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angel-eyes 08-23-2006 03:24 PM

Hey girls....I'm checking in also!! Yesterday was a great day for me, first in a long while for staying OP AND.....I even made it to the gym. That being said though, I hurt myself. I was more gung than ho and strained my hamstring muscles!!! Silly really, thought I could do a bendover excercise with weights when I should have not used them. Today is a killer....just walking hurts (and don't get me started on the stairs!!) but went walking outside (nice and slow pace) with a gf and tried to stretch things out a bit. After walking, we caught a bite to eat at subway.....a nice light lunch and very little temptation. So far so good with day #2. I'm feeling much better about being back on track.

Twinkle.....I would just go and give a spin class a try. You may surprize yourself!! congratulations on the size 12's!!!! woohoooo:carrot:

Chick....Gel seats rock!!! I picked one last summer and was so happy for the extra cushioning!!! Made me wonder why I hadn't bought one before.

ledom....not sure I've heard of cranberry juice for YI, UTI and kidney infections. Part of the problem is that a) been on a sugar fest lately, and b) for my nightly acid indigestion I've been taking Zantac (rantadine) and that causes YI !!! I took a self test, and all the things I'm craving.....(high glycemic index of white breads, potatoes, sugar) are causing the problems also. So I'm thinking that the cranberry juice is too sugary, although if pure 100% juice, its rather tart....so who knows?:?: I'm back to following Jillians carb vs protein for a balanced oxidizer.

TwinkleGirl 08-23-2006 07:09 PM

Hey Angel- Just wanted to say great job for staying OP! You're doing great! :D

chick_in_the_hat 08-24-2006 06:20 PM

Hey chickies!
Twinklegirl - as a veteran spin student..(I've been to 3 whole classes after all) :lol3: Each class has had people who look like they live on a bike and people who look like they are in pain after 3 minutes. The bonus is that you can vary your resistance and no one can really tell how hard it's on. Try it if you need a change. I haven't ridden a bike in a few years. I was worried about my knee at first - but it doesn't seem to be a problem. You rock those size 12's, girl!!

angel-eyes - so much passion! Try not to kill yourself. :D I tried to do a search on yeast infection and pretty much got EVERY chat thread back as a result...so I tried cranberry juice. Check out this thread hopefully you have it fixed by now...

ledom - so cool your house is turning out nice!! Ya gotta get something good out of all this trauma!

I've had a pretty good week eating-wise..The first time in a while I've stayed on plan for food in a while. It feels good! I'm gonna hit one more spin class today and then take a rest day tomorrow. My body won't know what the freak is going on :s:

ledom 08-24-2006 09:00 PM

You all have no idea how much motivation I get from hearing about your good days and good weeks. Sounds like everyone is doing really really good.

My boat came yesterday. It is beautiful - took it out for a trial run this a.m. It is just wonderful.

angel-eyes 08-25-2006 11:25 AM

Hi girls!!

chick....you are a sweetie!!!:hug: thanks so much for doing some research on my behalf. I was prone to severe kidney infections in my teens and early 20's (eventually resulting in kidney surgery) so....I remember all the benefits of cranberry juice!! Unsweetened and 100% pure is the only type I could drink.

I am very happy to say, that since falling back into Jillians carb/protein food ratios, my sugar cravings ARE ALL GONE!!!.....AND I'M KICKING THE YEAST INFECTION TO THE CURB!!!! And I might add, no more Zantac either for indigestion!!! YEAH ME!!!:carrot:

ledom....ohhh your new boat came? RIGHT ON!!! enjoy...just in time for the weekend!!

hi twinkle.....:wave: what are your plans for the weekend? anything fun?

Dh is away working for Saturday...(been away since Wed morning) so its just the boys and I. Think we might take in a movie, been ages since we saw something. Have to go shopping for ds, his PE teacher told him his running shoes....(REAL runners shoes....) are not acceptable for gym class.:?: apparently the elastic cord/toggle closure are not the "norm" and he MUST laces !!!! Maybe coach would like to buy him the next pair:mad:
Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!! :)

ledom 08-26-2006 05:42 AM

An early morning for me. Back at work and it is kicking my butt. I just had to go to bed at 7:30 last night. But of course that means at 1:30 I am wide awake. Ah, getting back in the groove. I have been doing really good w/ diet and exercise this week. It is finally starting to cool down a little - enough every few days or so that I can get in my evening walk which I think helps move things along. Though things aren't moving along to suit my tastes. Do they ever? I feel like I am at a stalemate again with the scale. Can't seem to go lower than 194. Sometimes I go up a lb or 2, but then coming back down I stall out. I know it just takes patience. I am happy with everything in terms of my efforts for the past week so maybe soon. Just needed to gripe about it a little.

TwinkleGirl 08-27-2006 08:38 PM

Hi Girls,
Well, my weekend is over, it's now monday morning. I had an ok weekend, the boyfriend and i had his nieces birthday:woo: party Saturday night and i ate a few things i shouldn't have, mainly because we were at their house at 3pm and didn't have any dinner. And of course there was no healthy food. But i'm over it. TOM is here again, so i've turned into a raging:tantrum: b***h, not fun at all!

I have a major assessment to do today, and i'm putting it off for as long as i can because it's really hard and i have no idea how to start it! I really just want to get it done, but don't know how. Blah, i just feel really crappy at the moment. :stress: :cry:

ledom- we all need a good gripe every now and then. It helps to keep us sane! You'll break past 194, i know you can do it! Nice to hear you like your new boat!

Angel- Great to hear your sugar cravings are gone, and that you're waving goodbye to your infection!

