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ledom 01-19-2006 12:49 PM

w 11/d 2 complete

tynee I think yoga is the perfect compliment to this regime - a way to stretch really good and at the same time use the new muscles you are making

tyneebutt 01-19-2006 01:17 PM

hey ledom,
wow, you are almost done the full cycle of jillians workout schedule. Way to Go!!
I did find that the yoga helped me with the muscle soreness and stiffness. I feel great today. I will be doing front today, when my daughter goes down for a nap. So I will be reporting back to let you know how I did. :)

Have a great day!!

tyneebutt 01-19-2006 07:10 PM

This afternoon, I did the front dvd. I wore my heartrate monitor and boy I find I really have to scale back every now and then so that my heart rate doesn't spike too high. I added 30 mins of cardio at 85% MHR. I am starting to feel sore now - I wonder how I will feel tomorrow?! Yikes :)
I will do the the back and front dvd's for another week, and then I will switch it up to the maximize front/back dvd's.
This Saturday will be interesting, since I will be attempting the Cardio kickbox dvd by jillian. I am sure she will kick my butt - but hey whatever it takes. I have to do this!!

I hope everyone here is having a wonderful day!!

Dalotajr 01-19-2006 10:41 PM

I'm new here and to WBL. I finally finished the book a couple days ago. Today was my first time doing a WO. I done Week #1 Thur workout. OMG...it kicked my butt. I have never left the gym so tried. I done all the cycles except the very last one, and replaced it with the elliptical machine for 11min (was supposed to done 40min, but my legs gave up on me).
Tracy :barbell:

tyneebutt 01-20-2006 01:24 PM

Welcome Dalotajr!!:)
Wow, the ones in the book look really tough. For the time being I will be doing her DVDs. I find that once I get past how sore I am, I really fall into a nice deep sleep.
Keep up the great work, everyday just doing her workouts IS an accomplishment!!!:carrot:

As for today I did manage to get my workout in. I nearly didn't because for some reason, right out of the blue, I felt so nauseous that I nearly threw up!! Weird!! Anyways, I grabbed the first thing I saw in the bathroom, a citrus smelling toilet cleaner and started to clean my toilet - yeah, I'm weird - and after a few minutes I felt good enough to do a workout. I promised myself that if I did feel nauseous at any time, I would just stop what I'm doing and just take it easy for today.
I am happy to say that as I got all pumped up that weird feeling left and I managed to get through the 30mins and even added another 30minutes of cardio (jogging on spot, dancing, more db rows, and reverse x-over squats). I pampered myself and I feel great now.
I am also happy to report that even though it has not been 1 week yet, I have lost 2 lbs!!!:carrot:

Thanks for listening (reading), and I hope you all are also having a wonderful day :)

ledom 01-20-2006 07:23 PM

Hey guys - just a note to welcome Dal, say hi tynee - good work! And to announce that I lost 4 lbs. this weigh-in. I am ecstatic! It works, it works, it really really works. I eat about 1400 cals a day and am pretty true to the workouts. Yes, it is neat to realize that I have almost completed the 12 weeks. I believe I'll just start over with week one when I finish. I'll decide then if I want to modify anything.

angel-eyes 01-20-2006 07:26 PM

WTG ledom!!! That is awesome, losing another 4 lbs AND finishing up the 12 week program. YOU GO GIRL!!! :cheer:

Tynee....whoa..I need to get a new toilet cleaner!!! :rofl: Great job on the workout!!!

tyneebutt 01-20-2006 08:08 PM

Yay ledom!!! Congratulations on your 4lbs lost!! Awesome stuff :) :carrot:

Angel-eyes - funny I know ;) - but a "girlz gotta do what a girlz gotta do" :dizzy:

shaunarae2 01-20-2006 09:10 PM

ledmom- Yeah on your 4 pounds! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: You have got to feel great coming near completion. What is the total you have lost during the 12 weeks?

I just did Week 4 day 4. I am happy that I got through it. Yesterday, I had to leave work because I was curling over in pain in my stomach. I went straight to the doctor who sent me to the ER. I waited in the ER for 2 hours and then I started feeling better, so I told the ER I was going home. They said my wait would have still been several more hours. I took a hot bath and went to bed and felt better this morning. Don't know what the problem was though. I was thinking appendix, but now I'm wondering if it was kidney stones. I don't have any symptoms today. I'm glad yesterday was a rest day!


