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angel-eyes 06-06-2006 04:56 PM

ooohhhh, thanks for explaining that! I forgot about the us/summer....you/winter thing!!:doh: WTG on the mega workouts....that will surely get you back in the groove!!! :cp: hehe...do you remember a song (no, you're probably just a wee baby....) called..."get your groove thing" an oldie but a goodie.:D

TwinkleGirl 06-06-2006 10:16 PM

Angel- Uhhh.. no. I don't know that song. Guess i am a little young. :dizzy:

I just finished another hour of cardio, and i'm feeling pretty good! I have finally recovered from my food poisoning :barf: and my cold has gone back to just being some sniffles. So, i'm back in my groove:cb: but not looking forward to my weigh in, in 2 days. Oh well.. i'll just have to wait and see what the scale says i guess.
My boyfriend :doh: told me last night that he doesn't like hearing about my weight loss because it makes him feel bad that he hasn't lost any weight. I just told him 'I'm really proud of myself for losing weight, and if you don't want to hear about it, that's ok. There's people on the message boards that DO want to hear about it!" hehehe... Go girl power! :D He might want to lose weight, but he won't do anything to lose the weight. He doesn't want to change the way he eats and he doesn't want to exercise more. But i just want to say thanks to everyone for providing the support i need, i'm lacking it from everyone at home. You guys are the greatest, and when i finally reach my goal weight, it will be in large part from your support!:grouphug:
Anyway, hope you are all feeling as positive as i am! Have a good day! ;)

chick_in_the_hat 06-07-2006 12:17 AM

Sadgirl is gonna need a new screen name.....good to see you in such positive spirits! This site is all about being here for each other - ain't it great?

Being sick is no fun...but I'm feeling better, too! I got some gym time in today - it felt good! I only lasted 45 minutes....but it was late by the time I got there...I still have to walk the dog. :D

WOO HOO Angel-eyes!! :carrot: :carrot: I emeber get your groove thing....and if it gets stuck in my head I'm blaming you. :s:

ledom - no brother or sisters around that can cover for you if you go? I feel really lucky my Dad is still really healthy - he has been caring for my mom for like 10 years now. I'm lucky to still have both of them. I hope you can work something out so you can go to CO.

ledom 06-07-2006 06:51 AM

Glad everyone is feeling better and getting on with the program.

Oh Gina - I'm an only child. My mother does have a caregiver that comes 3 days a week, but it is more a psychological thing for her. She is already beside herself that I am leaving for 3 weeks. I can justify the one trip but I just would feel heartless to be gone a month +.

Anyhow, I have been stalled out a bit this last week. The scale looked good this morning though and I hope I can report a loss by Friday. I took a rest day yesterday, it was the first in a long time and I needed it. I have found a yoga class I want to try. It meets twice a week and starting next week I am going to see how I like it. I am feeling some need for more flexibility plus the feeling of well being I get from yoga. My new workout scheme took a bit of getting used to but I am happy with it. I think I'll keep with this until I go back to work in August when I think the circuit of combining weights and cardio will be more efficient. I have time now to workout twice a day so this seems like a logical way to mix up my workouts.

chick_in_the_hat 06-08-2006 12:33 AM

ledom...choices, choices...I'm sure your mother appreciates what you do for her. It's funny I was comtemplating a yoga class today, too! Mostly because I think more flexibility would be good. I need to check around for an instructor I can deal with though - a lot of the yoga classes I've watched at the gym have instructors I find really annoying...wouldn't that kinda defeat the purpose? Glad your new regime is feeling good! :D

I had a good gym day - I managed to get there before the annoying people. YAY! Tomorrow will just be cardio...

ledom 06-08-2006 09:21 AM

I just happened to look at your ticker this a.m. Gina - you have lost over 100 lbs.! That is such a monumental accomplishment. You are so quiet about these things! I know you are feeling fantastic. You should write a state of the journey post every now and then. I would sure find it interesting.

