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angel-eyes 10-27-2005 06:12 PM

:sssh: ssshhhhh....she scares me too!! Kinda glad this is anonymous (sp?) so she can't show up on my doorstep and say.... :drill: move it move it!!!
Actually, what am I saying? that would be very cool!!!

SunnyKells 10-27-2005 07:31 PM

Wow ... thanks Jillian! The little kid is my niece, sorry to make your clock tick sista ... she makes my clock tick too. So I have to say, thank you thank you thank you for not taking away my diet soda! Every other time I've been "on the road to losing weight" I was told no soda whatsoever and it is something I just really struggle with! So you made my whole day there!
Another thing ... I have 100% NO support in losing weight from anyone around me in my daily life... in fact, people are doing EVERYTHING in their power to keep me from succeeding - yeah you're probably thinking I hang out w/ really rotten mean people but it's just so hard to do this with no one to talk to about it (besides this amazing group of gals) and no one to keep me going ... but you taking time out of your busy schedule helps so much because even if I don't have the same questions as these gals, all your answers help keep me on the right track ... so really I just wanted to thank you BIG TIME for being the wonderful person you are!

Much love to ya sista!

Daisy Boo 10-27-2005 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by Jen415
HOW do I get over this mental block I have about these workouts?? :?:

Hi Jen - Im with you here :) I am not 300lb, but was a little overwhelmed with my first workout. I was so down on myself that I couldn't make it through the workout all the way (I did 4 out of the 5 circuits). However, after posting in the check in thread some great suggestions came from the girls.

IMO - do what you are physically capable of. If you go too hard you will probably (if you are anything like me) get completely disheartened and just throw it all in the air. Take it slow, gradually build up - remember anything is better than nothing. positive affirmations are also a great way to get past your mentality. good luck :D

flipafart 10-27-2005 10:05 PM

You guys have got to read winning by losing Jillian does indeed rock

angel-eyes 10-27-2005 10:30 PM

okay.....I know we are all thinking this.....



Ilene 10-27-2005 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by flipafart
You guys have got to read winning by losing Jillian does indeed rock


Jen415 10-28-2005 08:45 AM


Originally Posted by angel-eyes
okay.....I know we are all thinking this.....



Huh what?

5-09/234 10-28-2005 10:43 AM

Jillian, Is your book Winning by losing helpful to men? Or geared mainly for women.

angel-eyes 10-28-2005 12:56 PM

Hi Jillian. Question for you.....

I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and find it extremely difficult to do any type of plank or pushup. Is there another excercise that I can do? Currently I am trying a very modified one .......where I balance with my legs extended on a ball while lowered on my forearms and curl my legs in under my hips. I don't think I'm actually working the same muscle groups but I thought its better than nothing.

tobethinner 10-28-2005 04:08 PM


I am an ER nurse. I work 2 days a week 1 day is 1700-0530, and the other day is 1500-0330. Since I'm not sure what time a can take dinner I usually end up snacking most of the shift. Do you have a recommendation on how to split up my cals? When I get home from the 0530 shift I stay up to take my son to school. I'm usually in bed by 900. On the 0330 days I'm in bed by 0430 but up at 0700 to take my son to school and back in bed by 0900.

Thanks for the help!!

lizziness 10-28-2005 11:31 PM

(I will never complain about my schedule again)

I think that this is so great. I am also a little worried that the exercise will kill me the first day and I'll never want to do it again. :) Any thoughts on how to stay motivated to keep going? Obviously there is the incentive of feeling and looking better and living longer - but sometimes I need something a little more day to day - because all those things happen in the future, you know?

I haven't finished reading the book and am looking forward to starting the exercises and journal as well as the program... am just feeling a little apprehensive, like the gals above. :)

laxchic22 10-29-2005 09:23 AM

HI Jillian,
I wanted to ask you if there is any connection to being a specific body shape and being a fast,balanced or slow oxidizer. I am almost positive that I am a fast oxidizer and I am definately a pear shape. I was just wondering if this was a coincidence or not.

PS. The book is great and investing in a heart rate monitor was the best thing I could have done for my new gym routine thanks again!!!

PSS. Pete made me cry this week he and his wife were so cute!!


andreaphilip3 10-30-2005 04:31 PM

hi jillian!:)
i too think you rock and just wondered if you have any tips for someone who has Cerebral Palsy?

sajadela 10-31-2005 07:17 PM


I need some advice on the 'management' of certain foods that I would avoid if I was perfect.

