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angel-eyes 06-12-2006 10:56 PM

Thanks ledom! He is taking a course on WW ll. He's a real history nut, but it was a toss up ....either that or chemistry.
Tommorow morning my gym is having a nutrition class. Not sure what new info they'll have but I signed up for it.....lets call it reinforcement!!! oh I forgot.....when I was passing a step class this morning at the gym....a fellow member said she didn't recognize me. And I'm thinking....:yikes:its my bedhead, its my no makeup, its my rundown outfit....no!!! she didn't recognize me because I look sooo good!!! I swear, thats what she said. And then the instructor said..."thats because she comes EVERY DAY to work out!!!" I almost died, but then flashed a huge smile. And here I thought I was just a fly on the wall and nobody was noticing me !!! :cp:
Hi Zen....:welcome3:
Chick......come out come out... where every you are?;)

chick_in_the_hat 06-13-2006 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by angel-eyes
she didn't recognize me because I look sooo good!!! I swear, thats what she said. And then the instructor said..."thats because she comes EVERY DAY to work out!!!" I almost died, but then flashed a huge smile. And here I thought I was just a fly on the wall and nobody was noticing me !!! :cp:

That is so :cool: Very nice NSV!!

:wel3fc: zenrhythm!!

ledom - you got me all into it - we are going camping this weekend!! Talking DH into taking a Saturday off is like pulling teeth...I'm so excited! Just a weekend to kickback. :D

sadgirl - that's great your BF is joining you. It's so helpful to have support at home. :carrot:

Off to the gym for me after work today...

Oh Oh funny story - on Saturday I'm at the coed gym doing my normal workout. I was in the middle of a big room doing my crunches on an exercise ball. Totally into the workout, sweating all over the place so I used a towel on the ball. I kill myself on the crunches and kinda lay down over the ball to catch my breath....the ball slides out from under me and I land on my (!)...I gave everyone in the room a giggle. I think I mumbled something like "so much for my bad *** workout attitude" after I stopped laughing.

angel-eyes 06-14-2006 10:01 AM

Hey girls....How is everyone today? Had a great workout yesterday and then attended a Nutrition seminar at my gym. He was full of information but not very much common sense to it. He was very well spoken but was very medical and refered to the chemical name for the breakdown of foods, substances, and affects in the body. You know....term mumbo jumbo....we were a group of Mom's wanting to know how to lose weight. Not zenerythym, adiposal, or subluxation!!! huh?? He did have some excellent tips on the best foods to feed your body/brain.....raw blueberries,raw almonds,spinach and fresh salmon to name a few. He gave a formula about how much water to drink....and it was.....body weight divided by 2. Easy.....that is how much plain water to drink (not tea, not crystal lite etc) I personally drink more than that....but that is the basic guideline. It was REALLY GREAT to hear that I'm doing all the right things, and knew of most of the topics he spoke about. SO THATS GOOD!!! Now to just do it and lose the weight!!!

Chick.....those balls are dangerous!!!:yikes: at least you didn't hurt anything!!! :rofl:

chick_in_the_hat 06-15-2006 12:12 AM

Angle-eyes - I guess it's nice to know you're already pointed the right direction. I can't say as I would have had a clue what he was talking about either. Adiposal? Alrighty then.

I had a good gym day - no falling off the exercise ball for me...:p Yay back day! :cb:

ledom 06-15-2006 07:23 AM

Speaking of blueberries - I am getting the ones grown in state, in season now. I wish blueberry season lasted forever!

Finally made it to the yoga class yesterday. It was very nice, challenging, but not outrageously so. Being lighter makes it so much easier. Plus, I am sore all over today from it. Not in a OMG way, but enough that I know I moved differently yesterday. I also did a shoulder workout and hiked about 2.5 miles, up the mountain and down. Today is leg day for me and I'll probably do a hike as well.

Got my hair cut yesterday and he "peeled" me, very summery.

angel-eyes 06-15-2006 01:34 PM

Good morning girls!!! I had the extreme pleasure of a 1 lb loss this morning....I could sense the tides were a' changing yesterday. Its amazing what some good ol' healthy fibre will do.;) So I"ll take it. :D

Ds and I just came back from watching a free movie. It was Wallace and Grommit's Curse of the Were Rabbit. Very cute. ONe of the local movie theatres have free movies all summer on W and Th mornings. hey? its free so why not. I'll have to get out and walk the dog though, as now the daycare room at my gym is closed. thats okay. I needed the break today from the gym anyways. We are going camping this weekend, (well Friday-Sunday) and it was supposed to be dh,ds and me. Funny thing though....(not funny ha ha) dh is working . So he signed us up and now he's not even going!!! I've been tent camping one other time, god help us!!! I've got bin and bin of stuff to look and sort through. Just give me a good mattress or momma isn't going to sleep!!! oh yeah....bikes are coming for cubscout safety and the dog. That should be good for 2 trips back and forth!!! ARRRGGHHHH......

ledom....great job on the hiking. Wish we had some good trails around. Might get some done this weekend while camping. ah....er.....your hairdresser "peeled you?" care to explain? :D

chick.....Congratulations on your before and after pics. I saw them on another thread!! I'm in awe. You look maahhhh velous!!!

ledom 06-15-2006 02:13 PM

:cry: Well now I feel left out :cry: I want to go camping again too! Well okay, I guess I had my turn.