I know what you mean about yoga teachers. A couple years back I went regularly until the teacher, who I loved at first, just went bananas over her guru and started making me uncomfortable about how I meditated or even if I did - she just made it way too personal. I tried a class this past monday at the community center and it was a little iffy, I'll be trying this new place this coming monday. I really hope I like it because in this little town I am running out of choices.

angel-eyes 06-08-2006 05:25 PM

Hey girls!!! Is it Friday yet? hehe.....I've been volunteering at cubscout camp ALL WEEK and let me tell ya.....the mom's all pull out the bags of chips, cookies, donuts etc etc Thank goodness I've had my own little crunch bag of either carrots or pretzels because those darn chips sure looked good. But tell me why....oh why....when you say "no thankyou" do they keep asking you if you want some? :mad: It took all of my resistance to say no and then to munch my own stuff. oh,...not one bag but 3 kinds of Doritos!!!! :devil: Tommorow is the last day and the finale BBQ lunch, not sure if I'll have the hot dog I paid for but we'll see. I had the McDonald's Asian chicken salad today and it was VERY VERY GOOD!!! :mcd:Best choice possible, but oh my when I added it up on fitday, over 1500mg SODIUM. The rest of the stuff was balanced though, and I didn't have the walnuts. Could have been worse, a big mac attack instead!:carrot:

chick_in_the_hat 06-08-2006 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by ledom
I just happened to look at your ticker this a.m. Gina - you have lost over 100 lbs.! That is such a monumental accomplishment. You are so quiet about these things! I know you are feeling fantastic. You should write a state of the journey post every now and then. I would sure find it interesting.

:sssh: It's kinda like I don't quite believe it myself...don't wanna jinx it. :p A state of the journey post...I'll contemplate that tonight.

angel eyes- that Asian Chicken Salad looks pretty good on the billboards. Calorie wise it is pretty good....just drink a lot of water and flush out the sodium. :D Way better than a Big Mac...I'm not even tempted by McD's burgers...In and Out on the other hand....I always think McD burgers are like hockey pucks.

As to Mom's with chips - I have the same problem with a woman here at work who is a food pusher. She just doesn't get it. And to be more annoying she is tops 90 pounds soaking wet. :mad: Although I haven't poured a bottle of water on her head to test that out just yet. :s: She loves to bake...and takes it as a personal affront if you don't try everything. She thinks I'm a snob now. Yay ME! :snooty:

TwinkleGirl 06-09-2006 12:03 AM

Hi Girls!
Chick- That is so great! Over 100lbs! :cb: That's amazing! You should be very proud of yourself! :D I'm so proud of you!:bravo: And maybe i should think about changing my name.

Angel- It's Friday down here, does that count? ;)

Ledom- Good on you for trying new things.. as they say, a change is as good as a holiday! Well, maybe not really. I'd much prefer the holiday!:p

So, i'm having a bad day (again!). After really stepping up my workouts last week :woops: i didn't lose anything this week :( My food was just ok, not great, but i really thought i'd lose weight. After stepping off the scales, i didn't want to do any exercise, i just wanted to sit down and throw myself a little pitty party :woo: + :cry: But i didn't. I did an hour of cardio. I'm still feeling disappointed and kind of angry, but i am going to be perfect this week. Great food all week, kick-*** workouts and then i'll see what happens. I also go back to school this week, but i'm determined that i will make the time to get my workouts in. Wish me luck, i have a feeling it's going to be a looonnngg week!
Gotta go, our house won't clean itself... although it would be really really cool if it did! :chin:

angel-eyes 06-09-2006 12:13 AM

sadgirl.....don't be sad!! (sorry :D ) with all the workouts you've been doing you're probably building muscle mass WHICH....weighs more than just fat stuff. So?....why not take your measurements and then if the scale is a no budge, you might have lost in inches? just a thought....don't give up!!!:hug:

ledom 06-10-2006 08:35 AM

Hey ladies- Sat morning and a full weekend ahead to look forward to. I am doing a repeat of last weekend. Paddling, hiking, camping - can you tell I love it more than anything? My friend from the north part of the state is coming down for some full moon paddling on my favorite lake.

