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  • I totally protect my knees and made all kinds of modifcations. I don't do a lot of the jumping, skipping, anything that hurts my knees. And the strengthening exercises have made my knees stronger. I think I was sore for the first 24 weeks. I finally stopped being sore which kind of worries me - I know it is time to start something new. I have a workout plan that I did a few years back that I am going to pull out next week when school is over. Time for new routines to get that soreness back!

    Have a good weekend everyone.
  • Hey girls.....I've been sick all week but yesterday I thought I was better and tried a treadmill workout. Not the best thing......light headed and exhausted after a 40 min walk/run. I'm still fighting some what of a stomach bug....nausea and stomach cramps. Today I napped for a good 2 hours and felt out of sorts for most of the day. Needless to say, food intake hasn't been the greatest!!! Feed a cold/starve a fever right? LOOK OUT....chicken soup, toast and icecream seem to be at the top of my list right now. Once I'm over this.....its back to PLAN!!! I can't let this slide and get outta control!!!! Well time for bed.....just wanted to say a quick hi. ....hi !!
  • I was wondering about you Angel. Take care of yourself, give yourself time to heal and don't feel guilty about taking the time. You'll be back stronger than ever.
  • Well, I went back to the gym today. I was so excited and nervous as I stepped on the scale, and could almost hear AJ telling me it was time to cut the fat LOL…So I’m standing there all nervous, hoping I had lost at LEAST 2kg, wishing it was more like 5, and then I looked at the scale and saw I had GAINED a kilo .I almost picked the whole thing up and threw it out the gym window. I spent 9 freaking hours in the gym last week, not to mention everything I did at home! AND last week at work some old guy grabbed my arse and told me I was putting on weight. I can tell you, this is not a positive thing. I feel a little better knowing that I actually have full-blown PMS at the moment and the arrival of my monthly joy is imminent. Hopefully that is the reason for this stupid gain.
    I don’t even know what is up with my knees either. When I first started this exercise program my entire body was fine…but now star jumps kill, and my knees feel a little swollen. I am wondering if it is just because I overdid it on the leg press last week… I don’t know!
    I am still waiting to hear from my dad about whether or not he is going to help me out with his credit card for Jillian’s program…. He better say yes!!
    I cooked a delicious dinner tonight, and it was well within my calorie range! I get confused though…are brown pasta and brown rice ok to eat?
    Because it is that time of the month, I have found myself NEEDING chocolate…not just craving it…needing it! I always give my sister a hard time about being a smoker, as I don’t have an addictive personality so I don’t understand people with addictions, but I think I now know how it feels to need a cigarette. I feel so guilty every time I eat chocolate…I keep thinking about when Jillian went off at Adro, and I feel like I am just as bad. It’s hard to explain.
    I hope my results are a lot better next week…I am so down on myself right now. I stupidly though I could see my arms toning and everything….obviously I was day dreaming!!
  • Hey everyone!
    Last week was so crazy for me here at work and at home. I managed only one workout I am back on track this week. I am changing things a little so hope it's still ok to hang here. I want to include some high rep work that is a somewhat different than JM's, alternate both methods with cardio sandwiched in between strength days.

    M-high reps w/o the cardio
    T-kickbox or step + flexibility
    W-Front + Back
    T-cardio + flexibility
    F-repeat Monday
    S-cardio +/or flexibility

    M-Front + Back
    T-kickbox or step + flex
    W-high reps w/o the cardio
    T-cardio + flex
    F-repeat Monday
    S-cardio +/or flex

    I hope this change will boost results a little...even a little is good! My eating has not really been bad but not structured so am going to work on that too.

    I need to get to work now! I hope you are all doing great. I have not had time to read but hope to do that when I stop again for lunch!

    Take care! Have a fab day!
  • I lost a couple of pounds - WOO HOO! I switched up my workouts a little - I created my own workout using Jillian's workouts but adding in some exercises from the book that never made it into the plan. I upped the cardio and shortened the weights time a little, too. Now...if I can just get the eating part in line....

    Kiarii TOM sux.

    Darlene - That looks like a good mix. High reps are smaller weights for more reps? How many is considered high? 20?

    Angel-eyes You feeling better? Chicken soup to you...

    ledom....school's almost over....

  • Well, I have had an interesting day, to say the least. Today was the first real test of commitment I had. My eldest daughter was sent home from school because she has an ear infection that is so bad her ear is actually leaking. This meant I couldn’t go to the gym. I started to have a mild panic, thinking that this would be the end, that if I had one or two lazy days I would give up, especially after my dismal results on the scale last week. So, rather than sit around doing nothing, I whipped out Jillian’s dvds and managed to work my way completely through Shape up front and half of Shape up backside before I couldn’t do any more. I think it is the star jumps that are killing my knees, so I think I will just jump on the spot instead of jumping out for a while and see how that goes.
    I also implemented the first part of my plan to ween me off chocolate. I bought some hard-boiled lollies (like humbugs and stuff) and I figured that when I want chocolate, I would have one of those instead. They last longer and they taste like aniseed so I won’t want chocolate after them!! I figure that if I start this now, especially while I have PMS I’ll be able to continue after my monthly joy is over!
  • Go Chick - that is fabulous and a well deserved 2 lbs.!

    Kiarii, don't let the scale get you down. Sounds as if PMS is the culprit. Also I think if you are new to strength training your sore muscles initially hold water that reflects on the scale. Keep up the good workouts. I DO NOT do jumping jacks, because I want my knees to last so I can do OTHER types of cardio. Really, I stick with low impact cardio. No jumping for me.

