Biggest Loser Season 15

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  • Quote: Ruben is a popular favorite. I wonder if they came up with the punishment just to bring Ruben back.
    This is exactly what I thought too!!!! I like Ruben and was sad to see him go. Glad that hes keeping at it though.
  • Quote: Not a huge fan of the show. Also not as 'anti' show as I once was. But I just signed up for the Biggest Loser Run/Walk in my town so I got interested in how they are doing now.

    This is a pretty well laid out fast read. I'd say most are doing pretty well if this article is accurate. The first one you come to is doing the worst so keep reading.
    Great link! I wondered how past contestants were doing!

    I have to wait till tomorrow to watch tonight's episode, I am so excited for it though!
  • I agree great link... Looking forward to the show tonight that's for sure!
  • I went to the link and did like seeing how a few of the past contestants are doing. But, that article only took one or two, mostly winners from each season. There are what...15-20 contestants each time? I would be a interested in seeing real results, percentages, pictures, etc. of a lot more of the contestants before saying whether they promote long term weight loss. I have seen some pics of other regainers before...Courtney who won the Subway commercial deal looks to have gained quite a bit back. I can't remember any of the others off the top of my head, though.
  • Oh yeah...about tonights episode; not thrilled that they brought back the yellow line, the voting, etc. and tonight is the perfect example of why. They vote off the competition and keep the slackers that they think they can beat later. At least some of them admitted it, I guess. But, it stops being about the Biggest Loser and starts being about popularity, alliances, drama and voting off anyone who might have a chance to win the minute you get the chance. Boo.
  • Felt bad for Tanya...goodness. Girl can't catch a break with her weight loss. Wonder why it's just been so low for her?

    Honestly, as much as I draw inspiration from this show, I really do want to see a show of ALL of the previous contestants from past shows and what they look like today. Did they keep it off? why or why not? I mean, it's great to lose over 100 pounds, but when you're not killing yourself ranch style afterwards, how did you maintain the weight loss or how much did you regain because you weren't working out so much a day?
  • I saw this thread pop up on the new posts and I almost clicked on the last page. Then I remembered I haven't watched it yet! I wonder if I can find it on my phone and watch it at the gym today!?!?!
  • I'm so glad Bobby is back!!

    No spoilers coz I'll have to watch it tomorrow!! Sooooooooooo Excited!
  • What happened??!! Any gossips? I had to miss the last two shows... I hate the fact that they don't do repeats here...
  • You can watch full episodes for free on Hulu. That's how I see it.
  • SOOOO excited for the finale tonight!! I can't wait to see how all the eliminated players look. And David, of course. Love me some David.
  • Rachel is to thin!
  • Quote: Rachel is to thin!
    It's not on here yet (PST) but i saw the pics on another msg board and yea... sorry but imo she's way too thin.
  • I am sorry I should not have said anything yet.

    Quote: It's not on here yet (PST) but i saw the pics on another msg board and yea... sorry but imo she's way too thin.