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chick_in_the_hat 03-15-2006 02:33 PM

Back day today! :cb: I hate those freaking supermans tho....:mad: I can't post much 'cause I'm supposed to be listening to a conference call as I type this post...:o
ledom - hope you have a nice trip - it is important that your kids have a chance to see the grandparents. I think it's cool you are putting in the extra effort to make it happen. 5 bazillion "good mom" points for you! :D You will be raring to go when you get back...I think I know you that well be now. I bet you find a way to fit a few hikes in somehow while you are there...
Angel-eyes - you are in a Zone, girl!! That is so cool when people actually notice. :carrot:

angel-eyes 03-18-2006 02:05 PM

Hi ya Chick....Just wondering how you're doing? I just got in from the gym from a bodysculpting class (I may regret that) and a little run on the treadmill. Are you still in week 7 or onto week 8? Get r done!!! Hope you have a great weekend!;)

chick_in_the_hat 03-20-2006 01:59 PM

Howdy - I managed to get my workouts in this weekend, I'm in week 8. We have friends visiting from Florida this week - we took them to San Francisco yesterday. It was a perfect day - no fog! :cb: I thoroughly enjoyed walking up the hills - one of the women from Florida had made a comment about how she was a size 8 and what was I (BTW - she's kinda apple shaped so I'm not sure how she pulls off an 8)? I told her 12 to 14 depending on the cut...she kinda made a face like oh....that's huge...so - oh yeah the point of the story- she was huffing and puffing up those hills...I offered to pull her up... :devil: I wasn't even breathing hard...:carrot: **** yeah for NSV's!!

Rest day today. :cool: Hopefully it stops raining long enuf to walk the dawg.

ledom 03-25-2006 03:01 PM

Hey Girls, Just finished a Jilllian workout so thought it was time to announce that I am baaaacccck. Whew, it felt good.

gina - that is so cool about the SF hills. I know just what you mean though. We are developing some major cardiovascular skills here.

Angel, how you enjoying those junior sizes. ;-)

angel-eyes 03-25-2006 06:16 PM

Hi ledom....WELCOME BACK!!!How was you're trip? Glad to have you back and back on board with working out. hehe....Jillian does have that effect doesn't she? Hope you won't be too sore tommorow.

I'm loving being a size 16!!! and who knew I'd love the younger fashions? I'm not into the short shorts and bare midriff stuff, but gotta love the capri's and new(er) styles of peasant blouses (yeah, I remember them from the 70's) sooooo its all good.;)

chick_in_the_hat 03-26-2006 12:16 AM

Welcome back, ledom!

Angel-eyes - gotta love the capris!!!

I hit Goodwill today - got a couple "new" pairs of size 12 jeans. :cb:

I started week 8 again today (I realized last week I was supposed to be in week 7)- things seem to be moving along. I find I enjoy the routine.

ledom 03-26-2006 10:33 AM

:carrot: Holy Moly Gina. Size 12!!!!:dancer: :woo: :balloons: :cheer: That's fab - a - lous.

And size 16 Angel. You are where I want to be next.:carrot: :balloons:

I am size 18 now and shrinking.:dust: :wizard:

OK, enough of the smilies already :dizzy:. No really guys, you are so inspirational. I think we are going to have a GREAT summer.

chick_in_the_hat 03-26-2006 04:21 PM

I realized today I am in week 9....I guess it doesn't really matter any more - as long as I keep switching weeks. Someday I will get my (!) in gear and work out new routines for myself. I've been thinking it would be nice to tailor it to be more convenient in the gym. Organize it so that I'm doing the whole circuit in the same section of the gym. The hard part might be keeping the muscle groups together like Jillian does. I was also thinking I could do 12 sections and switch monthly. That way I wouldn't have to figure out what week I'm in. (Since it seems to be an issue :o ) Maybe after I finish taxes..

Off to get a scooter ride in - the sun is shining for another minute or two! :D

ledom 03-26-2006 10:14 PM

Gina - I know what you mean. I can't keep up either. But like you say, I don't think it really matters. I am working on week 8, I think I was doing that the last week I worked out so maybe it is week 9. I will decide next weekend whether to start the next routine or do this one another week. I have been thinking that when I finish this go around that maybe I'll keep repeating the last 6 weeks over and over as I think I need that intensity now. I am working out about and hour and a half a day now and I think I need to do that to make the progress I want to. Actually I am doing something in the evening too to boost it to 2 hours. Man I am on a deadline here! Anyway, today I finally got my kayak out. It was almost warm enough. Spring break was dissappointingly cold down south. Not to mention all the time I spent up north where it was really cold. On clock work, when I go back to work next week the temps will be warmer. Anyway, I enjoyed the extra upper body boost of paddling. Most evenings though I plan to walk a mile in my hilly neighborhood. I know it isn't a lot, but maybe enough to get that scale talking my language again.

ledom 03-29-2006 08:27 AM

Morning Girls - How's it going? Just finished the chest workout. I only walked yesterday so I am a bit behind this week. I may have hit a slump in my enthusiasm. I can't deny that I have been thinking that I might need a change in my workouts. Nothing at all against what I have been doing, it's just that after 20 odd weeks it might be beneficial to do a 12 week stint at something different and then come back to this. Just thinking out loud here. Have either you guys been having those thoughts. I also was thinking about the gym down the road this a.m. Just wondering how to shake things up a bit. All and all things are going well though. I am hoping :crossed: for a loss that I can reflect on my ticker this week. Will have to wait and see, if not, then surely next week. This morning I am within 3/4 lb. of my low so if I can lose that plus another lb. it'd be so wonderful. I am ready to feel smaller. So, I am really disgusted with my mid section. It just doesn't behave and look good in clothes. Waistbands seem to show way more than I would like with a bit of overhang if things actually fit. Things that are lose enough not to create that effect are falling off by the end of the day. :shrug:

