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GinaXOXO 11-18-2005 08:39 AM

OzLosertobe: That is too bad. The good thing is that you have a lot of support here so you can still do it!! That bookworm seems to be looking at me waiting for a response.

Jen415 11-18-2005 09:26 AM

Ozzie: that sucks! Oh well.....at least you made the short list!

veggiemum75 11-18-2005 10:53 AM

Jillian's dvd's

Originally Posted by GinaXOXO
Veggiesmom: you are doing so well! :cp: The changes you are making are inspirational. What do you think of the dvdís??

Hi Gina :) I absolutely LOVE the dvd's - they're very simply choreographed. No fancy steps to learn. Just good old calisthenics and toning moves to get you into gear and working hard. Like I said, it's almost as good as having Jillian in the room - I think so anyways :)

For me, if I'm going to stick to an exercise routine, it has to be simple and easy to follow and I have to really like the instuctor so I really lucked out with these!

I've had my diet pretty well under control for a little over a month now, but without exercise, I wasn't seeing the scale move at all but once I added the dvd's I started inching downward and once I added the hour of cardio before bed, it's like something finally just shifted into gear for me! :carrot: :D

veggiemum75 11-18-2005 10:58 AM

OzLoserToBe - I'm so sorry to hear you didn't get chosen, but please don't let it discourage you...! I was starting to think I could never do this on my own but I've really surprised myself and if I can do this, ANYONE can!!!

Ilene 11-18-2005 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by GinaXOXOI
really feel that planning is essential for me. I think many of us know how easy it is to grab the wrong type of food if the right food is too difficult.

I love this saying : " If you fail to plan, you plan to fail " I think planning is crucial and as time goes by it the planning becomes second nature...

OzLoserToBe 11-18-2005 05:26 PM

Gina, Jen, Veggie,

Thanks guys I appreciate it. Of course it's dissapointing because I actually truely believed I would make a great addition to the show. But I'm fine with it and there was some cool people at the audition. And of course there is no reason in the world I should sit and think I need or deserve this chance more than anyone else that applied.

The only thing that is bothering me is that I'm usually a really tough person, very caring, but tough so that no-one absolutely no-one really knows how much I'm hurting inside. The desire to get on the show and other timely circumstances made me completely open up and this group of strangers got a glimpse of the person inside me. That doesn't bother me, however the thought of the video they took during the auditions ever getting shown makes me feel quite sick to the stomach. I am trying to ignore the thought and hope that it never happens. :(

Oh and Gina, yes the worm was looking directly at you. :smug:

RachelleS 11-18-2005 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by Jillian Michaels
Rachelle S - I didn't see Petra's answer... Damn she's good.

She is and I am sorry I haven't thanked her before this -

Thank you Petra for answering my questions and your very informative post.

I do know that my body is one that reacts the opposite of what is suppose to happen. For example, I can't take codine - it winds me up soooo bad. If it says to take a medication at night because it causes sleepiness, I have to take it in the morning, years ago I took hydroxycut for two months and didn't lose ONE pound - and thank goodness it didn't hurt my body worse and it did swear me off taking pills, if there is a 1% chance of me being allergic to a medication, I will be that 1% which has actually happen - the list goes on. I haven't noticed eating more after the shots or increasing my appetite but I will watch out for that!!!

Thanks again, Rachelle

EZMONEY 11-18-2005 06:37 PM


I just saw this site, I am on the Christian Encouragers site and usually don't venture out of there. I love the show...and how you can make grown men cry :( :lol:

You may not be able to help me with my question, but if you can that would be way cool! My daughter doesn't have an athletic bone in her body, yet she was able to push herself (out of love for the sport) to be able to play college tennis. She is working now as a research anaylst, in San Diego, doing work with NAVY SEALS and NAVY fighter pilots on the effects of stress on their muscles etc. She is looking at graduate programs for childhood obesity, leaning towards USC masters program...my question is..."ANY ADVICE?" for her, just in case you know someone in that field...she is really looking for direction so she can help the kiddos.

