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ledom 02-27-2006 08:14 AM

Very happy to have you guys to turn to this a.m. The weekend was a stress fest disaster. I didn't do my planned workout yesterday due to a family occasion that required me to finally get my house clean by noon or else. I just about had myself talked out of working out this a.m., though I did get out of bed, so now that I have downed a couple cups of coffee and have checked in with you guys. I know I will get with it here in a sec. Just had a 3 day break with diet and exercise (well only 2 days w/out exercise), but I feel like crap. Gotta get my mojo back and today is the day. Lookin for a 1400 calorie day myself today. Good week everyone.

ledom 02-27-2006 09:18 AM

Just a quick post to say I did the workout - somewhat abbreviated due to time contraint, but 45 min. of workout done. I can reiterate, you can't eat crap and expect to give 100% in the gym. But I am back and am going to swill water today like nobodies business. Hate to have sucha wimpy post at the top of the page by the way.

angel-eyes 02-27-2006 03:55 PM

yeah!!! ledom got her MOJO back!!! I hear ya on the stress eating, for me it was a major carbfest this weekend thanks to TOM arriving 3 days early!! whats up with that?:?: ....anywho, back on track today and drinking the water to flush all the gunk out. Good job on the workout, I'm heading out for a nice walk since its almost 60F !!! very freakishly warm:cool:

chick_in_the_hat 02-27-2006 11:52 PM

Hi chickies -

ledom - yesterday is over - you're moving on...go get 'em!!

angel-eyes - I've been chugging water, too!! I think you got our sunshine...rainy, windy and icky over here

Rest day for me....

ledom 02-28-2006 09:02 AM

Angel and Chick - thanks for :cheer: me on.

Just finished an excellent, no hold barred, workout. I even got to it a little early so that feels good too. More time to primp before work.

I am going to work through rest day tomorrow since I took it in advance. I'll end up the workout week right on schedule. I kind of like the schedule I have going now so I don't want to mess it up. It works out so my rest days are during the week when I have less time for working out than on the weekends.

Kind of a strange head I got into there for a day or two. A minor family crisis just sent me for a tailspin. I was justifying lack of good diet and exercise but all the time I was thinking how stupid it was for me to react that way. It doesn't help anything and it hurts a lot. I am afraid to weigh now. I probably won't for a while because I don't want to get upset any further with myself.

I see a theme here - we all drank our water yesterday. I am going to keep water on my mind again today.

angel-eyes 02-28-2006 04:34 PM

gotta a question?.....
okay, I just got in from a workout at my gym and I have a discrepancy with the numbers the treadmill machine said and my HRM. One hour on the treadmill said.....632 calories used (I entered my weight,speed,incline) but my heartrate monitor said.....456 calories used. Now normally, I get a difference of 70-100 calorie difference, but almost 200??? What number should I use? Maybe I'll split the difference and log in 540. Any ideas?:?:

After that I went and used the free weights and did some situps. I'll probably be regretting those because of TOM.....but I felt like I had lots of energy. How is everyone's day going? :carrot:

chick_in_the_hat 03-02-2006 01:12 AM

Hi Jillian's Girls!!
Angel-eyes...does the treadmill make you enter your age and weight? If so - :dunno: - split the difference is prolly a good plan. If not, go with the HRM numbers.

ledom - :carrot: Way to pull through - we all have rough spots. The key is you talked yourself through it. Pat yourself on the back...you might not even have done as much damage as you think. :hug:

I felt really strong today, too...I even did extra time on the elliptical - but that could have been that I wanted to see how Law & Order was gonna end :lol: I got the machine next to the sauna - got a good sweat on today! Back to drinking water :D More cardio tomorrow. I know what you mean about having a schedule that works - I really like only having to do the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday after work. Cardio I can cheat and do something outside of the gym. Weekends are pretty easy to fit some gym time in.

ledom 03-02-2006 10:25 PM

Did my hike today. I ended up taking a rest day anyway this week instead working on through. I just needed it. But I do feel more on an even keel than I have all week. Some of the stressors in my life have resolved and I have gotten back into my routine. Went out and tried on clothes today and that was fun. I am in XL now after years of being in the 1, 2, and 3 X's and that feels great. Last night I tried things on in my closet and packed them away to take to a consignment shop. Clothes are a real motivator and benchmark for me. Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I would love to skip it but I know that I need to face the music. This will be the first week in a long time that I will have to record a gain. I think by next week I'll be able to go down though.