Jillian, I'm waiting for your book to arrive *impatiently* but, can anyone tell me if this issue is addressed? I know that my focus needs to be on healthy eating and intense training (all good so far) but I'm not sure what to do about naughty foods. I would like to know how someone like Jillian.. fit and lean.. approaches this. I know that some programs have a 'free day' but this doesn't work for me. So.. what do people do?
Is it best just to harden up and forget about chocolate ganache? or..
have a system... one meal a week, only on special occassions or what? I'd just like to know what is working for people.
I'm in the process of losing those last 15lbs that keep recurring.

Question for Jillian. You say that you maintain on 1600 cals a day, exercising 4 days a week. I think my maintenance will be about the same (unfortunately..). Do you eat less on your rest days and more on training days? Do you still monitor your calories or is it pretty much hardwired into your brain now and you don't need to give it so much conscious thought?
The reason I ask is because I have repeatedly met my goal weight and failed to maintain it, even with exercise. The problem is nutrition. It's really frustrating. It takes a lot of work to get there and then .. what? I need to organise my brain now so that when I get there again I know how to proceed. I want to know what successful maintainers do!

I'm really looking forward to the book arriving, I've heard soooo many people raving about it, including my man.. he was appreciating the cover art greatly. :D

andreaphilip3 11-01-2005 12:36 PM

im just moving this up so jillian has easy access when she gets here:)

OzLoserToBe 11-01-2005 08:34 PM

Was compelled to register.
*wiping the tears from my eyes*
:angel: Jillian you're an angel. Thankyou so much.

andreaphilip3 11-03-2005 04:32 PM


Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 09:17 PM

Hellow again!
Hello again my lovelies,

Just checking in on my girls! Gonna jump right in and start answering! See below.

kisses and hugs to all of you!


Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 09:22 PM

Hi there Petra,

How the heck are ya momma? I am sorta gonna cheat on my answer to your body fat question. Check out this link http://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com...ercentage.html

this link will show you what is considered, normal, athletic, abnormal etc. with regard to body fat percentage.

Still, to answer your question about health and body fat: For the body to function normally and healthily a certain amount of body fat is required. This is called essential fat. For women the average amount of essential fat is 12% of bodyweight and for men it is 3%.

Trying to achieve a body fat percentage that is so low it affects your essential fat stores is NOT good for your health.

Does this help at all?

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 09:24 PM

Rocker - I am not forgetting about you... I am gonna study your diet tonight when I get back from my dinner and see if we can't get start melting some fat off you asap! By the way, since your last post... has there been any change?

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 09:26 PM

Also - my fat photo (ugghhh) and sample menu's will be posted by monday! Promise. Little backed up these days... bare with me.

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 09:36 PM

Jen - you are so cute. Don't be scared or discouraged :-) I won't hurt ya... well, maybe just a little. Seriously, the key is to push yourself to YOUR limit. Not my limit or anyone elses for that matter. Remember the part about doing cardio? In the book I ask you to work at 85% of your MHR. What it will take to get you to 85% is totally different then what it will take to get me to 85% and so on. Listen, I won't be the one to tell you "oh just do what you can or just 8 minutes in the morning" blah blah blah. Listen, that stuff is placating and condesending. You are better off being told that it takes work because it does. But, that doesn't mean you have to hurt yourself or work at a level you are not ready for. The whole point of pushing you is to empower you not to disempower you. How about this, you put in 4 hours a week at and push yourself as much as you can. If you can't do what's in the book right away SO WHAT! You WILL get there... just keep pushing. Don't be scared... start out with 30 min of resistance training and 30 minutes of cardio. Does this make sense? Listen to your body - you will know when you can do more and when you need to lighten up. Also, eleanor Roosevelt said you should do something every day that scares you... when you conquer your fears it can only make you stronger. I promise you Jen - you CAN TOTALLY DO THIS. I think you have no idea what you are capable of... take the leap. It's the only way to move towards change momma. I am right here to help in case you get scared again.

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 09:37 PM

Mrs. T - you are adorable... Angel Eyes - don't make me track you down... I am not above it.

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 09:39 PM

Ok - I am not sure who posted this question, but the answer is NO. My book is not geared only towards woman at all. It is specifically geared towards anyone who is looking to lose weight and gain lean muscle not bulk. If you look at my team on BL trhis year they are all men and everything I advocate in my book I applied to my team. :-)

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 09:42 PM

Angel - You can modify your push ups so they don't irritate your wrists. Try doing the push ups on your fists so that your wrists are straight the entire time. You will need to put a towel or a pad under your knuckles obviously for padding, but it shouldn't strain your wrists at this angle. Also, why don't your try dumbbell presses? Make sure and angle your knuckles up towards the cieling so your wrists are straight and try not to grip the dumbbells to tightly. Let me know how this works out for ya...

