Season 16

  • It's all athletes this time. I think the producers picked this theme because everyone was so disappointed last season about how thin the winner got. I don't think these athletes will be able to become underweight because if all their muscles.
    2 new trainers and the eliminated player goes to Bob. Another good idea.
    What did you all think?
  • I agree InATizzy ! I think I am really going to like this show ! I like the new trainer . I believe change is good ! I would love to be starting a new Challenge here with 3fc to play along with the show . How the get something new started soon if that's possible ! The show really motivates me along with a challenge here !
  • I hate the fact that Bob is not on the ranch....Bob has been on the biggest loser since the beginning........he should be on the ranch and a new trainer at "come back valley" or whatever it's called.

    Then the new trainer gets to come back with the contestant and that's when he/she would prove themselves as a worthy trainer.
  • It's going to be interesting. I don't watch it every year but when I heard the theme was athletes, I thought I'd check it out. That chick last year got ridiculously skinny! She was UNDERweight and looked horrible. I like the fact that these former athletes are getting a chance at a redemption of sorts. It makes it seem hopeful. I'm also watching for motivation because I gained some weight this summer and need to take it off. It will be nice to check in with you guys and see what everyone else thinks.

    And I agree, having Bob off the ranch is a bit of a disappointment.