Chick- How you going, girl? Still working out hard as always, i'm sure!

chick_in_the_hat 08-28-2006 09:50 PM

Twinklegirl :hug: I hope your assessment went well.

ledom - sending :goodscale vibes your way.

angel-eyes - what's wrong with shoes that don't have laces? Does it mean I'm in a gang or something? :lol3: What will they think of next? WTG kicking your sugar cravings to the curb!!

Today is a rest day for me...except for the dog who is due for a walk. :cb:

ledom 08-29-2006 07:27 AM

How's it going girls? Struggling here. The old ledom came to my house on Sunday. All day long I just ate whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted. I just decided to do it. By the end of the day my stomach was sore and achey. When I woke up yesterday I had a sour stomach that felt like it had been fed nails. I did exercise both days which was the only virtue to salvage. Yesterday was back on track mostly. Will not beat myself up over this because the only thing to do is get it together and move on. I will not be weighing for a few days and any good I did last week is surely down the drain. I hate when that happens and I am trying to formulate strategies to keep from slipping into the kind of thinking I did on Sunday. The "I deserve it" thinking, and just feeling like I had no control. It is so hard to turn this horse around when it starts down that path.

angel-eyes 08-29-2006 11:46 AM

chick.....not sure whats up about the laces/shoes. Coach gave my son until Monday to get a new pair. (nice of him huh?) So we went shoe shopping over the weekend and got a pr of NewBalance shoes for $40.00 on sale. Took forever though.....ds was real picky about how they fit, since the shoes he wears (not the ones allowed) were relatively new. He likes really light weight shoes, and these ones were Merrille's so its hard to compare anything to them. At one point in the shopping venture, I was just going to buy laces and cut the elastic/toggle part. One plus though....we bought the next size up and he's keeping them in his locker just for PE class, so maybe they'll last until after Christmas and then he can wear them full time. GEEESH!!!!

ledom.....boy do I know that feeling!!! I'm struggling EVERY DAY!!! At least you excercised, could have been worse. The only thing I can tell you, (and myself at the same time....) would be baby steps. One thing at a time.....you'll get there. You have so much drive and determination....COME ON !!!!:carrot:

chick_in_the_hat 08-29-2006 09:55 PM

ledom - I think that same chick was hanging out with me earlier...she was just as unwelcome over here...I think we are on the right track tho...just get back on the horse and keep going. I don't really think the whole week is down the drain, however. Chalk it up to a learning experience...we are some hecka experienced chicks over here. :lol:

angel-eyes - I love my Merrels!! They could prolly be jimmy rigged with laces...but what a PITA...I seem to recall I was pretty danged picky about what I would wear at that age as well...:o

Spin class kicked my butt today...I'm cutting back on my weight training a little today and tomorrow....I think it makes me less hungry...maybe...I'm pretty danged hungry at the moment..but it's time to cook dinner. A monster sized zucchini from someone at work's garden awaits me...

Hey Twinklegirl!

ledom 08-30-2006 08:21 AM

I love my merrilles too! I have walking shoes and just purchased water shoes and they both have the best fit and comfort level. I have been a loyal New Balance fan but I think my loyalties have shifted.

During my Sunday foodfest one of my justifications was, I just need to get this urge out of my system. OK, I know, I know, any excuse. Now it's time to put that justification to the test. I have had 2 good days and the overpowering urge to eat does seem to have lessened so maybe I did just need to do it. ONCE! I am trying to hold myself to that anyway. Exercise isn't going to happen until tonight and that is never a good thing for me. Still, got so much to do this a.m. Getting back into work routine is HARD, especially when you are a procrasnitator and don't get your homework done because you spend too much time on the computer, etc. Anyway, once I get through today things should lighten up. For the near future anyway. AND, there is a 3 day weekend coming up. That makes me VERY happy.

Hope ya'll are well and making progress in all areas of your life.

chick_in_the_hat 08-30-2006 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by ledom (Post 1389096)
Getting back into work routine is HARD, especially when you are a procrastinator and don't get your homework done because you spend too much time on the computer, etc.

Are we twins? Just beyond the computer screen is a HUGE pile of paperwork I am quite adept at avoiding...:p

Well I was too late escaping from work to hit the spin class today...so I was elliptical queen...oh well, I got good and sweaty anyway. I just had a HUGE piece of watermelon...summer fruits ROCK! Why am I shouting about everything? :dizzy:

angel-eyes 08-31-2006 01:50 PM

Hi girls.. I've been lurking the last couple of days and feeling really out of control. Lots and lots of stress. Do you ever get the feeling of an extreme sense of "being overwhelmed"? Not sure even how to explain it but sometimes even the smallest of details seem so huge! I never made it to the gym after yesterdays fieldtrip but I am dressed and ready to go NOW!!! Something...ANYTHING...has to be better than doing nothing.

Listen to this: I was waiting at an office this morning and there was this dad playing with his twin babies( 4 months). So cute....he's going on and on about how they didn't know until the last 3 weeks that his wife was even having twins, just thought one baby. While he's waiting, she finally finishes up her appt and comes out of the office and I was in shock!!!....she was about the size of a 13 yo....like maybe a size 2!!!!...def. hovering around the 100 lb soaking wet range!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? She was wearing these low slung jeans, belly ring and showing about 5 inches of her tummy. HOLY COW!!!! Anyway...just had to share that.

chick_in_the_hat 08-31-2006 08:17 PM

Surely there will be paybacks for that someday? A shriveled twiggy little old lady comes to mind. :s: I'm gonna git me one of them magic belly rings. :lol3:

But seriously - it sounds like you are having what I term a "pulling out my hair" day...hope your workout made you tired and calmed your stress? :hug:

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