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angel-eyes 05-31-2006 05:01 PM

yeah well....great for you :hug: but not so good for me!:( since Easter, I've been inching up . I had that bet with my gf when she was here for a visit and since then, I've never looked back (+8 lbs) I just have to do my follow through!! Heck, I know all the stuff but the times when my motivation is waining, BAM!!!....I let loose and then I have to start all over again. :?: I know its my own fault .....and I have all these new clothes!!!.....and they better still fit me!!!! Today's been good, OP all day!!! YEAH for me:carrot: !!!

TwinkleGirl 06-01-2006 07:31 PM

Hi Chickies!
I just weighed in for the first time in two weeks. I lost 1 kilo, and i have to admit that i'm kind of disappointed! I looked back at my food journal :write: for last week, and it really wasn't as bad as i thought, and this week i watched my diet carefully and i did a lot of killer workouts :ebike: I was really hoping to lose more. :cry: I know that a loss, ANY loss, is good. I just feel that for the energy i put into it, i didn't get the results. It seems that when i do more weights and less cardio i don't lose weight, and when i up my cardio and do less weights i lose weight. Hmm.... i don't know why. :?:
Ok, i have a silly question for all of you :o .... what does OP mean? Because to me, OP means Over Proof, as in strong alcohol. And i don't think that's what you mean! :lol:
Hope everyone's doing well and have a good week! :grouphug:

chick_in_the_hat 06-01-2006 09:51 PM

Sadgirl - OP is on plan... although there are days when I would rather be over proof..:D

I have the same problem with cardio vs. weight training. I think my problem is that I tend to eat more after a big workout...at least cardio burns more calories faster. Coincidentally - today was cardio day..:cb: Chin up on the 1 kilo lost - I'm still trying to talk myself into that I have the rest of my life to lose this last few pounds....I'm sometimes successfull at convincing myself of that. When not...I try to remember it's hard to be patient when you are working so hard.

Angel-eyes - one OP day at a time, girl! It's not starting over....just continuing on...but in a different direction with more experience. ;)

ledom - hope you are enjoying your camping trip!!!

TwinkleGirl 06-02-2006 03:15 AM

Hey Chick, Thanks for telling me you have the same problem, it made me feel a lot better! :D I thought i was a freak who can't handle weight workouts! :wl: I don't eat more when i do weights, i just don't lose any weight! Anyway, thanks! :hug:
Oh, also thanks for letting me in on the OP thing.... now it makes sense!

angel-eyes 06-02-2006 10:18 AM

Sadgirl.....we've all been there!! for me? cardio really makes me hungry and I really have to watch it. I seem to crave more carbs with more cardio!! You are not alone my friend!! Hang in there. Slow and steady wins the race, a kilo or 2.2 lbs is still a loss. Don't throw in the towel.

chick.....thanks for the vote of confidence!! yeah, I know I must just continue to do my own thing.....I just want to lose some weight in the process. I do think I'm at my healthiest and fittest though. Recent dr.s tests have showed so much improvement with cholesterol and blood pressure etc....SO THATS GOOD!!!

Yesterday my ds had an icecream party, I had psyched myself up NOT to have one and then they overserved and there was 2 leftover. I realized (not for the first time....) that I have a MAJOR PROBLEM with being left out, as in everyone else is having something to eat and I don't. Those feelings are really key to an emotional cue. So of course I had some but after the party I worked out twice as much for a 550 calorie burn. I think that more than makes up for the icecream and the rest of the day was according to plan. well, carbs were up but the overall day was good. I didn't let that party make me have a major slip for the day.

Today is a new day and I'm already dressed and ready for the gym. Here's to day #2 OP for me!!! Have a great day.

angel-eyes 06-02-2006 01:27 PM

Hi .....me again. I just busted my butt in a weight sculpting class and 30 min of elliptical. WHAT THE ??? was I thinking?? Gonna be sore tommorow but good news, I'M BACK OP AND LOVING IT ......TODAY!!!;)

angel-eyes 06-03-2006 05:01 PM

Hi everyone!! :wave: So far so good with today's excercise and food. I started a little challenge on another thread and it was EXACTLY what I needed to get back on track!!! :carrot: I woke up early and went for an early morning walk and while I was at it....checked out the neighbourhood garage sales! Then I headed to the gym right after the boys tae kwon do classes. Can't believe I'm still sore from the body sculpting class I went to on Thursday, but yup I am.....I up'd the weights I was using. :lifter:Dh and I have a 'date' to go out tonight to the casino. wooohooo, mama needs a new pair of shoes!!! Have a great day!

ledom 06-04-2006 08:31 AM

Morning girls - yes, it is all relative isn't it, the number on the scale. A number on the way down can look a lot better than if you are headed up the scale. Angel, it sounds as though things are going your way though. And sadgirl, sometimes when you are weight training it does seem as though you are stalled, but then all at once you start receiving the dividends. I personally think a combination of strength training and cardio is what will serve you best. And of course, don't forget the old adage that muscle weighs more than fat while it takes up less volume.

