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angel-eyes 06-29-2006 05:43 PM

YEAH CHICK!!!! Fantastic news!!!....:carrot: Keep up the great work.

TwinkleGirl 06-29-2006 05:57 PM

Hi all,
Chick- I just looked at your before and after pics. WOW! What a transformation! You should be so proud of yourself! You've done so well! You really are an inspiration to all of us! :woo: And congrats on the pound lost! You are doing so well! :carrot: I have so weigh in this morning, i don't think i'm looking forward to it, but i'll let you all know how it goes!

Angel- Yeah, ice cream does help a sore throat. But ice cream is one of the reasons i'm in trouble with my weight now! :o I can't be trusted with it!;)

TwinkleGirl 06-29-2006 06:42 PM

Ok, i just weighed in and i lost another kilo! :dance: And look at my ticker... I'm halfway there! YAY!!! I am so excited! I never thought i could do this, but i am! :cheer: I also met my mini goal of weighing 85 kilos (187.4) by June 1st (which is tomorrow here) :goodscale

Sorry, i'm just a little excited! :o

Cheercoach 06-30-2006 01:35 AM

Hooray Twinkle & Chick! You girls rule!!

ledom 06-30-2006 08:09 AM

Morning - Chick and TG, great job!!!:carrot: :carrot:

Chick, you are so getting there - and 2007 isn't that far away either! With all these fabulous workouts from the last several months I bet every lb. registers as 5 in the difference it makes in your body.

1/2 way TG - that is so exciting. You'll be there before you know it.

All is well here. July has finally arrived and I leave for my trip in exactly 2 weeks. I am really getting excited about it. God I'd love to be 5 lbs. thinner by then but it will be a miracle if I am. I am pretty happy to have lost as much as I have.

ledom 07-01-2006 02:20 PM

Me again - how is everyone?

I am on my way down to do my workout but just wanted to stop by a minute and update on my current state of mind regarding weight loss. This week has been hard for me, and you know why? I lost sight of the patience and the process required. I just started feeling a little antsy about my trip and where I would like to be and how could I push myself a little to get there. Doesn't work for me. I know that from past experience too, being too rigid about a goal sets off self-sabatoge and rebellion. I like to think I am getting a little smarter about how that works in me and I have put the brakes on. Yesterday I purged the house of nut butters - that is literally the only thing in the house still that I can get in trouble with. I can go days and days handling it and then whoops, I gotta get it out. My workouts are really good and food too for the most part, until I had a minor collapse that is. I was counting calories and trying to go down a couple hundred a day, but that isn't working. I may or may not make my two week goal, but if I do it will be because I am staying the course, not because I am cutting back more. It is happening, painfully slow at times but what I am doing is working and I just have to be patient.

chick_in_the_hat 07-02-2006 12:54 AM

ledom - I'm kind of in the same struggle...the patience comes and goes, huh? You are soooo right about it being the only way, though. This Thin for life book I'm still reading is quite insightful....it's nice to see other people's strategies for success. (There's a great batch of stickied threads summarizing and discussing each chapter in the Maintainers Library)

Go get a pair of your pants from when you were your biggest and try them on. It will bring home how far you have come. :carrot:

Twinklegirl!!! That's fantabulous!! :bravo:

Where's that angel-eyes hiding?

ledom 07-02-2006 09:08 AM

thanks gina - I think maybe I have plateaued. I always hesitate to say that but something is going on. If anything I am exercising more. Food is fine day in and day out. It is frustrating and I just frustrate myself more when I think I am actually in control. My control only works up to a point though. The delicate balance that is most essential is that which is in my head it seems. Patience, patience, patience, I am just going to keep repeating that to myself and try to "let go" my expectations - for the short term anyway. I guess after a 55 lb. loss a plateau could be expected.