Thanks for what you are doing to help those in need of your services...love the show!

petra65 11-18-2005 08:39 PM

Gina-I suppose your idea for adapting WW points to the 40/30/30 plan could work except there are few foods that are purely protein, carb, or fat so it could get almost as tricky as trying to follow the Zone. I think others have probably already recommended you use a program like Fitday or Dietpower because they will give you the breakdown of how much of each macronutrient is in your food. Don't strive for perfection, just do the best you can.

happydaisy 11-18-2005 10:29 PM

EZMoney - what cool work your daughter does! I'm afraid if I was in charge of studying the muscles of SEALS not a whole lot would get done. ;) Not much productive anyway, just a whole lot of me drooling. :dizzy: That must be so satisfying for her working on such an interesting topic in a time when it is so relevant. Good luck to her. :)

EZMONEY 11-18-2005 10:34 PM

HAPPYDAISY ~ Thanks for the notice on my daughter...but...what could possibly interest her working with these young men? My goodness...she is only 22 ;)

My*Best*Life 11-19-2005 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by Jillian Michaels
Phatbutt - I DO NOT LIKE your log in name... can't we give you a new nick name....? Something that suggests your resolve, wit, intelligence and beauty. How about Smart *** :-) or Bootylicious. I simply can't bare responding to you with the name "PHATBUTT". Ok, now to your question - People who have reduced their calories on starvation diets or even those who have battled with eating disorders generally will damage their metabolism and slow it down. This is not permanant, however in order to bring your metabolism back up to speed you have to GRADUALLY increase your calorie intake - about 100 calories every two weeks until you work back up to at least 1200. Also, the only way to get your metabolic engine firing again quickly is EXERCISE. This will help you start gaining a some of your lean tissue back (starvation diets cause a big loss of lean muscle) and it will help you burn calories while you are doing it and even boost your metabolism for up to 24 hours after.

Don't be discouraged by the scale. It can generally take up to two months to get your body regulated again. Just know that even though the scale might not reflect progress you are actively healing your body and gaining strength every day.

Soon enough that scale will go down if you can tolerate the adjustment period.

xo - j

HI GIRLS!!! *waving*

This is my first ever post here! (I'm a little shy). I've been reading and reading all of these posts since I discovered Ms. Jillian was responding to so many questions you all asked, which seemed to be many of the same ones I had!

Seeing all of your little tickers is so motivating for me! You are all so sweet and helpful towards eachother, just the type of people I want to be around!

Thank you Jillian, for the above post! This is exactly what I need to know! I pm'd you about this! (a LONG pm-sorry) I have been working out for 5 weeks straight, 5 times a week, sometimes 6 and only lost 2-3 pounds. It's so discouraging. I keep telling my mom that I think my metabolism is D E A D. She doesn't believe I haven't lost any for as much as I have been working out (she hasn't seen me either). Boy will she have a big surprise when I see her on Thanksgiving. Bigger than I have ever been and working out more than ever. :( I sure hope my body kicks in soon!!!

THANK YOU for being such a GREAT MOTIVATOR!!!!!!!!! I truly take everything you say to heart!! ((((BIG HUGS)))) :hug: I wish I could have you train me for one month, I bet then I'd see a difference!!! ;)

now....to go find your book! :carrot:

Hotgirl 11-19-2005 11:51 AM

Hi Jillian,
I don't have your book yet, I hope to get it next week. I'm 5'4" and this time last year I was 153lbs hoping to lose 15 or 20 lbs, instead I gained 10. I know my eating has not been very clean and that's definitely to blame. My concern is the weight is all on my stomach, I have measurements of 39", 36(or so)", 38". I feel like I try to eat clean, lose weight from my butt, where I don't need to lose and then end up putting back weight on my gut. I actually fear going on an eating plan, as I feel like I will end up worse. I do enjoy exercise, to a certain extent. But I have fibromyalgia and other physical problems and as soon as I feel I'm doing good with a program I get derailed by pain or sickness, so I end up ramping up over and over. I would appreciate and thoughts, suggestions, "catalytic" statements you have for me. Also do you have modifications for the exercises in your book? Thanks.

beth_anne_j 11-19-2005 08:53 PM


What an amazing, great person you are! You are so helpful and supportive- it is easy to see what a kind hearted person you are. Thanks so much for taking your time to post here to answer questions for everyone.
I just ordered your book and 2 of your DVD's from amazon today and I am really excited to get them.
I have kind of been in a weight loss stall lately. I have been trying to lose weight since April of this year and I have lost 53 pounds, but I never really exercised much (I have my suspicions that my lack of exercise caused my plateau). Now the scale is stuck at 235 pounds and I still have 90 more pounds to lose.
I am really psyched to get your book so I can start your plan. I think it will really shake things up for me.

happydaisy 11-19-2005 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by EZMONEY
HAPPYDAISY ~ Thanks for the notice on my daughter...but...what could possibly interest her working with these young men? My goodness...she is only 22 ;)

:lol: :lol: You're right. What was I thinking? ;)

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