Angel and Gina - glad you are hanging in there with me. Tynee - where are you? Missing you. And all of the rest of Jillian's girls as well.

chick_in_the_hat 03-02-2006 10:44 PM

WTG ledom!!! No more plus sizes for you!!

:crossed: (toes, too!) that your weigh in is good news.

angel-eyes 03-03-2006 01:12 AM

That is AWESOME ledom!!! What a great feeling to be out of plus sizes!!! You sure have worked hard. Good luck with your weigh in tommorow.:hug:

ledom 03-03-2006 08:34 AM

Thanks guys. Weigh-in was as I suspected - up and out of proportion to my indescretion, but hey. I am moving on and am way inspired to live clean this weekend.

Hope you all have a good weekend, I know it is only Friday but TGIF!

tyneebutt 03-03-2006 12:19 PM

Yay ledom!! It is always nice to see the fruits of our hard labour - in this case a smaller clothing size :cheer:

Keep on going and don't give up!!

This week for me wasn't good, I caught strep throat and am now on antibiotics. I will be getting back to my routine on Monday, but I will just stick to the shorter, very intense, DVD workouts for next week. I still feel kinda weak, so I will stick to those and do my best to keep up. My eating wasn't too good, initially I lost my appetite because I was so nauseous, but then it would make me ravenous and crave the wrong things. So I am now focused on getting back to clean eating....

I am happy you all are doing so well - you are all awesome :cheer:

chick_in_the_hat 03-04-2006 03:39 PM

Chicken soup for tyneebutt...hope you are recovered. :hug:
I did Day 1 of week 6 today - kinda half assed....but I was mostly there. Tomorrow is back day :cb:
The sun is shining at the moment - time to take the scooter out for a spin!! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. :D

ledom 03-05-2006 11:03 AM

Gina - hope you had a good outing yesterday. I kayak and thought it would be warm enough and the wind would die down enough to get out yesterday but the weather just did not cooperate. On Friday, paddling conditions were perfect while I was stuck at work. I am really itching to get out on the water though and it'll be soon I hope. I am doing day one of week 6 today. I am finally getting back to my schedule as today will be my 3rd workout in a row. I'll get to rest tomorrow.

Tynee I hope your strep is improving. Take care and give yourself time to get well.

Angel, how are your ab muscles feeling. Since starting this routine I have felt myself become much stronger in that area.

I have been thinking about my workouts a lot lately. There is a little part of me that is wanting to really add some heavy lifting, different style, workouts. Like I am into muscles and having big muscles lately. Sometimes I would like to exhaust myself more in that way. But then I think how good this circuit style has been for me. Hitting my legs and abs everyday has been working well. My legs are my biggest problem area and they have really responded as have my abs. I don't want to give that up. I think during the weight losing phase this is probably the right sort of workout. I remember Jillian explaining why in her book.

Have any of you been having these thoughts of switching things up at all?

angel-eyes 03-05-2006 02:08 PM

Hi girls.
ledom.....I hear ya on the muscles!! Sometimes I catch myself drying off after a shower and I can actually see my muscles moving and see distinct definetion!!! I think...WOW...and then I flex it again just to be sure I'm seeing it. hehe...too funny. This morning, dh commented on my biceps. NOW THAT TOOK ME BY SURPRIZE!!! But yes, I have noticed my abs and my leg muscles. After I run on the treadmill (I am amazed that I can say that) I do a variety of leg stretches and about 10 minutes of full ab work. Never thought I'd say it....but I love doing situps. Took me awhile before I could build up to what I'm doing now, but it empowers me to know that I can do so many and different emphasis on different excercises. LOVE THEM!!!:carrot:

Tynee......Hang in there GF. Hope you are starting to feel better!!!

Chick.....How was your workout? and fun in the sun on your scooter? VROOOM!!!

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