On a brighter note, I entered my weight on the BMI calculator and while I was thinking I needed to lose 1 more lb. to hit the overweight as opposed to obese category, I was mistaken. I am there - that feels like a big victory and it was such a surprise.

angel-eyes 07-02-2006 03:53 PM

Hi girls.....well I wasn't so lucky afterall......my week long sore throat DID turn into a full blown strep throat!!! I finally went to the urgent care yesterday and was given antibiotics. On a positive note though.....DS IS HOME FROM COLLEGE!!!! I swear, he has grown and matured. Is that possible in only 3 weeks? hehe..... 3 weeks is a long time to be away from MOM!!!! He def. had a great time and now its back home, back to house rules etc etc.....I'm trying to let him have his 'independence' as well but after his all night party on the last day (no sleep at all) I did put my foot down and insist he get 4 hours sleep yesterday afternoon when we got back from the drive. Food and excercise has been almost non-existent all week but once these meds are over and my throat is not swollen and infected .....I'LL BE BACK on track for sure!!! Sorry I was MIA all week.

ledom.....2 more weeks until your trip? wow...that just flew by. You have such a great insight to your feelings and know how your body works. I am still struggling to understand 'me'. I am so proud of you.....55 lbs is an 8 yo. You've lost the entire weight of my son!!!! Imagine hiking a trail with him strapped to your back. hehe....GREAT JOB!!!

twinklegirl.....WOOOHOOO....excellent weight loss!!!! fabulous job.

chick....BOO!! I'm here....only a sickie. You're a true blue workout girl, you know that right? steady as she goes!!!....I can always count on you for your workouts, keeps me motivated, thanks!!!

TwinkleGirl 07-04-2006 01:43 AM

Thanks everyone, i know i still have a long way to come, but i also feel as if i've come a long way. I've started doing more weights :wl: lately. I usually don't do a lot of weights, because i don't seem to get results when i do weights, but i decided i have to really start doing them otherwise i'll lose the weight and still be flabby. I am so sore! But in a good way. I'm still doing a lot of cardio, i just added weights. I'll see how it goes.

angel- I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick! You rest and take care of yourself, and don't worry about working out while you're sick, just get better soon! Then get back to kicking ***! :balloons: Balloons and hugs :hug: to make you feel better!

Ledom- plateau's suck, and there's no easy way to get past them, you just have to fight through them and trust that they will end. I know you can bust through this! Good Luck, and keep up the awesome workouts! I can't believe you've lost 55lbs!!! That's such an achievement! And to not be in the obese category, my gosh! You are doing so well! I'm very proud of you!:D

Chick- You are so great! You are always so helpful and supportive of everyone here! I don't know where i'd be without your help! You rock! :cheer:

chick_in_the_hat 07-04-2006 02:10 AM

twinkle girl...aww shucks. You are a sweetie! I get so much from everyone here - it's good karma to give back. :D Besides - if I followed my own advice...WOW...just imagine. :p ;)

angel-eyes - I hope you are feeling better. Give your body the rest it needs to heal. You are such a cool mom! Hopefully DS appreciates you. (I prolly didn't appreciate my parents near enought when I was his age...what with the whole my parents are sooo embarrassing thing) I love the "55 pounds is an eight year old" line...that is too true! Does anyone remember the challenge on Biggest Loser where they had to wear the back packs filled with the weight they had lost while they climbed a ladder up a wall? That's what it made me think of.

ledom...keep the faith, girl. The plateau will bust soon. :hug: They always do.

My workouts have been a bit sporadic over the weekend. My uncle and cousins were visiting from Southern CA. I did manage a 40 minute workout today...tomorrow is back to normal. Just at the only gym open instead of the regular one. :cb:

ledom 07-04-2006 11:26 AM

Bad news from my house. Our attached carport burned yesterday. It was a beautiful wooden saltbox structure. My kayaks are lost plus lots of stuff my late husband built which had sentimental value. Very thankfully the house sustained very little damage and the cats are fine. Kind of a wreck at the moment. I am at the internet cafe now to communicate with some folks. We'll be fine, it's just stuff - but sheesh. Kind of ruined the holiday for us.

chick_in_the_hat 07-04-2006 11:37 AM

ohh ledom - I'm so sorry!! Glad everyone is ok, though. It must have been so scary! Hopefully insurance can at least buy you a new kayak...even if the stuff your husband built is irreplaceable. :hug:

angel-eyes 07-04-2006 12:37 PM

ledom.....OMG....that is sooo scary!!! Thankfully the fire didn't spread to the rest of the house. The kayaks will be replaced by the insurance co, right? I can only imagine what you went through, and what you're going through now. What was the cause of the fire? do they know? I'm sorry about your husbands things getting lost in the fire. Hopefully you have other keepsakes in the house to remember him by. That is such a terrible thing to have happen to you.

TwinkleGirl 07-04-2006 06:41 PM

Leodm, I agree with everyone else. That's a terrible this that happened! And while you lost some very important things, i am very happy that you and your family are ok. What a way to spend the holidays! My thoughts are with you! :hug:

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