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bbbabe 01-11-2006 07:26 PM

shaunarae wow only once a week, but then again her work outs are pretty much cardio and strength together, how many days does she say to do the strength?

shaunarae2 01-11-2006 08:22 PM

There are 4 strength training days where you do circuits, two on the front and two on the back. There are also 2 rest days a week. There is a lot of cardio mixed in with the circuits to get your heart rate up. She only recommends pure cardio for one day a week though.

SmartButt 01-11-2006 11:46 PM

bbbabe - if you are doing the front/back DVD workouts that are 30 mins each, Jillian says its ok (and reccommended) that you add another 30 mins of cardio in *after* the DVD. I can't manage that - the DVDs just wipe me out! But if you can, that's ideal. I think the general idea is to do an hour of some kind of workout 5 times a week, and have 2 rest days. Your body has to have SOME time to rebuild! :) So far I have no problem finding days to rest, but the exercise ones - not so much! hehehe

Actually I'm proud of myself, I've met my exercise and calorie intake goal 4 out of 5 days this week, which is fairly miraculous for me. :carrot:

chick_in_the_hat 01-12-2006 01:20 AM

Smartbutt - what did you post doing BL commercial breaks, or what? 4 out of 5 days is pretty danged good!! :cb: Sounds like it pays to create your own brilliant plan :D

I lived through Thursday of week 11....whew! I got more chances to practice my jumping squats...I'm still faking it on the jumping sumo squats. On the other hand - sumo squats are getting better...:p

DH actually volunteered to walk the dog with me tonight...the dog was trippin...cause DH never comes along. He kept looking around with a "save me" look on his face...let's just say the pace is different with DH along. No time for sniffing daisies...:faint: or peeing on them..:joker:

BL was good tonight - I like Red Team - but I might be partial...:cool: I think that they started bigger makes it easier for them to lose more...if the time frame is long enough...the show is kinda cagey about how long it is. We'll know next week!

bbbabe 01-12-2006 07:33 AM

smartbutt that is what i am trying to do do the 2 dvd's 2xs each and then jump on treadmill right after for 1/2 hour its really hard cause her workuts are so tough imo
Yeah on making your goal for the week !!!!!

Gina I was flipping between BL and Lost. I missed how much the red team lost but I saw that they won the weigh in

SmartButt 01-12-2006 10:19 AM

Chick - I hopped on the computer as soon as it was over. I'm just a fast typer I guess! hehehe

I was bummed that it wasn't on until 9, I'd hoped to be on the treadmill while watching to pass the time, but no such luck. Good thing though, I can't get NBC on my tv that's in the exercise room.

bbbabe - on the red team, the guy lost 30 lbs and the girl lost 25! I was floored! The guy looked like he'd shrunk a bit, but I couldn't tell a lot on the girl. I could see a little in her face. I can't wait for next week! I know the blonde on the blue team will be gorgeous if she gets fit, she has that type of face that's really photogenic.

ledom 01-12-2006 11:21 AM

week 10 = day 2 - good and strong today

chick_in_the_hat 01-12-2006 11:14 PM

Friday of Week 11....jumping lunges aren't nearly as bad as they sound....20 side planks on the other hand....ooof. Stairstepper? Nothing but pure unadulterated fun. :p (Ya shoulda seen me the first time I tried one of those thingies...I didn't get it that I wasn't supposed to let myself hit the floor).

bbbabe 01-13-2006 08:22 AM

I bought the book yesterday

I am going to do the frontside dvd this am

for those of you who have been doing her workouts for awhile, can u post your results? what differences do you see in yourself? pounds lost, inches? muscle definitions etc

shaunarae2 01-14-2006 12:19 PM

I just finished Week 3 day 5. I am down 7 pounds! :carrot: I think that week 3 and 4 are easier than 1 and 2, but maybe I'm just getting stronger too. Some things that were hard for me to do at first are now getting more manageable. I'm so happy with my results. I'm also seeing some muscles pop out on my arms that weren't there before. If I keep at it, maybe I can have arms like Jillian. This is all very exciting! Tomorrow is a cardio day for me. I will probably do step aerobics or Jillian's cardio kickbox DVD.

tyneebutt 01-14-2006 12:22 PM

Way to Go Girl!!
Yay shaunarae2!!! You go girl!!! :carrot:

7lbs is awesome!!! Keep up your amazing work, and please continue to keep us posted ;)

ledom 01-14-2006 01:40 PM

:high: Shaunarae that is too cool! :carrot: You are doing something right there wouldn't you say.

Just finished day 3 of week 10. It does, get easier....and harder...hmmmm...

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to do my cardio out of sequence. Some friends want to hike so I'll do day 4 on Monday.

chick_in_the_hat 01-14-2006 11:48 PM

Yay shaunarae!! :high:

I did day 1 of week 12 today...it felt great!! I'm still not doing the cardio parts for the time Jillian suggests - like jog for 2 minutes (or a typo in the book that says 20 minutes :lol:)...I just go long enough to keep my heart rate up. Sometimes I do a quick jog after everything....:cb:

BTW - I got the Front & Back DVD's from Amazon yesterday - I just watched them so far. They look pretty kick (!).....the moves are pretty much the same stuff from the book - but I found it quite useful to see the moves done. I figured out why sumo squats were so dang hard for me - I was trying to keep my feet in a straight line with each other. I pointed them a little more forward today and even did a few jumping sumo's. :carrot: I need to find a step to do the DVD's...

angel-eyes 01-15-2006 10:59 AM

Hey girls.....Dh just joined a new gym and yesterday was dh's day with his trainer and I tagged along. At first he was going to do an assessment of me also, but I said that wasn't fair since I wasn't a member there and the time really was for dh. Very cool.....he interviewed dh for his goals, then measured and did the body fat %/BMI next. The explainations about the equipment and proper form was very interesting and certainly helped me alot. After that, we both did the dynamic workout. This is a 9 minute cardio session from lunges, jumping jacks, pushups, plank, high knees, low rows with tube, etc....The combination of it all works your heartbeat from a low excersion then pumps it up to a very high excersion and then brings it back down to a low excersion all throught the workout. VERY COOL!!! Its the recovery time that really is beneficial, and the result is called "cardio conditioning" I hope this makes sense. I know deep in my heart.....there is no way I could have done this months ago if it had not been for Jillians workout. Its very similiar in the way she gets your heart rate up with the jump rope/or jumping jacks in the circuits. AND I COULD ACTUALLY PLANK!!! :carrot: :D

Awesome job Shaunarae...!!!! 7 lbs is fantastic!!!

SmartButt 01-15-2006 12:58 PM

Cool that you got to see the DVDs, chick! Although I wonder if you got them just to see the "excited" guy....hahaha j/k I've been doing more treadmill and elliptical while working some of Jillian's moves inbetween, rather than her videos, lately, but my ultimate goal is to get back into them.

My sister, who lost about 30-35 pounds a few years ago, has one of those "now that i'm thin I know everything there is to know about getting thin" attitudes, and she told me just to give up on thinking I'll ever have toned arms again. That swinging fat under my upper arm really annoys the **** out of me (especially in photos) and I'm super-looking forward to toning up and losing weight and seeing it shrink up. BUT, because SHE has never been able to do it, and insists we must have the same "genes", she tells me just to give up.

But here's the key: she refuses to work out with weights. Sure, she does a few machines, but she doesn't use hand weights so she can't even trigger the right muscle groups! I'm more determined than ever to do arm exercises and prove her WRONG! :D

I've updated my ticker below to reflect where I am - 1 lb above where I was at my lowest before the holidays, so still workng on it, but that was 2 lbs down from last week, so I'm content!

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