I just got back from the perfect camping trip. On Wed. afternoon I got out to the lake and scored the most perfect camp site right on a point. There is a 4.75 hiking trail there and I also had my kayaks. All told I walked about 12 miles and paddled a lot too for an action packed break. It was truly the best camping trip I have ever had because I was able to play so hard. Got a nice tan to boot so I think I am looking pretty buff at the moment. Of course as I said earlier, it is all relative.

angel-eyes 06-04-2006 10:05 AM

ledom......great to have you back!!! :cp: Your camping trip sounds awesome!!! Sun, fun, hiking and kayaking, what more could a girl want??
welcome back!

sadgirl.....how are you today? how was your workout?

chick.....how is your weekend so far? check in will ya?:D

well, we never made it for our date night.....dh and I had abit of a tiff. well, he had the tiff and I was walking on eggshells for the rest of the day. oh well,...seems like today will be the same. :?:

chick_in_the_hat 06-04-2006 09:30 PM

I have a cold today - I skipped the gym....I figured it was better to rest than getting germs all over the place. Hopefully I wasn't contagious yesterday...OOPS. At least I wipe equipment down when I'm done.

ledom - sounds like it was a great trip! Tan and buff...YAY! You are making me itch to go camping. :cool:

angel-eyes - freaking dh....here's to hoping he gets over his tantrum soon! Buy some shoes, anyway! :s:

Hey to sadgirl and Ami Lu if she wanders over here....

I'm gonna go see if I can sleep off this annoying cold. :p

angel-eyes 06-04-2006 10:30 PM

hehe....if you ONLY knew how many prs I really had!!!:D but yeah, dh and I made up ....not without a bunch of tears though. I guess work is alot worse than I thought, and our little spat was the straw that broke the camels back. All is well again now.....:hug: now that we made up!!;)

TwinkleGirl 06-05-2006 01:16 AM

Hi Chickies!
It's Monday afternoon here, and i just got home from work. I got called into work this morning, i wasn't meant to work but i had to. It's so cold here i can't feel my limbs, and i work in an old drafty house, so i'm extra cold.
I am on the verge of getting another cold, and i came down with a terrible case of food poisoning over the weekend :barf: so i didn't do any exercise, my stomach was in to much pain. I'm still kind of recovering, but i'm hoping to do a workout tonight. Stupid food poisoning... i knew that chicken salad tasted dodgy! :rolleyes:
I seem really unfocused. My food's not too bad, and my workouts are ok, i just feel kind of unmotivated. I'm just in a little runt, hopefully it'll pass in a few days. :)

angel- good to hear you made up with dh, fights always make me crazy!

chick- hoping your feeling better soon, a cold can really knock you about! :balloons: Bunch of balloons to make you feel better!

ledom 06-05-2006 07:46 AM

Morning ladies - angel, so sorry your plans got canceled due to the tif. Glad things are better now.

chick and sadgirl - you two need to take care of yourselves. I am a big believer in resting when you have a cold. You stay warm sadgirl.

Oh man, I can't believe it - I just go invited to go rafting and hiking in Colorado. I will have to say no due to my elderly mother who is already beside herself that I am leaving for my other trip. But ohhhh, that sounds fun.

angel-eyes 06-05-2006 12:57 PM

Hello!!!...hey finally some results.....
I have a loss....drum roll.....2 lbs!!!! WOOOHOOO, :carrot: its been such a long while that I've had any loss, nice to see the OTHER side of the scale for a change. I was scoping out Kmart this morning and they have a really big sale on right now......I always forget about Kmart and am always suprized at some of their things. I did buy a new swimsuit though....size 14 and the girls are sitting high and perky!!! :o I know dh will LOVE THAT!!! I'm off to the gym,.....have a great day!

chick ......Hope you're feeling better soon, nice hot chick-en soup...OOOPS:o will do you the world of good. Don't worry about working out, just get lots of rest!! dr's orders.:hug:

sadgirl.....Thats too bad you got called into work AGAIN. Hopefully the time will pass by quickly until you can find another replacement. If I may ask?....what is it that you do? I have very little knowledge of Austrailia and was very surprized to hear that its cold where you work. Mountain area maybe? sorry if I'm asking a dumb question...:?: Take a break for your tummy.....gosh, food poisoning? :barf:

ledom.....awww, too bad about the hiking trip. There's no one else who could check in on her? sorry!! You are the master hiker extrodinaire!!! I'm in such awe.

TwinkleGirl 06-06-2006 02:10 AM

Hey Guys!
I am feeling good today! Did 1 hour of cardio. :woops: last night, and did one of Jillians DVD's :lifter: plus 1 hour of cardio this morning, so i'm feeling good, :D like i'm back in my groove!:carrot:

Angel- Big congrats on your loss, it can be hard going for a while without seeing a loss, so it must feel good! :high: I work at a school for children with behavioural :tantrum: problems. I'm a psychology student and for my course i have to volunteer for 200 hours. I usually go one day a week to the school, but called in for an extra day. I live in the suburbs of Sydney and where i work it was built to be a hospital and there's no heating. It's winter time here, and it's getting kind of cold! :snow4: (Ok, so it's not 'actually' snowing... but it's still kind of cold! :D )

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