How are ya'll doing?

angel-eyes 03-29-2006 09:49 AM

Hi girls.....

ledom......You could change your name to my name for your post and it explains EXACTLY how I feel also!!! I'm getting frustrated with my level of committment and enthusiasm also....need to get back in focus what my goals are and how to attain them. I have also gotten into an excercise rut and have been seriously thinking how I could REV up to start losing again. For the past several weeks, I have been hovering around the same weight and (thank god) have been continuing with my 45min-1 hour workouts but also think.....I should be blasting through this but am just maintaining!!! And don't even get me started with the tummy overhang!!! LOL.....Seems I'm getting lean throughout the shoulders, waist, legs, and although I know I've lost inches through the tummy......after 2 kids and not losing pregnancy weight......its just not going away!!! I'm resigned to the fact I'll never be flat, but COME ON.....I don't want to sway when I walk!!! :rofl: Well it might not be as bad as that, but you know what I mean. So lets put our heads together and come up with some changes and re-committment. I am going home for a summer vacation in July and I want to WOW :yikes: my friends and family. It has been about 5 years since I've seen them and THIS IS MY YEAR!!!!:carrot:

ledom 03-29-2006 10:17 PM

Angel-Eyes, I have mid-July as a vacation goal too. There is no option, I have to be looking good then. I am really going to be thinking about my next move. I want to get into some heavier lifting, more protein, but lots of cardio too, perhaps structured a bit differently. I keep thinking if I join that gym I would have some new equipment to work on which would help me mix things up more. But, until I get ready to make my move I am going to keep on doing what I have been. This week I have really been a lot stricter with food and that seems to be paying off. I have to keep on top of the food aspect. It is time for me to spend a day cooking for the next week or so. Glad I spoke up, I knew I wasn't alone. OH, and more thoughts on the waist band issue. Our waists are smaller. I wouldn't even be thinking of showing my waist 30 lbs. ago. I am sorry to say it is also more flabby now even though it is smaller. My neck seems to be as well. Instead of a fat double chin, I now have a deflated one. I am just really hoping that I am not going to look older as I lose weight.

angel-eyes 03-30-2006 12:41 PM

you and me ledom!!! here's my plan.....I've started (as of today) to go back to the gym and attend the 9am workout class. I plan to try for at least 3 if not 4 classes. After the classes, then I'll do my weights and or treadmill. Some of the classes are already with weights, so I'll decide what will be the 'extra' workout then. I think that my body is already used to the 40 minute treadmill routine so it is time to SHAKE THINGS UP. As for the cleaner foods?...yup, need to do that also. I already have extra protein in the form of a shake that I make (huge honking tub of protein powder) so thats a good thing, and if I need too.....I can make 2 a day, since each one adds 22 grams of protein. I always have one mid morning, but actually...come to think of it,....another in the evening might stop the evening munchies!!!See?...its a good thing to talk these things out!!!

This morning I went to the core cardio class.....me and a ball. Now thats a good mental image, but it was a good workout. Afterwards, they had a "power pump' class demo. They want to start a new session, and its an extra paid class, so they are trying to drum up business for it. Not sure if I want to pay MORE MONEY on top of my monthly fees.....but I'm aching and sore and to boot I've got TOM. So I think I'm done for the day after 2 hours!!!!

Hey Chick?....come out come out where EVER YOU ARE!!!!

chick_in_the_hat 03-31-2006 01:24 AM

Sorry - work has been a bear this week....endless issues from being On Call. I'm grumpy because I haven't worked out since Sunday...Monday was the only rest day that I planned. Ok, enough whining from me.

Let's see...shaking things up, eating cleaner, focusing on goals....I'm there! I'm thinking I might try a class as well...DH had a frightened look in his eye when I mentioned kickboxing....but that could have been that my foot was pretty close to his head at the time. :s:

I'm still enjoying the solo workout as well - I think I might just add the kickboxing if I can find a class at a decent time.

Tomorrow is back to the gym for me...even if I have to tell the people at work where they can go. Jeez - who knew I would be so jonesing for a workout fix! Endorphins....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :T

I'm doing pretty well food wise - I feel like that was the missing piece for me. We'll see when I go to weigh in.

ledom 03-31-2006 09:33 AM

:carrot: Hey guys - note my ticker moved down one lb. :carrot:

It was SO time for that to happen. My workout week hasn't been good either. Let's see, what is my excuse. Oh yeah, I have been sleeping late. I think I just really needed the sleep. So, with the combination of a week off for vacation and a week of relative rest, I'd say enough already. I have worked out - just not daily.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be changing workouts just yet, the thought is just brewing. And, yes, my plan is to get back to my 5 good Jillian workouts a week.

I have set a goal for myself that is pretty ambitious. 12 lbs. in 6 weeks. That will put me at 199 by the last day of the semester. I have 3 months off in the summer and usually have a lot more time to devote to cooking and exercise then. I'd love to start that 3 month period at under 200. So, it's a lot, and I am not going to beat myself up if I don't make it, but it's the goal I have in my head.

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