    I gave away 3 boxes of clothes yesterday. Wow! It was a little traumatic surprisingly. Happy to have them be too big, worried that I could need them again. But, NO, that isn't going to happen.

    I had a blip last night but think I made a fairly good recovery. Still have swollen fingers this a.m. so I know I am retaining water. I got a call that I need to give another blood test because my thyroid counts are low. WTF! I avoid Drs. like the plague, but after 4 years I was convinced that I should get over myself and have a check-up. I have been squirreling around on the internet and it seems it isn't too uncommon for perimenipausal women (I don't think I spelled that right), I have absolutely none of the symptoms. But still, the first thing I did was eat! I was in the midst of just doing a sample of a dip I was preparing to take to a potluck and I just indulged instead of sampled. Then I had to go to the cookout. I ate very modestly, but it wasn't MY food. Add to that, two days in a row with no workouts because I don't think I can get to it today either. Though I can't remember the last rest day I took...Anyway, I have to remind myself that I am doing very well and that a minor indulgence is not the end of the success.

    Going in this a.m. to give blood for another test. Finishing up the grading of papers, giving my last final tonight. Tomorrow I'll grade that final, calculate and enter grades, and get my butt back in exercise mode.
  • Hi Everyone!
    I haven't been able to post much as it's nearly end of term at college and i have about a million assignments to do. And that means that my workouts have been a little slack. I've been doing my cardio (more cardio works better for me) but i haven't done weights in ages and my cardio isn't really as intense as i think it should be. But i am consistently losing 1 kilo (2.2 pound) a week, so i must not be doing as bad as i think.

    I also signed up for Jillians online program on her website, and i've been having problems with parts of the website, so i've been trying to work that out.

    Hopefully, when my assignments are finished and i'm on holidays i'll have more time to post. Anyway i gotta go do another assignment, my brain is so fried it's not funny!
  • Hang in there SadGirl, it's almost over now.

    I am having a good week and think I'll have another nice loss for tomorrow's weigh-in. Today I am starting my new workout plan. I am resurrecting an old scheme from a few summers back. It is in the back of a book of which the title just escapes me. The diet portion doesn't work for me, but I do remember having great muscles that summer. Body Rx I think it is. I am skipping right over to the fat losing portion of the workout which is 5 sets of each exercise, though it breaks down to 2 body parts per session, like today I will do back and bis. I will continue to go over and do my 2.5 miles on the mountain trail in the evenings. I have been really clicking on food lately and the hiking seems to be doing the job as well, but I love those mus-kels and am ready to get back to that.

    Don't know about ya'll but I could use a dose of TBL right about now. Wish they had a summer edition.
  • Great job ledom!!! You are going to look so hot and mus-keled!!! I know what you mean, I sure could use a dose of BL also. My motivation is slipping ...ah er...WAS SLIPPING but today I made it back to the gym since I've been sick. Boy, it sure doesn't take long to let a 5 lb gain back on!!! Anyways, I made it through a core ball class and then walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Food has been OP today so far ....so a BIG YEAH FOR ME!!! I even walked right past the freebie cookies in the bakery dept!!!

    Sadgirl.....just do what you can. Its best to focus on your school deadlines and wrap them up than to stretch yourself too thin and let everything suffer. One day at a time!!! Hang in there.

    Chick? where you at GF? Hope you're doing okay Good job on the weight loss!! wooohooo toooo youuuu!!!!!
  • Hi All.
    Thanks for the support, i only have more week left of school ,then i have a two week break.

    Good on you Ledom... sounds like your doing great! You'll be ripped in no time!

    angel eyes- It also sounds like you had a good day. It can be hard to get motivated when you're sick (i'm sick at the moment!), but sometimes you just gotta push through the pain. Hope you're feeling better! for you!

    So, i weighed myself this morning and got a nice little surprise. After what i thought was a bad week, i lost 2 kilos! (4.4 pounds) I don't feel like i deserve that kind of a loss, but i'll take it!
  • Oh Sadgirl, if you lost it - you deserve it!!!

    Angel, I know what you mean about how fast 5 lbs. can find you again. It can happen to me in a couple days. BUT, those 5 lbs. are just visiting. They'll leave very quickly now that you are feeling better and are back on your game.

    Commencement is tonight at my university. I am so happy to be closing out this semester. On to a summer of fun.
  • Yesterday was Mod vs Rockers Scooter Rally in San Francisco...on top of that was a Jackie Greene Concert on Pier 30... I'm in heaven. I hit the gym today - I'm kind of in wing it mode - I've been going in without the workout written down. It's kind of fun to do every once in a while - but I think I work harder when I tell myself what to do beforehand.
    ledom - the songs "School's Out For Summer" is playing in my head now...enjoy your break from work.
    Angel-eyes - passing up the freebie cookies....WOW! Good for you, girl! I hope you are all recovered from the icks.
    Sadgirl - YAY! 2 kg is great! Of course you deserve it!
    Since I missed my workout yesterday (I can count dancing as cardio...) - that makes tomorrow back day
  • Gina-Your weekend sounds fabulous. Glad you had fun.

    I started my new workout plan as described above and it seems to be going well. I have muscle soreness if that is any indication. I think the hiking has really been key to moving some pounds the last couple weeks. I plan to keep that up.

    So, how is everyone doing this week?