Diet is going pretty good though it seems I am in a weight loss lull. I think it'll shake loose soon though. Sadgirl, I hear you!!!! Watch your calories - that is my advice - I have worked out pretty hard and consistently for the last few years. Until I finally persuaded myself to lower my intake by a couple hundred more calories per day, however, I lost very slowly. In fact I was amazed at what I was able to do once it sunk in for me. You are young, so you probably can get away with more than I can.

I am feeling pretty excited about a few things. I'm decidedly out of the "large women's" clothing department. I need to slow down on the clothes shopping marathon I find myself in at the moment though. I just have a hard time not buying everything I try on. Fortunately I buy at TJMaxx for the most part so I guess it could be worse. This week I found the cutest Jones New York white denim skirt ($15 marked down from $60), not actually a mini skirt but a couple inches above the knee, something that I could never have worn before. I am in love with it, it looks great with so many different tops. All the hiking I have been doing has been great for my legs. The last time I had substantial weight loss my legs were the last to go which I expected again, but all the toning is making a difference. The part that is making me crazy now is my abdomen area. I am hoping the yoga and a renewed "crunch" effort might help there.

Anyway, viva new clothes!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and remember to keep treats to a minimum!

TwinkleGirl 06-11-2006 07:17 AM

Good Evening Girls! :wave: (Well, it's Sunday night here, have no idea what time it is there!)
Just checking in on you all. I've had a good weekend calories wise. I've slightly upped my calories. I find that i usually have really low calories (usually between 900-1300) except when i have a blow-out. So, i'm trying a new thing were i up my calories to try to stop or at least limit blowouts. Seems to be working well so far, the weekend is over and i've been around the 1400 calorie mark each day, so i'm feeling good. I usually really struggle during the weekend, but my boyfriend :doh: has finally decided to join me, so we're both doing really well. :carrot:
I tried on a jacket today that i thought would fit, but it didn't, mainly around the bust which is always a problem for me. I had a mini meltdown :cry: when i left the shopping centre. I'm feeling much better now and i know that i'll go back in a few weeks and that jacket will look awesome! :D
Anyway, Chickies, enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Ledom- Have fun with your camping, hiking and paddling! Sounds like a good way to get some good exercise in while still having fun! And there's nothing wrong with buying lots of new clothes, you are a girl after all! I'm already saving up for a major shopping spree when i reach my goal!

angel-eyes 06-11-2006 10:04 AM

Hey girls!!!.....excersise has only been walking lately what with the boy scout camp and then what with school yesterday but the gym is calling my name tommorow......

We drove the 3 hrs to 12 yo ds college campus for his 3 week course. He is such a fine boy, impressed me to no end with meeting his prof. and school mates by shaking everyone's hand and introducing himself. We did have a slight moment of panic not being able to find him (after only being on campus for 1 hr and after a parents only lecture) WE COULDN'T FIND HIM!!! :o hehe....of course like I said, it was only 15 minutes but he was finding his way around the dorm and meeting his preceptor. I told him...."anytime is a good time to call your Mom" AND HE DID!!! He called me at bedtime last night, and at wakeup call this morning. I didn't think he would take me 'literally' but HE DID!! so I told him this morning to call me every few days, just for updates and such. By the time we left yesterday, he was already signed up and running off for "capture the flag" game and a movie last night. He is going to have a blast. Tommorow is first day of classes,:yikes: and its a pretty intensive class of World War ll lectures, (equivilent to a semester college class) I'm such a proud Mom!!!

ledom.....woohooo on the new white skirt!!! I shop tj maxx, marshalls and gordmans ALL THE TIME!!! I bet you look gorgeous with those tight muscular legs!!! Alll that hiking is def. paying off. Enjoy your moonlight paddle.

zenrhythm 06-12-2006 02:40 PM

I am new to this workout...hoping to join you gals

ledom 06-12-2006 08:25 PM

Welcome zenrhythm - I like your name. Tell us about yourself.

All is well here, I had a great weekend.

SadGirl, you bet that jacket is going to look great in a bit. That is the most fun thing to watch things become looser and looser. I think your calorie plan sounds right on. Depriving yourself be eating too few calories never works out in the long run.

What class is your son taking Angel? He sounds like a kid to be proud of. Keep up that walking.

What's up Gina?

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