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 09:54 PM


Whoa, that is a brutal schedule buddy. Ok, I am not quite sure how much of the day you are actually sleeping because you put your time in bed, but not when you woke up before work. Let's go by the following guidelines. Let's start your day from whenever you get out of bed and account for 24 hours from that point. So for example if you are getting up at 1400 that would be when your day technicly begins and it would run for 24 hours through 1400 the next day. You will be spreading your daily calorie allowance over that 24 hour period. Now then, here are a few basic guidelines: 1. NEVER SKIP MEALS. You should make sure you never go over 4 hours without eating. The only exception to this rule is when you are sleeping. I would start your day at 1400 with what would normally be considered breakfast. I would take in about 1/4 of your daily cals at this time. Then at 1800 I would have a small snack (bout 100 cals). Then at 2200 I would have what would normally be considered lunch. I would take in about 1/4 of your cals in this meal. Then at 0200 I would have another small snack (about 100 cals). Then right when you finish work at about 0600 I would eat what would normally be dinner, take your son to work and SACK OUT! If this doesn't appeal to you or you can't get a normal meal break it is ok to snack as long as you don't lose track of your calories. YOu can even snack every two hours - it's all up to you. The only two rules you have to abide by is don't go over 4 hours without eating when you are awake and don't eat over you calorie allowance in and 24 hour period. Hope this helps a bit... Keep doing gods work buddy!
All my best,

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 10:01 PM

Lizster a.k.a lizziness... I get that you guys are apprehensive, but just imagine in your head how you are going to feel AFTER the workout. YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL SO GOOD! I HATE them gym myself. Honestly I do, but I find my motivation inside me. I think about how I want to feel about my body. Honestly, when I don't feel good about myself physically I am less comfortable in every aspect of my life. My love life suffers. I get insecure professionaly etc. I tell myself everytime I head out the door to the gym - you are gonna feel so good when this is over. Then I start to think about all the things that will come from me going. I visualize my body strong and fit. I think about how if I look healthy it will motivate others etc. YOu need to ask yourself WHY you want to change. THAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION. Look inside yourself... do you want to fall in love? Do you want to be more confident at work? Do you want to live longer? Do you want to feel strong and powerful and help others to feel the same way? Think of it like this... if you buy a beautiful home - I am willing to bet (unless you are paris hilton) that you had to work for the money to buy that home... but it sure is worth it once you are living there. It's the same thing with a healthy body. It takes work to build a healthy body, but it sure is worth it once your are living in it :-)

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 10:05 PM

Hi Lax Chic,

I am so glad you are liking the heart rate monitor - it is an excellent tool to help you guage the intensity levels of your workouts!

As for Pete... he and his wife Pam are wonderful wonderful people. I can't say enough good things about them. I absolutely adore them both... my boy Pete especially!

Now to your quesiton: Is there any relation to oxidative rates and body shape. I have not been able to find one. I have tried and tried to find a correlation between the two and I have been unable. I have met slow, balanced, and fast oxidizers of all shapes and sizes. I will say that I have found most men to fall more towards fast oxidizers and most women to be more balanced.

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 10:21 PM

Dear Andrea,

Thanks! I think you guys all rock too. As for your cerebral palsy quesiton...

In my opinion and in my experience the best exercise program for those with cerebral palsy is based in intensive physical therapy and also utilizes elements of other methods such as PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), NDT (nuerodevelopmental treatment), sensory integration, strength training and PWBTT (partial weight bearing treadmill training), massage, stretching and manual therapy.

To be truthful, this is way beyond the scope of my knowledge :-( I would recommend seeking out a physical therapist who specializes in working with people cerebral palsy patients. Wish I could be more helpful here....

Jillian Michaels 11-03-2005 10:23 PM

Sajadela - have not forgotten you... will get to your question after dinner :-)

andreaphilip3 11-03-2005 10:40 PM

dear jillian,
thanks for the input. ... im actually impresed bc im 34, and i walk w crutches and i dont even know what any of those things are..... but certainly worth finding out. thanks again!