SmartButt 01-21-2006 12:40 AM

Alright ledom, wooooot!!! :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: You deserve a dancing banana for each lost pound. hehehe

Despite my self-made exercise plan, I've fallen off the wagon the past 3 days. I started one as my "rest" day because I'd been on the treadmill a ton, but the last 2 weren't really supposed to be rest days. I was lucky enough to find a new job after the closing down of my work, but the schedule is different and I just haven't felt right.

I'm still keeping my eye on the 5k, and that is pushing me to really want to work out and get on that treadmill, so I haven't given up completely! :)

I'm proud of everyone!

ledom 01-21-2006 09:09 AM

Thanks guys. I knew you'd be happy for me.:love: You're all so sweet.

Last week I was bloated at weigh-in day so I think I might have already lost some fat then but it didn't show on the scale. Other than that the only thing different about this week is that I drank a lot more water. Oh, I was more active too. See, I went back to work this week, there is a water fountain right outside my office door so I found it easy to keep my water bottle filled.

I didn't record what I weighed when I started the "workout". My guess is that I have lost about 12 lbs. On Jan. 3 I started weighing and writing it down everyday so from now on I'll have a record. Since the first of August, however, I know that I have lost 30 lbs. During that time I strayed about 3 weeks around Christmas. Actually, I kept up the workouts but got into the cookies pretty heavy duty. I am hoping that in the next 6 months I can do much better than 30 lbs., but on the other hand, if I lose 30 lbs. I will be very happy.

This is day 3 of week 11 but I am going to do my cardio day out of sequence again this week. I like to hike and it is just going to be easier to do that today than it would be on Monday.

Have a good weekend everyone. Keep up the good work.

SmartButt 01-21-2006 03:37 PM

I love this board because it inspires me to want to post my exercise that I've done, and since there would be no point in lying, my brain kicks into the "well I guess you have no other choice but to do it" mode.

Today I did 40 mins on the treadmill, which is more than I can ever remember doing. I did intervals, so 9 minutes of that 40 was jogging, and the rest was walking at 3-4 mph. The total distance was 2 miles. I have to work up to 3 miles to be able to even finish the 5k I'm doing in April. I'm sure I could have done 3 miles in under an hour...but considering people win 5ks in 15 minutes, I guess I have a ways to go! hahaha

Actually I'm not trying to *win* the 5k, that's not even in my dreams. I just want to finish and not be dead at the end!

angel-eyes 01-21-2006 08:09 PM

Smartbutt....Really? people win at 15 minutes? oh no....I was thinking more of 45 minutes for me!!! I've still got a ways to go also. No workout today, my jaw is still causing me some pain even though I had my dental work done on Monday. If its still bothering me, I will go back in to her office on Monday and ask about it. I had better not have any nerve damage!!! I did buy Jillians 2pk workout dvd's...frontside and backside (?) think thats what its called. Can't wait for her to start yelling at me... :rofl:

caroldiem 01-22-2006 05:26 AM

Hey guys

Been a while since i have posted, finsihed week 2 of jillians workouts. I've been naughty with the food though, so i dont know if i have lost anything, i dont have a scale so i am taking waist, hip and stomach measurements, thats more important to me then weight. Anyway I was speaking to a colleague at work who is a bodybuilder and she was telling me that its a lot more beneficial to walk then run on the treadmill. Because when you are workign out at 85% heart rate you are burning muscle and a bit of fat but when your workign out at a lower heart rate you are just burning fat. And i knwo shes right because shes 44 and she looks amazing. I mena it makes sense she said when you run etc your body needs a quick source of energy and it goes straight to the muscle, but if your walking the body needs slow energy therefore it targets the stored fat cells. So my plan is to do Jillians workouts which takes me an hour anyway and then a 30min walk after that. And if i eat right around 1200calories a day becasue i'm short then i should be on the right track. Man this is hard work.

ledom 01-22-2006 01:23 PM

Keep up the good work Carol. I set my treadmill on 8.5 incline at 3 to 3.5 mph. It is a good steady, hard setting just shy of jogging. The incline seems to reallly target my glutes as well.

Week 11 - day 4 done.

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