Please tell me to stop buying clothes. I am going nuts shopping and hopefully I am still going to be losing some weight - so enough already!

By peeled, I mean just shy of a crewcut. It's cute, maybe a tad too short. The lucky thing is my hair grows fast. I always wear it short, it's just that it is extra short this month!

ledom 06-15-2006 08:21 PM

OK Chick - you inspired me to post a photo. Only I don't know how to put one in this thread. Here is the link.


chick_in_the_hat 06-15-2006 08:53 PM

ledom - Great photo!! That haircut sounds perfect for summer....:cool: I wear my hair pretty short these days as well. So much easier to deal with. I had hair down to my butt for years...I am so over that. :D

angel-eyes - I have to go see Wallace and Gromit!! I'm a huge fan. I just don't go to the movies very often. I usually wait to rent it.

Rest day for me today....:carrot: Time to go walk the dawg.

TwinkleGirl 06-16-2006 03:08 AM

Hi Ladies! :wave:
So, after a week of my new diet, with higher calories and no splurges i lost 2 kilos (4.4 pounds):dance: I have to admit, i'm pretty ecstatic with that result! I just hope i can keep it up this week to get another good result next week. :cb:

I have really long hair, i have most of my life! I've cut it off a few times, but i always end up growing it long. Although, most days i wear it in a bun because it's to long and wavy, it just gets in the way.
:df: ( Oh look... dragonfly! I love dragonflies! :D )

Ledom- Cool picture! you look like your enjoying yourself. I'm not brave :o enough to post a photo of me.. maybe one day!

Angel- Have fun camping :dancer: ... i hate camping. I like the activities that happen while camping, but when it comes to where i sleep at night, i'm a fussy girly-girl! I need my bed! :lol:

Have a good weekend everyone! (Hey, it may seem like i'm getting in early, but it's Friday evening here) Hope you all have good weigh-ins!:flow1:

ledom 06-16-2006 06:42 AM

:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: Well there you go Sadgirl!!!! Good work - and I know you can keep it up. You can, you can, you can.

Good weekend to all of you - have fun campers.

angel-eyes 06-16-2006 10:20 AM

wooohoooo Sadgirl!!!! AWESOME WEIGHT LOSS!!!! hehe...now you HAVE to change your name....cause you're not sad anymore!!!:D

ledom......What a FANTASTIC picture!!!! You are def. in your element. I wish I had the confidence to kayak like you do. Thankyou for posting it!!!

chick......enjoy your rest day!!! what kind of dawg do you have? we have a black lab/border collie mix. and oh....she's coming camping with us ;)

Not sure if I'll check in again before we leave......high of 92 for the weekend, and RAIN!!! :yikes: Hope I find everything.....dh has a tendancy to put things where ONLY he can find them. So far so good.....ds (8yo) is sooo excited about going. He was up at 7am this morning packing his clothes. Apparently he's staying 1 week (with all the clothes he wants to pack) and its just until Sunday. :rofl: WISH ME LUCK!!!

chick_in_the_hat 06-16-2006 12:27 PM

This would be the dawg before his walk...all enthusiastic to go..


Sorry he's so big...but I'm having fun with photos. He's a red doberman pinscher...

Hey ledom - if you want to insert a photo - just type [img] and then the link to where on the web your photo is saved then [/img] I tried to do it with your photo from profiles - but it won't let me download the photo...it might be set up to view only.

I think today will be a cardio day for me - I prolly won't be working out tomorrow cause i'll be off to camping land. Maybe Sunday if we get home early enough. :carrot:

YAY Sadgirl!!! 4 & 1/2 pounds! WOO HOO!!

Have fun with DS, angel-eyes!! :carrot:

angel-eyes 06-16-2006 02:05 PM

whoa....chick, that's SOME NOSE!!! He looks, well....hungry!!! I've never heard of a red doberman. I should have him though....then we'd have the same hair colour!!;)

chick_in_the_hat 06-16-2006 05:45 PM

He is basically a big nose with legs :lol:....dobies are famous for the "poke" - they stick their nose into everything when they want your attention.

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