SunnyKells 11-03-2005 10:45 PM

Miss Jillian ... how I adore you so.
I had the worst day today but seeing you post and reading all your great advice to everyone has cheered me up a bit ...
Listen girl ... I got your book last friday and I've been reading like a crazy ho and just love how honest you are (for once someone tells it like it freaking is) here's the deal ... I'm wondering -- I also got your Shape up front & Shape up back videos and so I've been doing them everyday -- is that cool if I follow your plan but do your videos instead of the workouts in the back of the book or would you say to do those instead or what should I do? I REALLY love your videos and damn do they ever kick my a$$ but I feel so good when I'm done. But I don't want to screw it up!
So is it normal to start out SUPER gung ho and then kinda crash? Like I haven't screwed up or anything, still counting my calories, doing my journal, doing your workout, but I'm so emotionally exhauted and burned out already ... I just feel so discouraged ... anyway honestly you saved my day by coming on here girl ... my day went from total & complete sh*t to just ... better :)
Much love to you.

angel-eyes 11-04-2005 12:18 AM

Hi Jillian!!! Thankyou so much for taking the time to read all of our questions and be so dear as to ANSWER THEM ALL AT ONCE!!! Holy cow, you must have been on a mission. I will definitely try the substitutions you suggested, and already I can see some 'curve' definition poking through the arm flab. :lol: Thanks a bunch. {{hugs}}

Jillian Michaels 11-04-2005 12:46 AM

Ok SaJster...

First of all ELIMINATE the word naughty from your vocabulary... at least when it comes to food ;-) You have to completely abandong the "all or nothing" mentality. The only way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF is by building your lifestyle on the middle ground. In other words, there is not such a thing as a "bad" food. There are foods that are unhealthy, but you can and must (for mental sanity) work unhealthy foods into a healthy lifestyle. For example: your chocolate ganache... normally I would try to find some lower cal substitutions for you so can eat a bigger treat (more volume). Regardless, we all have our "thing" that we can't live with out. Mine is the Reeses Big Cup... SO GOOOOOOD! Now there is a Reeses Big Cup that has whole P-nuts in it... I tell you those people at Hershey's have really got their thinking caps on... whoa. Ok, sorry about that... back to you. If their is something you can't live without like Choclate Ganache here is what you should do - find out how many calories are in it and then work it into your calorie allowance! Truthfully you can eat whatever the heck you want in moderation and then you won't feel deprived. I mean is there an ideal "diet" for you to lose weight - sure there is and my book will help you figure out what that is. But that said, you have to be able develop a healthy way of life in order to keep weight off - diets don't work because they are temporary programs and present no options for long term.

As for maintenance - the reason my cals are so low is because I am freakin teeny. Honestly, I am 5'2... pathetic I know. That makes my metabolism much lower then you guys probably :-( Plus, I don't always stick to 1600 cals. I definately have days where I go over my cals and that is the reason I exercise... to keep from gaining when I go over.

As for the whole cheat day idea - I personally don't like it. The reason I don't like it is because there are no boundaries. People can diet all week only to gain it all back in one day with a "cheat day". Plus, you live all week for that "cheat day" and then go crazy. I would much prefer you have chocolate ganache every day and work it into your calories then to take a "cheat day", go wild, and consume 5,000 cals in one day. I know 5,000 cals sound extreme, but it isn't hard to do at all. I mean the bloomin onion at outback steak house alone is like 2600 cals for goodness sake. If you do opt for the concept of a cheat day make sure and give yourself a limit. For example, on your cheat day allow yourself 2,200 cals. Just make sure and do the math... it's all in the math.

You asked me if I still count my calories... YUP. Now, I don't need to weigh my food or measure it anymore. It has become second nature to me. I can pretty much eyeball portion sizes and because I eat alot of the same stuff I already know how caloric the food is. If I don't know I just look it up in my Calorie King Pocket Counter (this thing is INVALUABLE) You must have one - it is the very first thing I give to my team. They all get the Calorie King book, a journal, and a heart rate monitor. Tools of the trade :-)

hope this helps a little...


Jillian Michaels 11-04-2005 01:00 AM

SunnyK -

Buddy you are doing so good... why discouraged? Instead of feeling deflated you should feel elated... and PROUD. Proud of yourself for taking steps to get heatlhy. Proud that your are hanging with me in those freakin videos. Have you done the cardio kick box yet. That is the only one that I do all the way through and I am like falling apart in it.

You asked me if the videos are enough... the only thing I don't like about the videos is that they are 30 minutes. I had to do that because the marketing shows that people who work out at home won't commit to anything longer. Whatever... if you can add a little cardio after doing the video... or, one thing I tell people to do is to do each circuit one more time. In other words, rewind the dvd after you have done the circuit twice and do one extra set of every thing. This way you are doing everything three times not two times. If not, it's still an *** kicker. Don't worry about it.

It breaks my heart to hear you say you are discouraged... why? You are doing everything right... and even if you weren't who cares. Your human - you SUPPOSED TO MAKE MISTAKES. Mistakes are nothing but learning experiences. But you are not even making any mistakes. Buddy, for reals... you need to have a little perspective and give yourself a HUGE PAT ON THE BACK.

p.s. Sending many pats on the back with hugs too from here on my sofa... (Bob says I am not allowed to say couch anymore). So is my dog. He's sending them too.

