hi, TwinkleGirl, yes i do have a calorie counter etc and used to religiously do a journal cause i had to report it to my dietician, but because i had been doing it for so long, they said now i should not have to do it because i have i dea of food values,,,,but i think i will have to do it. I know i am consuming more than 1200 calories, and i am maintaining my current weight, which is better than gaining. At the moment i am so sick,,,,hayfever with a chest infection. I went to the doc's today and i am still at 88kg, and antibiotics. Slept for 6 hours today, so i hope i sleep tonight.i dont think i will be training tomorrow, as i have a client to do tomorrow night and tafe (like uni) in the afternoon, i have an exam in Bowen so i have to go. Your new hair cut sounds good....you will have to post a pic up!
Nikkii xxx

angel-eyes 09-07-2006 12:42 AM

Hi girls....and Nikki :welcome3:

Nikki....Sorry to hear about Steve Irwins passing. He showed real passion for wildlife and was a fantastic spokesperson for all animals. I hope you start to feel better with those antibiotics. BTW, I'm trying to figure out the pound/kilogram conversion....is it 2.2lbs?

Twinkle....POOR YOU!!!:hug: That infection sounds NASTY!!! Will they be able to take care of your wisdom tooth soon? How do you like your new hair cut on day 2? take care....

ledom.....How are you? Almost done with the house fixups? been forever!!!

chick...try not to think about the shake from Jack's....just a momentary blip. hey? any pics from your scooter weekend rally?

I had a good day today also. I got tired of sitting around doing nothing and feeling sorry for myself so I got dressed and forced (willed?) myself to the gym. I was glad once I was there mind you....but I HAVE to get back in the habit of JUST GOING!!! My mantra is ...."no more excuses". I gained 7 lbs since the start of the summer and I tried on a pr of capris and they were snug (mind you I'm pre TOM) BUT STILL!!!! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

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