Biggest Loser Season 15

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  • Yep, I hated the voting too. This is so much better.

    I was glad to see Ruben go. I felt like he wasn't trying at all. Apparently he's lost 104 pounds now though so that's good.

    Did anybody else think the Bob and Holly thing was SO WEIRD this episode? I really loved seeing the weightlifters but I think if I had been part of his team, I would have been like, "Wow. Really? Do you guys need some time alone? I don't mean to get in the way here."
  • The Bob & Holly thing...well, trainers do seem to play favorites sometimes; but yeah a little weird. Not nearly as weird as the Jillian scandal tonight, though. I haven't watched every season; but all but a couple. I don't ever remember a trainer being called out, caught giving pills, penalized or anything like that. Can't recall any player being brought back over a rules violation. That was definitely interesting. Caffeine pills?! oO
  • Link to an NBC new article about the event. Lots of *SPOILERS* about the episode that just aired tonight if you haven't watched it yet.
  • That was a shocker! Makes you wonder if she's done it, secretly, on previous seasons... I bet she was pissssssed when she was ousted on national TV ... It was a good episode though... (I wonder if those caffeine pills work )

    Next week the first 5 minutes of the show we should see the eliminated player's progress
  • Ruben is a popular favorite. I wonder if they came up with the punishment just to bring Ruben back.
  • Quote: Ruben is a popular favorite. I wonder if they came up with the punishment just to bring Ruben back.
    OMG i never thought of that... they probably paid Jillian extra $$ to suck it up and take the blame... HA! hilarious
  • Wow..I'm glad Jillian stuck to her guns however as mentioned previously she should have cleared it with the doctors..I wonder how they even knew.
  • Hiddenstar, that was the FIRST thing I thought. Jillian didn't seem sufficiently pissed and it was all very bizarre.
  • Well, I don't think any of them seemed surprised, not Jillian and not the white team. Since the true weigh-in happens before filming I think they must have told Jillian and/or her team off camera, earlier in the day or just edited it out. I hate to go all tin hat theory...but it does seem odd and maybe even fishy. Maybe it was a plot to get a poplular contestant back, IDK.
  • Just watched this episode, and I really think this was just to get ruben back. It's said because Craig has tried so hard. I'm really pulling for him to do good things.
  • Jillian hinted that it was just to get Ruben back on her twitter a couple of days ago. I cant remember which TMZ type site I saw it on. Sorry. If I wasn't on my Kindle Id get the link.
  • Jillian did drop a few hints that it was all done to get Ruben back. Frankly, if that's true, then it's not fair to the other contestants. Sure, I like the guy, but just because he's popular doesn't mean he should get special favors here...
  • SAD if that's true...not fair. I also hope Craig does great at home!
  • I really am enjoying this season of TBL! I'd stopped watching it because it had turned into such a popularity contest coupled with Survivor. I love the red line and the fact that the person who goes home is 100% based on the weight lost. There's no scheming or game play and I love that. It makes the show much better and truly about losing weight and not messing with people's heads.

    I'm very curious as to which eliminated contestant will be coming back on January 7th.
  • Not a huge fan of the show. Also not as 'anti' show as I once was. But I just signed up for the Biggest Loser Run/Walk in my town so I got interested in how they are doing now.

    This is a pretty well laid out fast read. I'd say most are doing pretty well if this article is accurate. The first one you come to is doing the worst so keep reading.