SunnyKells 11-04-2005 01:14 AM

Hey sister ... discouraged .. you ask why. Oh Lord dare I go there ... Okay I do feel proud of myself for taking the initial step to lose the weight and I've been doing awesome, I will admit that. Here's the thing missy ... I've been down this road and turned around and put every pound right back on and my family & friends LOOOOOVE to remind me of that. I really have no support in this, it's kinda like "hahahaha, she's so gonna do this for nothing" and then I've got a rotten hooch I work with that loves to throw in my face that I'm overweight and I just want to pull her hair out. I'm really not a violent person but for me, it's so hard to stay strong when everything works against you. I just feel so alone in my battle here and overall it is a thing for me and I need to be strong but it would be nice to have a fan (as you say in your book) or a role model (actually that's you so I am covered there :) )
Anyway I had a feeling you were gonna say that about your videos ... dang girl, 3 sets? hahaha I will definitely do that ... I don't want to quit doing your videos that's for sure. I can't wait to get the cardio kickbox one, it's on back order but it's coming :)
Awwww thank you for your support ... you make me feel better. I am kinda lost in this point in my life so sometimes everything gets to me or I get a little stressed out and freak out -- oh you know crazy girl emotions. Anyway though, you keep me goin girl. Sometimes I feel like I only have you - there on my little TV - when I get home from work, the first thing I do is your workout video ... you have no idea what you do for me there sister ... if it weren't for you I'd have definitely bagged this already. So I know you don't like to take credit but seriously thank you, I would not be so motivated without you HERE ... your book & your videos ... you are just my motivator and my role model and I just love ya.
What's Bob's deal with the couch? hahhaa
Thanks for cheering me up Jillian, you rock!

sajadela 11-04-2005 06:11 AM

Thanks!... what's wrong with 'couch'?
Is it more correct to say 'sofa'? In my lounge there is a 'couch' and a 'futon' (which folds out to be a bed) and a beanbag - which I think belongs to the cats and seems to be made of cat hair... it's that time of year over here in NZ. Is a lazy person a 'sofa potato'?

Jillian, Thanks so much for your reply. Nice to know you are human. I've no idea what a 'reeses' is but it sounds peanuty and chocolately and that's ALRIGHT.

Eating 5000 cals on a free day is no feat at all. Left uncontrolled I am a total piglet and could eat twice that. This is why I must develop a strategy if I want to get and stay lean. I'm totally p.o'd (I believe this is a nice forum where people don't generally use bad language..) with the lose-gain-lose cycle so I'm determined to do what you suggest and allow a few quality treats within my calorie limit. I'm sure I can muster the self control for it, after all .. who's in control of the hands here? me or the inner fatty?

One thing I've noticed though is that it's waaay better to make my regular meals appealing. This is just because, yeah, it's nice to have a treat, but ultimately they are too calorie dense and eat up the calorie budget with too little real volume or nutrition.

I just finished my first week of training 'Jillian style' and it really kicked my butt. Eating was good for 5 days and went completely sideways and out the window for 2 days (i.e. I think I maintained or maybe even gained a little due to ..er.. stupidity). I have set my goal to be 52kg by April 1 next year (sooo doable if I haul *** and don't wimp out on myself). I'm also a weeny 5' 2" and currently about 62kg.

Hmmm... no question in this post. Just wanted to blab on a bit.. ;)

Edit: Scale weight loss for the week was 1kg (I think that's 2.2lb) in spite of two 'power eating' days. It looks like all those 6am cardio sessions are worth it. :D *though I hate them so...*

sajadela 11-04-2005 06:29 AM

For SunnyK
Don't worry about what people say or what you imagine they might be thinking. The only important thing is the voice in your head is the real (strong) you. Don't be bullied by your own internal dialogue.
I lost heaps of weight and what I found is that friends and family have a sort of image of you and when you begin to contradict that then THEY feel odd and insecure. But you don't have to get caught up in that - that's THEIR stuff, not yours. Don't dwell on having 'been there' with losing and gaining - that's a waste of energy. This time is new and different and you have skills you didn't have then. You can be who you want to be... so go be it. Hope that helps. You can do it.

skinnyjeans 11-04-2005 08:56 AM

Hopefully a quick question for you. Some of us were wondering how often we should recalculate our weekly calories intake. Obviously as we drop weight we don't need as many cals and need to adjust. What do you suggest. Once a month? Every 5 lb or 10 lb?

angel-eyes 11-04-2005 09:24 AM

Okay...just to be devil's advocate.....I always say "chesterfield"....HAHAHAHA

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